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  1. I think my problem was in my follow through. I think I was breaking my wrist and kind of twisting it to my left. I heard the analogy once of following through like you are throwing a bucket of water, and once I did that I hit my best drive of the night. Unfortunately it was the last hole...so now I need to get to the range and see if I can replicate it.
  2. That is perfect! Thanks, I didn't know they had this.
  3. Do most clubs ever list the ratings? I am just working on mine myself and I can't see how to do this. I can average the slope, but I have no clue what to use for the ratings. When I look it up online they only list 18 hole ratings.
  4. Another question...when posting 9 hole scores, I understand taht your next 9 hole score will combine..but how is that calculated? If you have two 9 hole scores, and they are from different courses, how do you figure the slope to use?
  5. I've always struggled with a slice, and recently got my drives under control to where it's usually straight or a slight fade. Last time I drove the ball the best I ever have, but then I wasn't able to play for about 3 weeks. I played last night, and in 9 holes I think I hit one shot straight. Everything else...drives...3 wood...hybrid....all irons....was going left. My shorts irons I really was just pulling left, but everything else was a strong hook, started off straight and then curved left a good 30 yards. When I slice I know what I did to cause it and know how to fix it. I have no idea how to fix this hook. Now, it's just one round and it's possible I was just swinging weird, but I am worried I will do this again next time I play. I am going to go to the range this weekend and try to get it fixed. I also haven't been to the gym in a few weeks, and went the night before I played. I felt stiff and uncomfortable the whole round, I wonder if it's just a matter of not rotating enough, and therefor pulling my club around rather than straight through the ball. I also felt uncomfortable with my grip and may have been rotating the club head, since the ball was coming off straight and the spin was the big problem. Anyone struggled with a random hook like this before? What are the most common things to work on to fix a hook?
  6. I played 27 this past Saturday. There is actually a course where I normally play that is a 27 hole course. You only play 2 sets of 9 typically, but you can play another 9 holes for $3 plus your cart. We had time this weekend so we played all 27. Was really a great deal to play 27 unique holes at a really nice course for about $35. We rode in a cart the whole time so I didn't get tired at all. We also had to wait about an hour for a tee time on the final 9 so we ate lunch in the clubhouse and hit the putting green until time to tee off. I played the best I have ever played on that last 9. I don't know if it was the extra practice putting or just being warmed up or what, but I shot a 46 and never had anything over a 6 which I've never done before sadly.
  7. I played 27 holes saturday and spent some time on the putting green between the first 18 and the last 9. I'm going to do that every time from on, because I putted the best I ever had. Hit about a 17 foot putt for par on the first hole, but the best of the day was on a par 4 where my approach left me sitting on the fringe, uphill and about 13 feet from the hole. Hit it soft and to the right with my putter off the fringe, and it broke hard to the left and dropped in for my first par 4 birdie.
  8. I did some reading the other day. I think "most likely score" is when you started a hole and couldn't finish. When you don't start a hole at all, you add your handicap as listed earlier.
  9. Cool, glad I learned something today. Thanks for your help.
  10. Thanks, I thought it was something like that. My handicap entering this round was 32.7 and the holes were ranked 8 & 4. Since the slope of this course was 121 I believe I would play it with a handicap of 35. This means I would get 2 strokes on the first 17 holes, and just one stroke on the 18th? So these holes are 8 & 4, and I would get 2 strokes on each. So I would actually add two to each of these, so my handicap scores would be 6 for each(both are par 4). Am I understanding all of this correctly? I've never used my handicap before, so this is actually the first time I am learning how.
  11. I've got a handicap question. I played a round last week after work, and ran out of time. It got dark and I had to quit after 16 holes. What would you do in this case? Do I take ESC for the last two, or just not count that round at all?
  12. Wow..that last bogey cost Aquaguru a wedge! Still impressive he got that close. Congrats to both winners!
  13. I didn't say they were slow, I said slower than expected. That's been what every announcer and interviewee that I have heard has said about it. He commented on how he was aggressive putting last week since he knew it wouldn't roll far past, but maybe he wasn't expecting that as much this week. His was putting was fine, but not like it was last week. Of course it's not going to be like it was last week every week, but still it sees like that could affect him some.
  14. This is just a guess, but do you guys think Tiger has trouble adjusting to green speeds, at least this year? Seems like he has commented on those a lot. Last week they were slow, but he knew it and killed it putting. This week they are supposed to be slower than expected, but I wonder if the change is what's throwing him off, rather than simple the speed. If they had been this slow all week, he might have putted better. Will be interesting to see how he adjusts today.
  15. Bringing back an old thread. Reviews seem positive in this thread, but it's kind of old now. I am usually pretty good at a flop shot, but my lowest wedge is a 54*. I'd like a lob wedge that could get a little more spin on the ball than my Callaway X-16 SW, and I'd like something to hit from a closer distance. I've hit my sand wedge over the green a lot recently, and tried choking up but still struggled. I think a 60* wedge would help with that and make the lob shots easier. I don't want to spend a lot. I have a $50 gift card to Edwin Watts and they have a Ping M/B 60* at my local store for 49.99, so this seems like a no-brainer. Just thought I'd get some more feedback on the club's usage for short pitch shots and flop shots. I could probably get a Callaway Forged wedge or a Titleist Vokey for a similar price on ebay, but then I can't use my gift card.
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