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  1. Sorry all - I am a no go next weekend. A bathroom/bedroom renovation running behind and I’m in charge of the kid on Sunday. I hope everyone hits them straight.
  2. I should be good. Pencil me in. Thanks for setting it up.
  3. My letter is in. I’m sure the PIAA will love it. What an egregious decision, at least thus far. Hope we can swing their decision.
  4. BradSomrak


  5. Nah, plenty of getable holes. Agreed. Looking forward to it, all.
  6. I’m not playing at a 5. I’d feel a lot more comfortable at, say, a 15. Thanks. Says the professional..... This is pretty accurate. Whispering probably is the leader in courses I’ve played where, when calculating my score, I think “how the hell did I put up such a high number?” It is not hard; yet, you can put up big numbers in a hurry if you are playing sloppy.
  7. People attending (copy this post - don't quote, just select and copy - and add your name if you're attending): @iacas @iacas guest ( @mvmac ) @vasaribm @saevel25 @cipher @Jeremie Boop @CarlSpackler @billchao @georgep @jamo @cedrictheo @Divot Master @Lihu @Rob Thompson @GolfLug @BradSomrak @rwolfe
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