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  1. I just saw an ad for a thing called the PivotPro (looks like a snowboard binding), and it got me thinking to what is the best training aids we have used. Please share whatever you have tried and liked, and what was a complete waste of money.
  2. Sorry, but that new traing aid is called the PivotPro. Looks like a snowboard binding. Dr. J
  3. Just heard about this new training aid getting set to release at the Las Vegas expo in September. It got me thinking as to what everyone's favorite training aid was, and why? Hopefully you'll list something that can really turn our game around. Dr. J
  4. Another incident was not a close call for me, but a very embarrasing moment none the less. I was on the driving range of course close to my office. It was rather busy that day so I went further in than I usually do. Being on the far right of the driving range, I was pretty close to one of the holes on the course. On one particular swing I sliced a God awful shot and actually had to yell fore---from the driving range!!
  5. My son and I were playing a round on the front 9, when my son put his drive into the rough near the first line of trees. I had been waiting for an opportunity to use Mother Nature's restroom, so I told him not to hit until I was through. Needless to say, he hit the ball, it caromed off a tree and bounced back to where me and Mr. Johnson were hanging out. He was almost decapitated.
  6. My friends and I ( 8 of us ), are having our 5th annual Poker/Golf Tournament. Every year on Father's Day weekend, we play golf on Friday, followed by Poker. Golf on Saturday, followed by Poker. What I'm looking for is something different in the format. I generally like to keep it where everyone hits their own shot, because we use the Callaway scoring system in the end to determine an overall champion. Any interesting formats you guys have used for side bets, mini formats, etc...?? All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Dr. J
  7. A couple of drills I have read and tried with nice success: 1. A partner is needed for this one. Put a tee in the ground 3 feet on each side of the hole. You and your partner compete to see who can sink 5 first from your chosen tee. This helps you with speed because you feel like you're in a race against time. 2. Lay an iron down about a foot from the hole. Your putt should have enough speed to get over the shaft. Hope you have success with them
  8. Hi, After reading all of the replies, it seems like you have some good advice. I just want to throw my 2 putts in. If your pro has been around longer than 3 years, he probably knows more than just stack and tilt. It has only been on the national scene since the Golf Digest article. My son and I have been taking lessons at Turning Stone Casino in the golf dome and on their courses with the pro down there, Marty Nowicki. He has been named Central New York PGA Teacher of the year 2x. He teaches a combination of Stack and Tilt, The Golfing Mchine, The One/Two Plane Swing. Basically he takes what you do and tweaks it. Any good golf instructor should be versatile and not hang his hat on one method regardless of past success. As for the stack and tilt, it does promote more of keeping the wrists hinged and ahead of the ball on the iron shots, resulting in more compression of the ball. The extra distance and draw on the ball is nice. With the driver and longer woods/hybrids, he mixed it up a bit. He kept the head over the ball with some of the weight going more to the left than we have been taught, but not as dramatic as in the S&D; iron swings. Also, he wanted more of a one plane swing with the longer clubs, coming in flatter, rather than steeper. To sum it up; find a techer who can work with you, and not make you work with him and his chosen method of teaching. I would explain your concerns to the pro, and go from there.
  9. My 2009 Goal is to use my driver more, to have it become more consitent (land in the fairway), and lower my handicap by 4 strokes. I also would like to win the adult-child championship at my club. My son and I have come in 2nd and 3rd place--soon it's going to be 1st place!
  10. I agree with most peopl on here. The private clubs will usually let you play with some sets. Public courses are unlikely to do so. Golf stores usually have a policy that if it's been played, it's yours. It's also hard to jusge how you like a club just from hitting into a net. You're better off playing outdoors. Also, see what your buddies are playing and ask to hit their clubs while out on the course. Good Luck and welcome to the most loveable frustrating game you'll ever play.
  11. One question for all of you: When I got fitted for my driver last summer, the guy in Golf Galaxy told me a stiff shaft would be best for me due to swing speed, which I don't remember the exact number-but it was in the stiff range). I had always played a regular shaft on my driver, because that's what my irons were (ignorant-huh?). Now to the question: Does it make sense to drop down in shaft stiffness when going from driver to 3W or 5W?? Bonus Question: What about mid torques, soft tip, firm tip, etc......
  12. Tiger is definitely the man! My son has a book on Tiger, which I found fascinating!! A must read--you'll find it in the junior readers section of your bookstore.
  13. Cazenovia Country Club http://www.caz-cc.com/ Wanted to say more abot cazenovia Country Club. It has some of the most spectacular views of the country from the hills, especially from number 11. Plenty of trees adorn the kind of narrow fairways. Very undulating fairways lead to undulating greens, protested by bunkers and ponds. Love this course!! If any of you find yourself in the area, I would welcome you to come play it.
  14. I'm a Chiropractor living in Central new York
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