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  1. I'm sure you can get a bi-focal with no or maybe a very slight vision adjustment on the lower portion. You may actually see the ball at address better with a prescription for just that distance on the bottom. I only use single focal lens because I'm near-sighted. I have transition lenses that get darker outside and lighten inside. Makes life a lot easier than having multiple glasses. That said, I'm having cataract surgery in a couple weeks so hopefully my glasses days are over, except for close detail work, and... off the rack sunglasses. John
  2. If you can, try out a few clubs before getting a fitting. And go back a couple of times to see if you still like certain clubs. As a beginner it is easy to hit a club good one day and bad the next. Then if/when you do go for a fitting, you will have some idea how the different clubs feel. $1200 is a decent amount for a first set of clubs, but it can get eaten up pretty quickly if you are not careful. If you can get referrals on where to get fit and someone who will work with you, you'll be ahead of the game. If you can use a stock shaft, a soon to be replaced set, or a demo set, you can save. If you find used that fits, that works for a beginner. You don't want to be pushed into the latest and greatest and most expensive offering at your current level and have to buy again in a couple of years if your game changes. Things have really changed from the 80's so I would think every club you hit will be an improvement. You just need to find the best one that fits your budget. John
  3. I usually buy Top Flite D2+ Feel when they go on sale at Dicks. 2 boxes of 15 for $25. I have also seen them on eBay for the same amount. I just bought 50 Srixon Soft golf balls from Two Guys on eBay for $30. These would be good for a local pitch and putt executive. We'll see how they work out. As for cheap, I still have 9 boxes of McLady left over from a Chick's sale 15 years ago. I think I paid $6 a box. I'll use them one of these days. Maybe pass them along and 50 years after I'm dead my grand kids might be on Antiques Roadshow. Had a cult following at one time. John
  4. Almost a year ago my wife had open heart surgery (valve). She was/is in good shape so recovery went well. This past May I had prostate surgery, which I'm still working through. Both our sons have ended up in Arizona and when we visited them a couple of weeks ago, we all went out and played a couple rounds; been away from the game for over a year. I have to say 100+ AZ heat is the perfect weather since the course is pretty thinned out and we can rip through it. Had a great time. Life is good. John
  5. Have you played without taking a practice swing? I'm not sure when I started this, but I don't take a practice swing; except warming up on the first tee. I found it counter-productive more often than not. I'm not sure what I was expecting to accomplish on my practice swing, but whatever the notion, I'm better off without it. If you can find a short pitch and putt course when it is not crowded, go out and hit 2 or 3 balls per hole. Don't practice or think, just hit the ball. I do like the stupid monkey thread. John
  6. So how well did you hit the R7 5-10 years ago? If you used to hit it well, then a new club won't help; unless you have had some physical change. If you always hated the club and hit it poorly, a change might be good. Different club weight, shafts, etc. can help some. That said, if you hit a bad slice because of poor mechanics, technology won't remove bad mechanics. John
  7. If you like the V2's, you may also want to look at the Karsten (Ping) irons. John
  8. I never broke 90 when my shoulder was good, so it's not like I went from a good golfer to bad because of it... lol. There is an LA County course that has an 18 and a 9. The 9 is a make you feel good about your game regardless of reality course. Par 34; the only 5 is less than 500 yards and most of the 4's are around 350. Flat, wide, and few hazards. Shot a 37 there in mid '80's. Just adding length and tougher greens would make it so much tougher, with a par of 35/36. For me golf is tough because unlike a lot of other sports I do, where determination and hustle can beat an opponent. It is so much about body control and even slight flaws and lapses can have a devastating effect on the outcome. It is not just athletic ability. John
  9. Don't take this the wrong way, but is there some planet you just stepped off of? I think most of the people here spend a lot more than just a Wednesday evening on the range. The key is more than just practice, it is really getting an instructor to help improve a person's swing. I've taken lessons in the past, but have not taken any since my shoulder injury. I did talk to one instructor; he suggested surgery. My orthopedic doc told me he'd see me in 5 years, but I'm pain free. As long as I can still catch waves, I'm waiting to go under the knife. John
  10. I agree completely. When you can't play driver-short iron into a green it puts so much pressure on making that 3rd shot and putting. Even moving up on the tees doesn't give me a short enough iron on my second. I realize this approach is like turning the course into an executive and playing for a bogey, except for the shorter par 3's, vs playing for a par. John
  11. If your coach is fine with your irons, and you trust your coach, then just use them. I really doubt he would want you to continue if the clubs were hurting your swing. And since you are only talking irons, I'm not sure how bad the dispersion would be between regular and stiff (I realize R, S and XS are not consistent between mfgs) to be the cause of spraying the ball. John
  12. Your system would work only if someone has a stellar short game, not just a decent short game. At 66 and with a couple of partially torn rotator cuff tendons I only have the mobility of half a swing. My drives are around 200 yards +/-, but they are a lot straighter. My short game was always pretty good, but if I miss a green on my 3rd shot I'm not getting down in par+1. I have not broken 100 since my injury a few years ago, close, but not there. In passing, since my injury, I have come to realize that for a lot of people just having a driver in his/her hand throws mechanics out the window. Ripping that 1-in-10 300+ yard drive right down the middle is worth the other 9 that land in parts unknown. Anyone who can consistently hit a 160 yard iron shot can can easily hit a 200 yard drive. Heck, the shaft can even be shortened to achieve it. But without the length of a decent drive, to set up a short iron into the green, the short game has to be perfect. John
  13. After a year of family medical issues, I'm finally getting back to swinging the clubs. After walking a round on an executive with our sons, I decided to upgrade my old 2 wheel pull cart. No favorite, but I did a lot of research and ended up with a 3 wheel Big Max IQ+. It is easy to open, stable, and has a small footprint. Only thing I don't like is the mesh compartment. I also picked up a Sun Mountain Reflex for my wife since they were only $100. Can't comment on that one yet. John
  14. Tough to make a good decision without hitting. That said, if you shot 96 after 3 months that is a good score. I've hit the XR's and they hit nicely. More than 10 years ago I bought some Wilson Ci7s without hitting them and they worked well, so you don't always need to demo. In the 70's (40+ years ago) there wasn't a demo program like today. If you were able to try one out great, if not you bought the clubs and worked through it. I bought the XR OS because I'm old and with torn rotator cuff tendons I need the height with half a swing. You also have to consider what you can sell the clubs for if they don't work out. I'm thinking the Callaways will sell easier. John
  15. I've been on the fence about Phil over the years. The USGA should have DQ'd Phil, but not DQing him was probably the harsher penalty. Think about it. I think Phil played the "Phil card". He was pretty much not going to win the US Open, he was fed up with the course setup, and between the frustration and failure, decided to protest it and dare the USGA to DQ him, the future HOFer. Mike Davis basically forced Phil to have to play it out or be a poor sport and withdraw. We have all been in a position to have to continue on despite the inevitable loss. It takes character to continue correctly. Phil's character showed up and Phil had to come back Sunday and face that inevitable loss. Phil has made the US Open his career defining event. By putting so much importance on it each year, it puts more pressure on him and will define his career. His actions on Saturday will only accentuate that "never won the US Open." John
  16. Yeah I didn't realize the field of only 18 and no cut. His -7 after Friday may have made that a moot point.Then again a larger field spreads out tee times and probably longer waits between holes on Thursday/Friday so those sub rounds may not have materialized to that degree. Never-the-less, a year ago his golfing future looked to be club champ at the local putt-putt. This is pretty close to the highest expectation for an injury prone 40 something. His age is also a factor to consider. John
  17. I'd give him an A. Making the cut. Completing 72 holes healthy. Finishing in top 10. Considering many thought he might never play again, it is remarkable. Had Fowler not played a career round today, Tiger could have been less than a half-a-dozen strokes off the lead. John
  18. What I found incredibly interesting is a comment he made about his goal to get into the Golf HOF and what he needed to do. At first I was a put off by the comment as I had never heard of anyone setting a goal like that, especially the greats that came before him. I'm sure that would not have gone over very well if Tiger had made that comment at 23. But after I thought about it, it is 2017 and what old people like me think may not be the reality of the way things are today. Still it was such an odd statement. Hard to picture someone like Teemu Selanne or Scott Niedermayer saying something like that at 23. John
  19. I wouldn't classify Spieth as a whiner, especially for a 23 year old. I probably wouldn't compare him to Tiger. A 23 year old Tiger is playing in the 90's, different era and maybe expectations compared to the millennialist generation. Now it would be interesting to compare Jordan's demeanor to Jon Rahm. John
  20. I've never bet playing golf. I just never had the desire. If someone asked I'd just tell them no. I'm not sure what I'd do if the person persisted. I've done/do too many sports to have to put money on it to make it interesting. I have to admit that I am overall less competitive than when I was younger. And golf is just not the same as tennis or basketball where hustle can make up for a lot of things. In those sports when I lost there was always some satisfaction in inflicting pain on an opponent. John
  21. After the 3rd Spieth was talking about how he has changed his diet and his approach to fitness to help him maintain a long career. Having this approach is a plus with the talent he has, but the biggest plus was overcoming issues he had today to close out the Open. Had he melted down and lost the Open in the final round, his chances of winning more majors would definitely be in jeopardy. I think he will be in the running to have a chance to win one each year for the next 10+ years. He has 7 top 10 finishes so chances are he will be in the hunt. John
  22. I enjoy watching the LPGA. I do enjoy the course management and there seems to be good camaraderie out there. As for the lack of Americans competing. Even if you go to other non-mainstream team sports, the lack of Americans will lose the casual viewer even for the men. Women's tennis has Serena, until this year, going for major wins. It will be interesting to see the 2017 ratings. On the men's side, there are no Americans. Even a more obscure sport like cycling, there is so little interest on the US, but the Tour de France is huge in Europe. Everyone in the US has heard of Lance Armstrong, from good to bad reasons, but no one has a clue about any current American rider. It is just the nature of sports in America... win or unknown. John
  23. Agree with talking to your coach, but you need to look into the mental side of your game. Whether a budding musician, or actor, or athelete, they all must perform when it counts. Some people are never able to do that. They are great in practice, but can't pull it together when they have to. The good thing for you is that you have already been able to do that, you just need to get yourself back to that point in time. Hang in there and don't give up on something you obviously have talent to do well. John
  24. Jordan is becoming a little too Mickelsonesque in how he gets into trouble and then has to pull off tough shots. He should have never put himself into a position to even be in a playoff. Congrats to him never-the-less. John
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