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  1. You would think that I hit a 6.5 off the tee with my super low trajectory. But I hit a 10.5.
  2. I am searching for a smaller head driver and these 3 seem to fit the bill well. What are the differences between these drivers? Thanks
  3. Playing golf with my mother for money isn't a "less serious setting."
  4. I golf on a league for work and we play 9 holes each week. They calculate our handicap for us. Occasionally when I visit my mom and play, we play for small money. How does my 9 hole handicap translate to a 18 hole handicap? Just double it?
  5. Because it is going to make it harder to find clubs that I like!!! Maybe it is just an asthetic thing. Maybe I am a retro grouch. Who knows, I am just happy to be playing again. I did see a bunch of Burner Bubbles on ebay for like $10. Maybe I should stock up for the future. Titleist 975d's too!
  6. I am not discounting good drivers of the ball. They can use any club and do it good. I am talking about the less skilled players(which is most of us). Instead of trying to better our swing and improve we just buy a driver with a bigger sweet spot. I like to know I am getting better because of skill growth rather than driver growth. It is hard to judge that when you have a driver that has the sweet spot the size of a baseball.
  7. Are you implying that it isn't easier to hit the sweet spot on these giant clubs, than an old Calloway warbird or original Burner Bubble?
  8. I saw MC Sports had a full set of Taylor Made irons for $299. http://www.mcsports.com/product/inde...entPage=family
  9. Yup, I played last week when it was 70 degrees for a day. I just started playing again on a golf league for work. Mistwood in Lake Ann is the course we play. I love The Homestead.
  10. Can you recommend some golf shoes that may fit a narrow heel? I am still sporting my nike airs from 1996.
  11. Easy is a relative term. Sure, they don't make the game easy. But they do make the game easier than with older equipment. How am I going to know if my swing is better and more consistent if I am using clubs with a sweet spot the size of Texas?
  12. I saw an old burner bubble(use to have one but gave it away ) in the used bin at the golf store here. If it wasn't a 8.5, I would have bought it.
  13. I haven't been really into golf in about 6 years(when I moved out of my parents house and it ceased to be free ). I started leisurely looking at drivers. They all look like frying pans on a stick! How do you hit these monsters? Are there any smaller head drivers left out there?
  14. Great game last night. This is going to be a hard fought series. My picks; Vancouver over Chicago in 6 Wings over Ducks in 6 Bruins over Canes in 5 Penguins over Caps in 7
  15. I would say so far in his career, Tiger is more accomplished than Jack at the same point.
  16. My fav course around Traverse City, MI www.thehomesteadresort.com
  17. I am an accountant in medical billing at a top 100 hospital!
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