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  1. I mean, simply, that competent golfers discussing the various ways in which a particular situation may be approached is more interesting to me than watching those same golfers demonstrate technique. Most of us can figure out, thru trial and error, how to bump a 9 iron 40 yards. The thing is...a fair percentage of us would not think to do that.
  2. I wouldn't say he was a bad person but he had a habit of saying inappropriate things. We were taking a break, one morning, when he started telling us how amazed he was that we were being paid so little. The company, I should add, did contract work up and down the eastern seaboard. The boss regaled us with specific examples of what the company typically had to pay...usually two to three times what we were getting. To be fair...he was probably just rattling off something that had been on his mind. The effect on the crew, however, was decidedly negative.
  3. I think a series of videos centered on how to play, rather than how to use a golf club, would be a welcome addition to the site. Count me in.
  4. Got a chance to play, this morning, for the first time in a while. There were a few restrictions...one person per cart, no cash, etc...but nothing too far from the ordinary. The weather was near perfect. We could have enjoyed a bit of a breeze but you can't have everything...not all the time. I played neither poorly nor exceptionally well. I could not have cared less. It was a joy to be out on the course and wondering what to do next. I cannot think of another so-so round I have enjoyed so much. Just having the means, and opportunity, to play was more than enough. Were it not for all the (fill in the blank) that has been going on...I would not have had the same experience. Just sayin'.
  5. I recommend a Brassie, a Cleek, a Mashie, a Mashie/Niblick, a Niblick, a Sand Wedge, and a Putter. If that seems like too many clubs you could skip the Putter and Cleek. With a little practice one can get on fairly well using the backside of a Niblick to putt with.
  6. Hmm...1) Player. 2) Daly. 3) Nicklaus. 4) Irwin. 5) Hogan. 6) Woods. 7) Scott. 10) Snedecker. 11) Palmer. 12) Ballesteros. 14) Stewart. 15) Webb. 16) Rose. 8, 9, and 13 failed to activate any circuitry.
  7. My sand wedge (a 54) goes three distances: too far, too short, and just right. I don't make full swings with it. My 90-110 club is a 50 degree gap wedge and I don't take that one to the top either.
  8. My experience, with swing trainers, is that they teach you how to use the swing trainer. Whether that results in an improved golf swing likely depends on the issue, or issues, one is attempting to address. What is it that you are trying to improve?
  9. Piz

    Fill the gap

    Eyed stick a 5 wood in between the Driver and the Hybrid. I say that because I am all about a 5 wood. Some others might recommend two Hybrids...a strong one and a weak one. Whatever works is the stock to breed from.
  10. I've been rebuilding my house and landscaping. Had it not been for COVID-19 I'd probably not be addressing the myriad issues that I "didn't have time for." So the virus got me off my butt.
  11. He does move like a nervous glacier.
  12. Being tall does not mean that you need longer clubs. Most tall people have correspondingly long arms. What you want are clubs that fit your posture...and that is a matter of individual preference. Have a look at Keagan Bradley. He looks bent in half when he addresses the ball...but it works for him. Ben Hogan stood more upright than most people feel comfortable with...and it really worked for him. Meaning...there is a general idea but no exact formula.
  13. Piz

    Glove Vs. No Glove

    I wore a glove when I first started because everybody else did...except when putting. So I would take it off, once on the green, and then forget to put it back on. It eventually occurred to me that I didn't like wearing it. That was 40 some-odd years ago.
  14. We can thank Gene Sarazen. He figured out, back in the 1930's, that sand shots would be much easier to execute if the club (likely a niblick at the time) did not knife into the sand. The end result was what we now call a sand wedge and the method, for playing the shot, was forever changed.
  15. I like to play early so warming up is more akin to waking up. Basically just clearing the cobwebs.
  16. I will start the ball rolling by saying the worst job I have ever had was Creosoting Utility Poles. You had to hump 5 gallon buckets of Creosote toothpaste over hill and dale. The job paid next to nothing and the sodium/tar mixture penetrated everything. It turned your hands bright yellow, it infused your clothing down to the skin. You woke up, every morning, with your eye lashes glued together by a brownish crust. You smelled like tar after showering...Hell...the shower smelled like tar after you'd been in it. It paid 4 dollars an hour...if you met the weekly standard of X number of poles. For every "extra" pole you treated, for the week, you got an "extra" penny per hour. In other words...the harder you worked the less you got paid. Anyway...what is the worst job you've ever had?
  17. Yes indeed. I would play with a single golf ball, until I lost it, then adopt the next one I found. It was a point of pride to play the same ball round after round...no matter how many battle scars it acquired. P.S. The best place to find high quality, only hit once, golf balls is in the briers.
  18. While, once upon a time, a previous version of myself used to stalk golf balls in the wild; I have settled, of late, on the Precept Laddie. They go for around 20 clams per 2 dozen and fall into the Goldilocks zone for me...neither clacky or mushy. I also like some of the offerings from TaylorMade but they are rather pricey...at least compared to the Precepts.
  19. Grace is awfully nice, and really funny, but Charity was a runner back in the day...IYGMD.
  20. I am always a better golfer than I was a year ago. The years force wisdom upon us...whether we know it or not.
  21. I'd get rid of the scorecard and replace it with style points...awarded for general deportment, joviality, interesting remarks, clothing, grace, and charity...in any order that is deemed appropriate. After all...everybody already knows about what they are going to shoot before arrive at the course. Let's forget the score and focus on the important stuff...like who, and who isn't, a pleasure to be around. If golf is to grow...we need to groan less and take joy in what we are doing. And teach others to do the same.
  22. For me it's the club head. I try to follow the head with everything else...winding up from the top down and then unwinding exactly the opposite. That being said; I suspect, on full shots, that it's my shoulders that get things going.
  23. Piz

    Al Kaline

    He was my favorite player. My first real bat was an Al Kaline 30. I always thought it was a credit to him that he retired with 399 career home runs...rather than stick around another season. P.S. I still use Al Kaline batteries in flashlights and video game controllers.
  24. Nothing like a blow-up to put things in perspective. The game hasn't changed any since you've been away...but here's hoping you have. Welcome back.
  25. I have continued eating despite social distancing. What I am looking forward to doing is saddling up at my local and knocking back a few cold ones. It's the ordinary stuff I miss.
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