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  1. Anyone else see this? Anyone tried one? If so, thoughts? Greenwood Putter Review - Plugged In Golf Want to get really old school on the greens? Check out the Greenwood Putter. Greenwood Golf Putters The Greenwood wood heads putters are hand-crafted with balanced weight and zero loft to... Intuitively, I feel like the face would wear and become roughened up over time. Regardless, I thought it looked cool
  2. Up to 7.8; while I feel like I’m playing well lately, the numbers don’t lie, heading in the wrong direction. 🙄
  3. @iacas, While it doesn’t change the outcome, you went above and beyond as a dad and you can be proud of that. A lot of parents would’ve been upset, but I doubt would’ve gone to the lengths you did to muster support for the cause. Just very publication of this scathing article shows that a lot of folks in the golf community supported Natalie & Zoey. It’s a shame the folks who had the ability to make it right, didn’t.
  4. I don’t have a problem with it, kinda reminds me of the crowd/mob moving that boulder for Tiger years ago.
  5. Possible for me to bring a non-TST buddy? Not sure how that will affect numbers Not positive he can make it, but wanted to get a feel from the group first
  6. I have been conscious of this challenge since it’s inception and have yet to have a single “no six” round. One day......one. Day.
  7. I’m in for Sunday at Royal New Kent; while I’m only a 7-8, I’m usually the best guy playing amongst my buddies who use golf as more of a reason to drink than anything else, so I’m admittedly a nervous playing with the likes of you guys. First tee may be ugly - I gotta start hitting more balls
  8. Hahahaha - it’s so funny you remember that
  9. Hey, thanks! I would’ve never looked back and done that comparison. I just look at the past month or so, and so I wouldn’t have seen that contrast.
  10. I’m not saying “no” as I’ve never played with you guys and would be excited to finally meet someone of you, but if I were to play that Sunday, I will have played 4 out of the 5 weekends in a row...it wouldn’t bode well for my marriage 🤔 let me see what we have going on
  11. For planning purposes, any idea on a ballpark tee time? 8am vs noon? ...and that course looks hard
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