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  1. I'll carry 205 with a good swing on it. Taylor Made Burner, Regular flex.
  2. Because when you aim for the middle and you miss left, you hit an obstacle. When you aim down the middle and miss right you hit an obstacle. If you play a fade or draw and miss you're not as likely to be in the junk. Why? Because of the angle the ball comes in. Think about this for a second. If you tee off and expect a straight shot, the fairway is only as wide as it is. However, if you play a fade or a draw the fairway suddenly becomes a very wide thing indeed. The ball is coming in at an angle from the side and now you have a lot of margin of error. In effect, the fairway becomes a
  3. enduro


    Great rivalries come and go. First of all, both teams have to be good. Yeah, we all love the old classics that everyone has mentioned here, but they're only relevant if both teams are good for some amount of time. And they have to have a real hatred for each other. And 1 teams has to be the one that is always slightly underdogged and just can't get ahead. So in the last few years or so I'd go with: Pistons/Pacers. Ended in a huge brawl that was the beginning of the end for the Pacers. I don't even like either team, but those games were more intense than any other. Crazy. Red Wing
  4. You must be new to the internet. Sarcasm is indicated by a ':P' emote. That is translated to here. This has been a standard for a long time in this interconnected world. It's sort of universally known and it is expected from others using this tool to understand the vernacular. l2emote, n00b.
  5. Good, you have the right attitude to succeed at competition then. Unfortunately, some others here apparently don't and are easily set off by little things that any person not scared of their abilities would find more gamey than anything. It's sad so many still need encouragements from their fathers and hugs from their mothers to feel confident. Sad, sad people. Good luck!
  6. Gimmie a break and stop projecting your own fears on others. I'm not sure grown people need a silly "go get 'em, you're the best!!!" speech. A little taunting is good for a competitor. This isn't pre-school.
  7. I'm wondering if we're missing something all together. It would all make sense if "The batter becomes a runner "when he hits a fair ball"." wasn't in the rules. It almost makes "A batter is out when...he or first base is tagged before he touches first base." sound useless. Like it never applies. Since the batter becomes a runner when the ball is fair.
  8. enduro


    So long as he isn't using them while he hits I don't think it's a problem at all. I mean, he could just as well walk to where he was looking but of course the binoculars save time.
  9. The implies it was sarcastic.
  10. So what happens if you absolutly suck at driving that day? Just think about, those other 3 guys are going to be counting on you to drive well so every single drive will be a high pressure shot. And the putter too? Ouch.
  11. enduro


    Thing is when an actual event arises in play, a multiple choice questionnaire doesn't float down from above and present you with choices. The real trick to rules is you have to identify when one must be referenced and know how to proceed. This is much harder than situational guessing as a test like this presents. So, it's important to know the rules well enough if you're to play in organized competition that you can recognize, identify and proceed within the rules when such an event occurs. It's sort of like a balk in baseball. Given a multiple choice guess test I could tell you every s
  12. I'd wait for a sale. Cleveland just had a sale about a month ago where it was buy 1 get 1 free for wedges. Awesome deal.
  13. enduro


    I agree, fresh squeezed lime is the best. I don't mind Rose's and it'll do. But I had to admit, a bartender at a bar I go to from time to time makes them with fresh squeezed limes and they're pretty awesome. And then you realize you're drinking straight vodka with some lime squeezed in it and it's smooth and you have like 5 of them and suddenly you can't stand, lol.
  14. enduro


    Never occurred to me but I'll have to try that. I can imagine a decent tequila with lime tasting pretty awesome. Thanks for the tip!
  15. enduro


    Exactly. I love beer snobs who judge beers like PBR. I enjoy great beers too. But I know I can't put down 12 pale ales in a few hours to get the party started. PBR and the like exist for a reason. Basically, really easy to consume alcohol that tastes alright with a few cigarettes. In fact, I just had a couple of these really good ambers and I think it's time to crack a PBR to wash it all down.
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