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  1. That is exactly why I have Darren Clarke in my Final Four. I also think that if my pick to win it all, Adam Scott, gets beat it will be by Sergio (who I named my dog after oddly enough) and he will win the Snead bracket. The only bracket I had a hard time deciding on was Vijay's. I think I finally went with Cink, but I wanted to go with Kaye, just because it would be so cool if he won.
  2. Now that I'm watching the show, I can see why she is your "sentimental" pick. I wouldn't mind watching her practice her putting either. I find myself laughing at some of the shots these girls make (or don't) and other times my jaw dropping. It's almost embarrassing to know that I don't have half of the accuracy as they do. I'm pulling for Valeria and Sarah (is she the college girl?), and I like Pamela quite a bit, too (WHAT A SHOT!). I despise Danielle and Felicia. I don't think I can take her screaming at the ball after every single shot much more.
  3. That must be you on the ESPN Fantasy message boards, Anxiety. Saw someone today posting with your name. I'm "comicalize" over there. Heh. I filled out my Golf Magazine bracket, too. I love match play.
  4. Eleven wood? Replacing irons? Where do I get mine!?
  5. FYI: From PGATour.com ---> ALERT: Due to heavy rains in Southern California, the first round of the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship has been postponed until Thursday.
  6. I'm not on the Lefty bandwagon either, though I at least have him advancing to the semifinals, where he will promptly be beaten by eventual champion Adam Scott. I hate the brackets. My two favorite pros will probably match-up in the "Sweet 16." The problem with predicting this tourney is that inevitably someone comes out of nowhere to make a solid run. Great to watch as a fan horrible for a fantasy golf player.
  7. You're the man! That's awesome, Erik. Good job.
  8. Thanks, man. I, for one, appreciate it. Should be fun. You'll have mine tonight.
  9. I, too, am really excited about this week. I honestly think this is Adam Scott's time. He took Tiger to the brink last year and if he gets to Tiger again this year he will have likely gone through Sergio (my second fave pro) and Lefty already. He'll be seasoned and primed for the "upset." Speaking of the Match Play Championship, I was hoping someone here would have the time and gumption to put together a quick tourney pool, a la college basketball's March Madness. You know, we all pick a winner, starting with 64 and going forward, tally up points to see who wins kind of thing? I've got a baby due in less that a week so I don't have much time, but I'd love to participate if someone could throw it together in the next day and a half.
  10. I did some searching on the message boards and found this statement, supposedly from ESPN: "The points for the Nissan tournament will be updated at the conclusion of the tournament. You may now select golfers for the next tournament and it won't change your Nissan roster. The match play scoring will be posted soon." That makes me feel a tad bit better.
  11. WTF!? I already has serious complaints about ESPN's pathetic updating skills, but they have called the Nissan Open after two rounds and finalized scores. While I understand that this is a unique and odd situation, it simply is not fair to call the tourney after only two rounds IF the golfers are out there playing a third round today. What infuriates me even more is that my Round 2 score never changed after Friday. As of Friday afternoon I was +2, then Sunday evening I was -8. ESPN shows my Round 2 score as 2.
  12. I have no problem with Steibrenner spending money to win. He's not the one at fault. He's playing by the rules in place. But there HAS to be a salary cap so that all teams have an equal opportunity. And yes, I am in the Navy. :)
  13. I actually sat down to watch the Nissan Open today. Too bad no golf was played. So, next week should be a REAL challenge. Match play and fantasy? WOW!
  14. This article on ESPN.com is a great read concerning the recent steroid problems of baseball and why golf will never have those same problems. I tend to agree with most everything put out in the article. This game is pure, at least compared to major professional team sports, and honor still has an important place in both professional and recreational golf. Your thoughts?
  15. I had an absolute blast at the tourney today. There were 125 guys formed into 28 teams. We didn't play great, ended up two-over par with a 72, but we all contributed and hit some good shots. Prizes were awarded for 1st and 2nd place in two flights. So in reality, 1st, 2nd, 15th and 16th got prizes. The 15th and 16th lowest scoring teams were considered the top of the 2nd flight. Well, guess who tied for 1st place in the 2nd flight? Hahaha! Woohoo! We lost the tie-breaker because whatever hole they chose to use we had a bogey and the other team had a par on, but for my sixth ever round of golf, I'd say the item below is awesome. Makes me wanna go out and play tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after... :)
  16. I saw an interview on TGC's post-game show with the Tournament Director. He said (and I paraphrase), "We've signed on to play four rounds of golf and we intend to play four rounds of golf. We're all aware that match play starts next Wednesday. Our job is to get in four rounds of golf." Soooo... hopefully they finish up. Although this weather is pretty nasty.
  17. I know that the tournament isn't until the last week of April, but I'm bursting with excitement. I've just purchased a Fan Pack to attend the entire tourney. Prices were relatively reasonable, even though I have nothing to compare them to. I got two all-week entry passes, a couple of beverage vouchers and the all-important Sponsor Parking Lot pass for $125. There were much more expensive passes that included bar access, tent access, preferred seating and such, but all of that was too rich for my blood. I think I did just fine. It's amazing how everything fell into place. I'd wanted to attend this tourney ever since I found out that the new TPC of Louisiana was hosting it this year. I wasn't going to be able to go because I was transfering to Seattle two weeks before the tournament, but that got delayed and now I'll be here. I'm hoping that the new course will also draw a few more top players (Vijay is defending champ) than the tournament did last year. The week of the tourney is sandwiched perfectly between my birthday (April 23) and my daughter's birthday (May 4). She may be only two, but one of the days is going to be Daddy/Daughter day. Gotta get her interested young, ya know? Wow. I'm just so pumped. It's too bad that I won't know the field until right before the tourney. I guess all good things are worth waiting for, though.
  18. Well, I'm going to be nice. Luckily I caught it, as Goosen is not entered and I had him selected. Couldn't get to it quick enough in my Yahoo league but at least there I don't have to start him. If you guys have Goosen, you might wanna make some quick changes.
  19. Does anyone know of any late WDs?
  20. Thanks for that explanation, Erik! I'll be the guy keeping it straight and short in the fairway. My partners can hit some great, long drives, so I'll let them go swining for the fences, since that is my main weakness. I'll probably also be the best putter. Sounds like it's going to be a blast. I can't wait.
  21. Well, I'm playing in my first four-man scramble tournament this Friday. The Navy hosts these for almost all holidays and this is the first one I've had the guts to enter (plus the first time I've had co-workers to play with). Anyway, I'm not really clear on how these tournaments work. Is there a general set of rules that pertain to a "scramble," or are rules determined differently by whomever is hosting the event? I'm just hoping for any tips that might help me make less of a fool of myself.
  22. Okay, that would be totally unfair. BUT... I love that the cut is after three rounds. Definitely helps me out.
  23. My goodness these guys are going low. I'm at -10 already and Phil still has an entire 9 holes left to play. I'll probably be down one golfer for the weekend, though, and that sucks. Raf... dude, you are the man.
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