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  1. i wonder if the counterfeit one actually works better then the 6/7 Real Callaway drivers i went threw
  2. I actually pull the 60 out and swap it with a wood when playing certain course and then throw it back in on others..... For me it really depends on thickness of rough or bunker layouts( I have a cc that I'm joining that have a lot of 10-15 ft bunkers below and wrapping around greens and the 60 help me.. But in my garage I have a 9.5 and a 10.5 driver. 3&5 wood. 3-5h hybrids 4-pw irons and these 3 other wedges. So they all get swapped around depending on courses
  3. Hey guys, so im a bit stuck, i am interested in picking up new wedges (52, 56, 60), but i am stuck choosing between the Callaway JAWS, Cleveland CG-16's, or the Volkey Wedges. OR any other recommendations to be honest, i am a Callaway junkie....... i'm happy with Callaway.... i am currently using the callaway JAWS wedges and i am happy with them but since i am looking to buy, i might switch things up a bit.... so i guess i'm asking for your opinions. thank you
  4. 2 years playing, maybe 6 times within a foot but nothing dropped yet
  5. i practice them, i know how to hit them, and use them only when i have to, or when i want to fight or ride wind.....
  6. hey guys, so this year i'm thinking about holding off on joining a Country Club, and now entertaining the idea of installing a golf simulator in my home, but i want one that i can work straight shots, draws, fades, etc......... true to form...... is it even possible with only 5k? i would love to do a 20k set up but that won't happen now..... FYI, i already have a 92' screen and a JVC HD projector set up in my basement and a 50 inch screen sitting in my garage 20x20, so it would be 5k just on software and any necessary accessories to have a proper set up. thanks guys
  7. right when the new r9 came out, i had split my r7 at the toe, my shop sent it to taylormade, 3 weeks later they sent me the New R9..........taylormade and callaway are great when it comes to stuff like this
  8. yes everyone has an opinion, but everyone wants different things, you other guys have great handicaps so you will go with more of a tour club, but at 13, a more forgiving club, might be the better choice......
  9. diablo's are more forgiving irons, the razor x plays like the x series
  10. it feels like a toy r us themed song, its still ok in my book
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