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  1. Have you tried hypnosis? You simply listen to videos [with headphones] when you go to sleep. The relaxation suggestions go into your subconscious even when you sleep and it helps you to relax when playing golf. I have been listening to "play better golf, progressive hypnosis" videos. There are 4 videos on Youtube. You only listen for the audio and it is fine if you drift to sleeping while listening to it, it is still effective.
  2. I started golf 20 years ago casually with only friends and coworkers helping me with my swing. My swing is very inconsistent with most of the problems that many amateurs have, hitting the ball fat and thin and flipping at impact. I finally decided to take lesson and on video my swing looks terrible. No weight shift, backswing too flat, too much movement in right knee and then flipping at impact is confirmed. The instructor is trying to help me with weight shift, and a backswing that is more steep, left shoulder position pointing at the ball, and left wrist bowed. It feels so unnatural. I
  3. Hey everyone, I am thinking about building a Golf Simulator in my garage and a business idea comes to me. Has anyone seen a driving range with golf simulators only? Is it a good business idea with a golf simulator driving range? If you are working on your swing and need accurate ball flight and spin numbers then I think a golf simulator with a good launch monitor can provide much better feedback than at the driving range. Besides, you have no issue with weather, wind or sun right in your face. Would you pay $10 to $15 an hour to use a golf simulator? Thanks,
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