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Rules of the Marketplace


Creating a listing in the Marketplace is a perk for Established Members. For more on this user group, see this thread.

1. Golf-Related Items
Please limit items for sale, trade, or purchase to golf-related items. If you want to sell your Xbox 360 games or your old unicycle, please do so elsewhere.

2. One Item Per Thread
Please list only one item (or "set") per listing. If you list two or three items, it becomes a headache for both potential buyers and you. If you want to offer a discount for someone looking to buy several items, link to your other items within the description.

3. Posting Limits
The number of items you can list is automatically determined by the software. The current limits are:


Monthly Marketplace Allowances Per User Group

User Group Listings
Registered Users 0
Established Member 3
Instructor/Pro 3
Forum Leader 6
Moderators 18


4. List Non-Standard Specs
If your equipment contains anything non-standard - different loft or lie angles, extra wraps of tape under the grip, a cut-down shaft, etc. - specifically list the non-standard specs so that interested buyers know exactly what they're getting.

5. Please Add Images
Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 3.48.20 pm.pngWe encourage you to include images within your threads. Sharp, well-lit pictures that show the item you're selling properly will benefit both you and the potential buyer/trader. Though you can add images to the post content, please add images to the listing itself with the "Add Images" link. You'll be prompted to add these images when you create your Marketplace thread, and these images will show up on the main Marketplace listing.

6. Close the Listing when Sale Complete
When your sale or trade is complete, please close the listing.

7. Bump Limits
You're allowed to bump your post using the "Bump Listing" function every 72 hours. Bump listings this way, and not by posting "bump" or any other "no content" type of post. Bumping incorrectly may result in immediate closing of your thread.

8. 18 Years Old
If you're not yet 18 years of age, you're prohibited from selling or buying in the Marketplace. Nothing exists to enforce this, so we're relying on your honesty here. There are legal reasons for this one - sorry.

9. No Businesses or Abuse
Businesses are not allowed to sell anything in the Marketplace. The Marketplace is a privilege for individuals only. Additionally, if the majority of your posts on this site are in the Marketplace, your privileges may be removed. A free Marketplace is a perk, not a right.

10. No eBay/Other Site Items
Unless you're a Supporter, do not post a link to your eBay auction or list items that are available on other sites or eBay. The point of having a Marketplace is to benefit both the seller and buyer with not having to use eBay or worry about whether the item is still available.

11. Leave Appropriate Feedback
If you complete a sale, please leave the appropriate feedback each and every time. Buyer and seller can both leave feedback.

Threads or posts not following these rules may be deleted by any moderator or admin at any time and the user removed from the Marketplace.

We don't charge anything for the Marketplace, so please don't take advantage. These rules are here to benefit both buyers and sellers.