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I just recently got back from a 2 week trip to California, and consequently my golf game took a hold as well. I was hoping for some advice ... Before the trip, my swing was great and I was shooting in the high 70s. However, I've been struggling since I got back with either not hitting the ball solid with irons (weak fade shots) and hitting the ball high on the face with the driver (again, with a weak fade). I have never really hit the ball high on the face before - do you guys have any ideas as to why that's happening? Maybe there's a correlation between the weak iron and high face hits with the driver?


I actually just had a lesson too, and I was hitting great shots the entire time. So, I kind of wasted the lesson I suppose. I was working on basically feeling like I was swinging to the left after I hit the ball. This would hopefully encourage a squarer hit, without falling back on the downswing and hitting that fade I was talking about ... I kept trying to do this today and it wasn't working out too well. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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maybe your overdoing it? one my pro's told me ages ago that i should swing with my left hand, i started hitting it about 20-40yds shorter and push fading it, needless to say i dropped this coach.

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When I hit the drive high on the face, it's always a straight high pull which would be opposite of you.  So, taking my extensive knowledge of physics into the answer, I'm thinking you're you're swinging slightly flat with the face a touch open.

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