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new clubs..

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hello..i just bought a new set of callaway razrx hl's i was just wondering if i was the only one having trouble hitting them.i had a set of wilson ultras and i hit them ok. But now that ive got theses new. Clubs ive had heck hitting them. Maybe its just me,im about a 22 handicap but generaly my problem hasnt been my irons just looking for some insite
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You remarked, "Clubs ive had heck hitting them." This doesn't give us much information. Do the shots bounce along the ground, pop up into the air, mostly hook or slice?


Just wondering... Did you try out the RazrX HLs before you bought them?


I tried out the RazrX, the HLs, and the Razr Black in club fittings. The RazrX gave me the best trajectory... HLs hung the ball up too high.


(I ended up keeping my X20 Tours).

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No ive had a lot of trouble hitting them fat for one,i know now there a little longer clubs.and also its like im shanking them hitting them sharp right i dont know if its the hozzel offset or what they just feel diffrent.and no i didnt try them out before i bought them
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Not be rude here but if you are a 22 hc, the problem isn't the clubs. Work on you, not the equipment.

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Building off of Willie M,You might want to take a lesson to see if the HLs fit your swing/stance. If not, quick-trade them - before you ding them up too much - and get fitted for another set.


Does the place where you bought them have a buy-back policy?

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