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Rangefinder HELP!

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My boyfriend is deploying to Guam soon and I am looking into getting him a rangefinder for when he is on the island. He is an avid golfer but I know nothing. Would the bushnell or garmin have those courses uploaded? Can I get them uploaded? Which is the better option? All help is appreciated!
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A rangefinder is a laser. A GPS system would have courses that you download.


I don't know much about GPS's but I think a Rangefinder (laser) is the way to go. I understand that gps's are convenient, but rangefinders give you yardage to anywhere.


Look for any bushnell or a leupold and that should do the trick. 

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Thank you! What about the watches they have out now? Would those be better?
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It all depends on what he is going to use it for. A Rangefinder is helpful for practice. I can never trust distances at a driving range because they are constantly changing the hitting area.

Those watches do look handy but like I said before I'm not sure if they have additional fees for courses or what. If he is very serious about his game I'd look for a basic rangefinder Leupold gx-1 or bushnell v2
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You'll need to get him a lazer rangefinder not a GPS based unit. He will not be able to download courses in Guam (in all likelyhood). The watches are based on GPS as well, so go with the lazer rangefinder as recomended above. They work anywhere.

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