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Hello Everyone, & Happy Holidays, Mark from Tucson, Arizona here.


I just came across this forum last night while trying to locate some detailed information on a set of irons I just picked up yesterday.


I purchased a set of "Sandy Lyle Limited" red dot Mizuno Irons (3I-PW) for $30 at an estate sale in my neighborhood. I've been playing for about 3 months now, and was using a set of off-brand clubs Premier, & decided I wanted something more notable. Sandy Lyle being one of my golf idols, this set was one I didn't want to sleep on. Circa 1989 I believe, not too sure. Used em today, and they feel smooth, didn't seem to take a lot to get used to.


I am 29 years old, 6'1 200lbs


I work for Marriott Hotels, & I enjoy the game so much, & desire to become much better than I currently am, & I immediately was superbly impressed by this site wholeheartedly. Great members, positive insight, & tons of useful resources. I can't wait to devote my time to helping build the sites content, and feeback.


thanks for the warm-welcome


Again, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!