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I have a few questions. There is a small Ma and Pa golf shop right outside my back door, across the alley. In the winter I walk over with a few clubs and play on their simulator when its not crowded. In the hitting station, he had a Medicus driver there, so I decided to swing it a few times. The only flaw the medicus was telling me was that I was taking the club back to quickly, it was breaking right when i started my backswing. 


I hit probably 40 balls each with a PW, 8i, 6i. I was hitting most of the balls closer to the heel than center, REALLY close to the heel. I dont know why but I was doing this way more than i was hitting it in the center. I tested the new Nike Covert driver, and the same thing. I was hitting EVERYTHING off the heel side. I didnt get one ball in the center of the club. I cant figure it out why. 


At address I usually line up the ball with the center of the face. Any ideas what maybe causing this?

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Well, the good news is that you are hitting towards the heel not the toe. Lots of golfers seem to struggle with shots off the toe.



1. Weight is shifting to your toes when you are swinging.

2. You are swinging too far to the outside when you are coming into the ball.

3. Your arms are swinging around your body (like a baseball swing) too much.

4. Your posture is collapsing in your downswing.


Of course, I have no idea.


If you could post a video - even with a smart phone - there are lots of great teachers who could help you.

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