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Shafts right or wrong

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My question is what effect do to flexiable shafts have opposed to to stiff
I play reg stiff graphite in my irons. Irons 8-sw o issiues good ball flight and carry
7 iron pretty decent go to club but if i go for too much seems to high long fade
5-6 have to start to left for it to come back to target but when i swing 5-6 iron seems like im
I dont know how to explain it contact feels loose. Not goood clean flushing but like almost wippy
Now i went to get my swing speed checked and golfsmith came up with i should use stiff. S300 was the ideal shaft they said. I like the irons i know when iam not loose my speed is down but when i get loosened up and its warm out i need som control. Any ideas tips.
What effect does lie have with ball flight
Thanks guys
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A shaft that is too flexible will cause you control problems; a shaft that is too stiff will cost you distance and (for a right-handed golfer) give you misses to the right.


One key factor is clubhead speed. Things which influence clubhead speed:

  • A more flexible shaft will give you more clubhead speed than a stiffer one.
  • A lighter shaft will give more clubhead than a heavier one, BUT, too light a shaft is harder to control, in that you can't feel it the top, and it's harder to "drop in the slot"


Getting best distance is a balancing act. You want the ball to have a good launch angle for a given club - a ball that goes too low will lose distance. But, you don't want so much lift you balloon the ball - sky it.


Swing tempo also affects clubhead speed. The Mizuno shaft optimizer picks this up.


As far as getting "loosened up" for the season... besides getting looser, your swing muscles get in better shape, and you get your tempo back, so it might take a few weeks before you can get the most out of the stiff shafts.


Lie angle: have the clubfitter check this for you. Too upright, you miss to the left / too flat, you miss to the right (for right-handed golfers).

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Thank you for the input and info
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