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About this blog

This blog will include posts about my fitness activities and goals. Or not. I guarantee I'm diligent about working out than posting about it.

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I'm Always Injured

It seems like this past year or so I'm always having neck or shoulder problems. Just a few months ago, I was dealing with a scapula or trapezius injury on my right side that shut down my workouts for almost a month. Now I have a minor injury on my left side from last week. I felt a tweak in my neck on a swing when it happened but didn't think anything of it because that kind of happens once in a while, but there's a tightness there I haven't been able to shake and a noticeable weakness when I'm




A Journey of a Thousand Miles

I got back into working out towards the beginning of the year. I used to lift back when I was a teenager so I have a solid background and it turns out I was in decent shape because of work. I'm paying a lot of attention to doing things with proper form even if it means I'm using lighter weight, because building the proper foundation is important to me as a more mature person, but also because I'm significantly more prone to injury these days than when I was a teenager. I find I enjoy doing exerc



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    • I used to have a regular foursome, but they're all staying in their homes and not leaving, even after courses were opened.  Perhaps overly cautious.  One guy hasn't left his house for 88 days!  I pick up supplies for him when needed.  I practice all-necessary precautions on the course, and then some, but get out in the fresh air to play golf. I may have to follow Mcanadian's lead and find a new foursome...
    • Personally, I would join the retiree with the regular 2pm tee time.  Having a regular game is a nice perk.  Not every day but once or twice a week works well.  We have developed a regular foursome and Tuesday game.  At the end of the round we always discuss where we are going next Tuesday and who will arrange the golf. 
    • As a teacher, I understand exactly where you're coming from.  It's called "reflection."  The fact that you are reflecting on what you did, and how to do it better, means that you are better than the vast majority out there.  I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "ooh... that would have been so much better if you'd done it this way" or "well... it's a good thing admin didn't walk in during that." 
    • Thanks. Social is a chore for me, but I got a bit of a head start. There's a couple of chaps I've played with out there and the pro and his assistant know me. It was a big plus for Miami Shores that the pro makes a legitimate effort to match up singles.
    • Congrats on your new membership.   Be social, drop your name at the pro shop, you'll find others that are probably in the same situation.   If you spend time on the range or putting green, that's a great way to meet like minded golfers.    I'd have a membership at the local private course if I didn't have long term friends with whom I play frequently.   

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