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About this blog

A collection of entries about different subjects that may or may not involve golf, cooking, or other such interests I may have. Posts may also include observations I make during my daily life, deep philosophical questions, and general weirdness. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Cabin Fever and eBay

I find myself looking at irons on eBay lately. It's a bad habit of mine. A few winters ago, I bought a set of vintage Hogans. They were kind of fun to kick around with for a bit. I played close to half that season with them even though they were way too much (or is it too little?) club for me. I still practice with them, but they're mostly collecting dust - some in the basement, some in the garage, and I have one (now two, actually) in the coat closet. Now I'm looking at Mizunos. Modern, though: MP 4s and MP 64s. Figured they're more playable than the Hogans, not that I'm in the market for new irons. Just kind of want them. I sold a set of Mizunos a number of years ago and I want another. I should actually get a new set of wedges if I'm going to buy new clubs, but another set of blades seems so much more satisfying for some reason. Winter needs to be over so I can go play and stop looking at stuff I don't need.




The First Amendment of the United States

This isn't meant to be a partisan discussion, simply a statement of the law. It bugs the shit out of me when people cite the First Amendment incorrectly. Here it is, verbatim: Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. A good resource can be found here at the Cornell University Law School website: https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/first_amendment





These last two weeks have been crazy. Christmas activities combined with work ramping up have left me completely exhausted. One of the mechanics at work retired a couple of months ago and the work has been slowly backing up. On top of that, we had a couple of additional projects that needed to be done: first a soda machine needed to be installed last Thursday which involved working overnight and being awake for almost 24 hours, and a store closing just before Christmas which involved 40 hours of work this past Monday-Wednesday. I even worked a full day Christmas Eve before heading out for family stuff. Didn't get any rest on the weekends due to shopping, family stuff, and more work. Couldn't even enjoy the warm weather because I've been too tired to do anything golf-related. I'm absolutely exhausted and this weekend isn't nearly long enough for rest.




A haiku

Life's a lot like Golf. You get good and bad bounces And no mulligans.




Trouble with Expression

It's kind of odd. It's not like I have problems in social situations or anything, but I find I spend a lot of time typing up drafts and then deleting them. I've done it three times already, trying to start this blog. I just noticed I spent more than an hour on the site just now, going through different threads, composing responses. Some things I even took the time to research as part of my response. Then, for some reason or another, I decide it's not worth posting and delete the whole thing. It's not just recently, either. I've done this through all the years I've been a member of TST. I can't put my finger on it. I'm certainly not shy. I'm not afraid to make mistakes, embarrass myself, etc. I just did it again right now; got up to make myself a drink and almost talked myself into deleting this draft. Is it perfectionism? Am I trying too hard to be perfect at something that can't be perfected? I think I do the same thing with golf. I have to get over this somehow, since life is not about perfect. I'm planning to go back to school next semester and I need to seriously get over this. The point isn't to get a 4.0 GPA. BTW I just did it again. I didn't like my original title so I thought about changing it. While I was figuring out what I wanted to change it to, thought about deleting the whole entry because it probably isn't worth sharing. Damnit.



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    • Interesting subject to discuss.  I mostly go long with your ideas.  Outside of the physical effort of carrying the bag and grooming the course, I imagine one of the biggest reasons every pro has a caddie is because they can have one.  And they are afraid that IF a caddie might make a 1 or 2 stroke difference, then they sure as hell want to have that advantage when everyone else in the field has a caddie.  
    • I of course agree with this. But FWIW this component of caddying was rather minimized during the Kuchar thread. 
    • Ill admit I left out the physical exertion required of these guys and why caddies make a big difference there. But outside of not being tired, I wouldn’t say they make a huge difference in performance. 
    • Also, a lot of caddies are very good players. They just aren't Tour level, but they know the game. So, they function as more than mere "sack draggers".  And consider what Tiger said when interviewed after the last round at the Genesis. He said, "Yeah, I'm tired!" The pros were up and on their feet a ton last week, and that takes a toll. Imagine if anyone was carrying their own bag!  Now comes the WGC in Mexico City at altitude, which will be another physical test. Heck, a couple years ago my buddy was on vacation so we golfed it up big time. We played 108 holes in 5 days, and I could barely get out of bed the day after! And we were riding in carts! 
    • On the PGA Tour, push or pull carts are not allowed. And you're really under-estimating just how much endurance is required to play competitive golf on the PGA Tour for a season. That's a big part of why virtually every Tour player objected to Casey Martin. They understand just how integral walking is to the game, and thus, even carrying an extra 20 pounds around would add substantially to the challenge. PGA Tour players take caddies because they feel it's worth it, that they'd be at a disadvantage without it. That what they pay is worth what they get.


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