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    • I would think that's true. Rory and Tiger lift or workout on weights.  Perhaps higher reps, less maximum heavy weights.  Most days I lift light with high reps and a few hours later go to the driving range. On golf playing days I just do warmup reps.  I'm a 65 years old retiree, but in my younger days when I lifted heavy, I couldn't hit the golf ball or it'd be nothing but giant slices.  Find what works for you including stretching for flexibility if you want to maintain your swing.  Enjoy the journey 🙂  
    • Assuming you keep a driver in play, how close would you be? 40 or less yards? I would think that would be quite a bit better than any full wedge/sort iron. Imagine your second shot being within 10 feet most of the time instead of on the green most of the time
    • Two weeks plus into the season and the Oilers have only lost once.   About three of those games the team deserved to lose, but (gasp) solid goaltending and team defense have been effective so far.     I've never been a huge fan of James Neal, but if he keeps scoring goals at half the rate he's doing it now I'd be satisfied at the end of the season. I'll admit I usually only saw him on the high and low light reels. For a guy who was so horrible in Calgary last year he's doing a fantastic job with Edmonton.  And since the team jettisoned the Lucic contract in return, it seems like the gift that keeps on giving.     Connor McDavid isn't quite the same yet, either.  He's still the fastest skater on the ice every game, but I've never seen opposing players strip him of the puck as easily as this before.  I'm glad Leon Draisaitl has picked up right where he left off last season.  This guy is scary good, and has improved his two way game immensely in a few short years.   But riding the guy for 23 minutes a night will catch up sooner or later.        
    • I won't be able to do it myself after the first of the year? Are my maths skills going to disappear? Are they going to a "secret" formula? I don't care that it isn't official because I know it is right at the moment.
    • This is about when I, most years lately, disappear from golf due to being busy at work.  So I'm happy I'm still getting something in. Day 166.  I spent 10 minutes putting, real green, under the lights, after work.  6' and 12' putts. 
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