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    • I takes time to make changes like this. You need to work not only only the shoulder turn with the club, but also your general flexibility and core strength. Yoga type stretching can help, but there are other simple exercise you can do as a warm up to help.  I do them in front of a mirror at the gym to also verify I have a centered turn. I do this one below every time I pick up a club. And be patient. Changes can take weeks to happen. Stick with it, it will change. From this thread,    After I do this, then use a club and check out my shoulder turn in the mirror. It really, really helps. Mirrors are terrific tools.
    • Theres a lot to be said for that.  As a devout Buddhist, I can tell you that just taking life as it is can be a real game changer in a person's life.
    • Welcome to The Sand Trap. New players should really try and focus on making good contact with irons. DG S300 shaft are a bit heavier than the 100g shafts the fitting recommended, but you should be able to use them. 77 mph is average for a 6 iron (if you used a 6 iron to get that speed) and as a new player, you swing speed will probably increase given your size. Your PW distance would indicate stiff is also a good choice. If you want to get better, I recommend posting a video of your swing in the Member Swings section. We can help point you in the right direction for improvement.  
    • Has this guy ever looked at Hogan's swing? 😂 Agree with @iacas, if anything Hogan is doing the opposite. IMO Hogan had more of what's called a lagging club head takeaway, meaning the club head "lagged" behind the hands on the takeaway. I just don't think you can get in these positions with twisting or rolling the forearms while adding extension (cup) to the lead wrist. I agree he maintained or maybe added a little extension in the lead wrist early takeaway, almost "pushed" the grip end back with the heel pad of the left hand. Right hand above left, well away from his right thigh. If you twisted you can't create that amount of width. Look at how the right elbow is well away from his rib cage. Hands and shaft almost inline at 1.5, again don't think that can get there by rolling the forearms early. Right hand on top of left here. I have some thoughts on how this allowed him to get to the top with such an externally rotated right elbow, might do a video on that soon.
    • Hey guys and girls. Have been playing for three months, currently on a 28 handicap, 6ft, 210lbs shooting anything between 93-105. Trying to play twice a week but at least once. I had a club fitting and iron swing speed of 77 mph I can’t remember the numbers on small box. The club pro recommended stiff clubs at least 100g in weight so went with a set of Rbladez with dg S300 shafts in them.  Hitting my PW 145 yards Question 1: Are these clubs and shafts helping or detrimental to a new players’ game? Question 2: Would I benefit more from a set of taylormade burners, Cleveland ta7 or ping G5’s (GI clubs) etc with stock stiff shafts? Thanks   
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