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The rain comes down like

the sad tears of an angel

cheese steaks are yummy

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    • And if their forearm is planted firmly on their chest?
    • The driver is longer so the swing will be a bit longer than an iron swing.  I definitely do not make adjustments in terms of takeaway or downswing intention. RE Drivers vs 3 wood or less off the tee... On some of the tougher courses in my area I have scored some of my best rounds challenging the par fours with driver even when a lay up could easily get me to 150 in.   I know where I can miss there. 150 in is a benchmark of sorts for me. That said when traveling and playing even tougher courses that I am playing for the first time I usually play conservative off the tee.  Often for me on serious courses going for a par five in two is by far the wrong decision.   Really with game I have I just am not going to get at par fives It's so obvious where they give you room just looking at the scorecard.  Often driver off the tee same thing.  Just depends on the course/hole and ones capability.  90 percent chance of a good lie 155-160 out is way better than a 50 percent chance at getting to 120-130 in without being in trouble.  Often with elevated multi tiered greens you need to be able to land it correctly for a two putt par. Driver is a very important club        
    • DTL 9 Iron - Just went to the range after playing 9 holes. Much better contact at the range.  In this video I am trying to keep the club head more in front of me and shallow it going into A4.   
    • Regarding Shawn Clement. I followed him for a short while and I can see how his instruction might be helpful for certain people. He has some great tips and illustrations of "how" to perform certain actions that may or may not resonate depending on the individual. What he does not do however, is give one a good reason why and it is left up to the student to figure out.  Granted he also employs a couple of just plain weird  interpretations one of which is his comparison to a downhill skier's bobbing motion. I understand why he uses this, but also could be easily misconstrued by most. His main objective appears to get someone into position to repeat some basic moves. His practicing the "one leg" swing for example is all about not swaying. The bobbing motion is akin to dropping into the slot on the downswing. Either of these two could get you into trouble if you do not understand what you are trying to achieve. He really does not do a good job of explaining why and just goes on the assumption that you "get it". That being said, his methods work very well for some and I truly believe he is good at what he does. He is not alone in this. There are a number of instructors that seem to have taken ownership of a one-size-fits-all piece of instruction and they focus mainly on just a few points. One emphasizes "powerless arms" another "body pivot". This is not to say they do not have other really good bits, but these are the most prevalent and can be seen repeating in many of the different videos they put out. I have a favorite, but won't espouse my preference here. Its just that I understand immediately what he is trying to get across and his delivery is one that works for me. He can be very simple, yet if needed, as technical as any. views. Yours may differ and that's okay too,
    • My personal rule is if I'm going to hit ESC, pick up. Doesn't matter where I am, I'll just watch my partners finish the hole. Hit two balls OB off the tee? Time to walk to the next hole.
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