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RocketBladez V Speedbladez

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Has anyone hit both is there a huge difference? im going to golf show on Sat. and going to be purchasing new irons those are the ones ive been looking at. But i know i can save alot getting Rocketbladez but if big difference will spend more money


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I don't think that there is much of a difference between the standard Rocketbladez vs. the newer Speedbladez... Obviously if you get a chance to hit them, do so, but I wouldn't drop a ton of extra cash just to get the Speedbladez.


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    • The most esoteric golf tournament name ever...
    • Hey all, we are off and running.  My #1 shot a 79 at a collegiate course where we played the "white tee positions" for the majority of the tournament.  She was working on an exceptional round when she triple bogeyed hole 18.  She is real long off of the tee.  She is rock solid on the green.  Word is finally out there about her and I've worked hard at getting her name in front of college coaches.  After this showing (2nd) she has received 5 emails from 5 colleges this week.  Tonight, she shot par on our home course.  That is a great feat since our course was under water a week ago.  The fairways are not good and there is now a lot of standing water and GUR.  The next golfer was 5 shots behind and she is the #1 for a traditionally state ranked team.  Unfortunately, the rest of my team didn't do so well.  We play tomorrow again. It will be a major chore.  These mosquitoes are gigantic.  I have welts all over me and I sprayed a couple of times.  My #2 shot a 51 and looks like she has hives.  Her mosquito repellent can was  empty and I didn't know it until she was on hole #5.  She said that she was playing in a cloud of mosquitoes.  Tonight, I had my wife go buy new Deep Woods Off for every player.  We will put a can in each player's bag.  I've never seen anything like this but the corn fields around the course are all still under water.  Some Notes: My golfers have a hard time learning how to line up their shots.  We work on various things but it doesn't sink in for some time. My players have swings that are too long.  Most look like John Daley and so, I have to help them control that back swing better.  We spend a lot of time working on putting and we putted really well tonight.  The problem is, we didn't get off the tee box in good fashion due to alignment.  We have trouble everywhere and our course is very tight.  My softball player turned golfer as a favor to me will play as #4 tomorrow.  She has played golf for exactly 2 weeks now.  We have trees everywhere.  I have to teach all of my players how to hit stingers low and long.  I have three players that can do so and draw the ball doing it.  We shot a 205 as a team tonight.  That isn't very good.  Tomorrow, we have to do a lot better.  (We still beat a couple of teams since the conditions were so bad.  It was also 100+ heat index)
    • Yeah, the ex-marshal did go a bit overboard. Not sure if he would have really pulled the trigger or not, though. One thing for sure, the thief will think twice before attempting to steal club again. In fact, anyone reading the article might give it a second thought.   That's kind of true.
    • I apologize guys....heres the video
    • I just can't narrow it down to one or two items... Stihl MS 180 chainsaw - 12 years of heavy use and it simply won't die. Even dropped an ash tree on it years ago. I have a larger Stihl but prefer to use the little fella. It may be starting to lose compression. If so, I'll buy the same model as a replacement. Carvin solid body electric. Love this guitar. I also have a Guild Starfire IV Semi-hollow body electric which is a beautiful instrument. I play the Carvin a lot more. iMac (purchased in 2007). I'd love to get a new Mac Mini, but this thing is still running strong going on 10 years - even if 60 fps, 1080 video doesn't run very well on it. Firearms and reloading equipment. All of it. Have to get back into reloading. 2004 Silverado 1500. The Northern Winters have taken a toll on her. Stays parked a lot now but is still my all-time favorite vehicle.   
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