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  1. It’s a theory with no basis in reality.
  2. She is a Stanford graduate people. She’ll be okay. She was much better at the Solheim Cup.
  3. Three of you couldn't help yourselves. Three posts were removed. Please stick to the topic.
  4. Did you link to the right study? I don't see what you're seeing.
  5. I don't think you can just cite "bankruptcies" and declare him bad at business. It's off the topic too much to get further into it than that, though.
  6. A little. His strength has always been his irons, so if he has a chance to hit irons, he has a chance to contend.
  7. She walks around a lot of golf courses. 🙂 She'll start playing again once @NatalieB is off to college. The knits are great. She might just wear them around, too. To the beach, shopping, whatever.
  8. As @Bonvivant said, launch monitors will often read the first 30 or 40 yards of a ball's flight and calculate the rest.
  9. That test was also conducted by a site selling found golf balls (https://golfballdivers.com). So… take it with a grain of salt.
  10. Ideally there shouldn't be many questions, as the handicap manual is available for all, etc. now. So, do yourself a favor if you have a handicapping question and check the manual first. You may learn not only the answer to your question but more than that.
  11. TRUE Knit x Topgolf | TRUE linkswear The most lightweight, breathable golf shoe on the market. A dual collaboration with industry shapers Topgolf. SWEET. Got the wife a pair for Christmas.
  12. I've played Duke… what's tricky about it? It feels like a pretty straightforward course to me. Define "tricky" too…?
  13. You do get two club lengths to go back and stay in the teeing area… By my measurements, it's < 210 yards to cover the water, and 80 yards wide. I'd be really tempted to cut a 3W every time. Forget going over - go around. And if you really, really cut it, it'll fly shorter but cut more, and probably be safe again. It's as little as about 180 if you don't take an angle toward the back of the green.
  14. 60° will be too much of an angle with the driver. Closer to 45°. Basically, you want the stick to be on the plane, so if you swing OVER it, you're swinging to the right. (The one in front of the ball, down the target line.) Hit off a tee. 🙂
  15. That's a pretty wide gate there. 🙂 Remember that front one is supposed to be close to your target line. And the back one… keep that away like you have it, because you can crack a shaft easily if you come down on that one.
  16. I don't know. Something like that, I think. I'm sure someone can search it on the Web.
  17. I doubt it was just five, but basically, I think it works like this: Raters are asked to put courses in buckets. For example "top three," "top ten," "25-50", etc. The courses get points for these rankings. Both the number of ratings and the average of those ratings are considered. For example, an out-of-the-way course like Tara Iti might be tough for many people to see quickly, so its average ranking might be considered more so than a course like… Oak Hill, which has been around for a long time and which many people have seen and ranked. The final ranking is assembled. For all you know Ohoopee was in the top 25 of six members, which was just high enough for it to sneak on at 98, and it may move up and up and up the list over the coming years as more raters are able to see the course. This is an educated guess, though, and I'll seek verification and will get back to you with the response(s) I get if they shed new light on what I've written.
  18. Once again, by accepting the money, he's endorsing the PR crap that is the entire tournament. Plus, the bullshit about "growing the game" in Saudi Arabia is a literal and verbal endorsement. Pretty stupid hill to die on man. But you do you…
  19. So, the counter-arguments boil down to two things: Phil has not literally verbally endorsed the Saudi Arabian regime. The hypothetical situation wherein companies like RSM, HERO, Waste Management, etc. offer appearance fees, followed by the statements that this would be just as bad (or something) as what Phil is doing now, which is — to be clear — NOT a hypothetical situation.
  20. Right, because endorsing RSM is exactly like endorsing SA. And re:Tiger you’d have been justified in bringing all that up back then.
  21. Phil is being paid so he can provide good PR in this little stunt being perpetrated by the Saudi regime. It's that simple. And so are DJ, Brooks, Reed, Sergio, etc.
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