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  1. I didn’t call your post bullshit. I called the tactic bullshit, then pointed out that the article you cited said that she almost certainly doesn’t have to worry much and almost surely should not self quarantine unless she wants to be abundantly cautious. And @Vinsk has not proclaimed he is an expert - medical boards have (or whatever certifies him). The difference matters. Again, take precautions but let’s not all go nuts.
  2. Has anyone self proclaimed themselves to be an expert? Yeah, didn't think so… Let's all stop with the bullshit narrative that if you disagree with someone, they've proclaimed themselves "experts." It hasn't happened. The site you linked to says the above. It's unlikely that @FlyingAce was within six feet of the person for ≥ 15 minutes, made out with the staff member, etc. Especially since she can't even remember if she saw that person. And the one person who is closest to an expert - a doctor actually performing tests and treating patients - has chimed in here and said "relax." It boils down to this, IMO: Take the necessary precautions. Wear masks. Avoid crowded areas. Unless you have complicating factors or live with someone who is compromised, live your life within bullet point A. We don't need to become a nation of shut-ins.
  3. PGA Tour average at impact is like 15 degrees open with the shoulders and 25 degrees open with the chest. Hips are 40-ish.
  4. Yeah, c'mon now @Club Rat. That's how what you wrote reads.
  5. Eagle and Broke 80 are yours! You have it, yeah. Congrats! Nice job. It is fun! Wheeeeeee! Great! Nice job! Awesome stuff! Barrier broken!
  6. You're missing from 50 yards five feet left of the flag?
  7. The first shot was good (292 yard drive), but the second shot was a touchy feely wedge from 104 yards off a steep sidehill/downhill lie. Hit it to three feet. View this round on GAME GOLF 18th hole, which let me check off the whole back nine in the birdie challenge.
  8. Day 194 - July 10, 2020 Practiced before a lesson downtown. Hit the ball well the last time I played, so that continued, nicely.
  9. Feel ain't real. Videos will help.
  10. I bought some of the SA Shield things. They had a buy one, get four free. I paid $20 for one, $5 for shipping, and $1.50 for tax. So $26.50 and I have five buffs. They're fairly breathable, but obviously should still be trapping moisture. My current masks are THICK. Nothing comes out of them, which kinda stinks. And I sound funny when I talk, muted and mutated.
  11. Those clubs actually weigh less than a wedge, and should have a similar swing weight as your 8I.
  12. iacas


    I didn't look at it much. I'm not endorsing (nor failing to endorse) the political aspects of this.
  13. iacas


    We'd have a lot of "winners" (losers?) if so.
  14. Those other sports also have dress codes. You're only talking about degrees. Most things in life have a sort of dress code. Golf is no different. I saw it today.
  15. We can do something earlier too, perhaps. But yeah, like I said, two things: Slightly weaker grip. If you're hitting it off the toe, stop. Gear effect can be a bitch.
  16. Yes, but also, it looks like you might have caught it off the toe. How's August 1? 🙂
  17. Do you wear board shorts and a tank top and flip-flops to a church wedding? To a business lunch? To a funeral? I don't really care much about dress codes… but I've never cared "against" them either. Just wear something decent.
  18. You're not a 4.7? Normally I detest the "meta" conversations so much I just ignore stuff like this. But you know, then people just get to spout whatever stupid opinions they've got largely uncontested, and for the heck of it, today, I'm going to reply. And because it's my forum, and I get to make the rules, and because this IS "meta," this is the end of it. No replies, from anyone, on the meta bullshit, after this one. Why should I "don't follow or participate"? It's my forum, and I saw an opportunity to share some information about laying up versus going for it. You were giving what was, in my opinion, "bad" information, and I generally don't like "bad" information being shared on my forum. It's that simple. The truth of the matter is that you got your panties in a twist because I disagreed with you. Why should I have to ignore you? I don't. Uhm, yeah, I've always been one to share my opinions and back them up with data, facts, etc. where possible. Man, how shitty is that? You're butt-hurt I didn't agree with you. Neither happened, and never really has. The moderators can all tell you how stupid a thing that was to say. Non-spam posts are almost never deleted, and we ban people less frequently than virtually any other forum I've ever seen. Heck, the fact that we don't is why people build up this huge long history of taking disagreement personally and getting all butt-hurt about it, like you've done.
  19. @MiuraMan, it’s not “a swing.” That’s all he’s pointing out. It’s “every” swing in a sort of fashion. You can describe Bryson, Tiger, JT, Brooks… all with TGM. Kinda. It’s not “a swing.” And just read the words written, please. Any tone added is added by you. No real need for “!!!” etc.
  20. Stop trying to shut down the conversation with your personal attacks Shane! You must agree with Nicolas!
  21. Absolutely. And what @billchao said about “The Homer Kelley swing” is accurate.
  22. If the wheels aren’t well lubricated it can feel heavier. It might be more that than an extra pound.
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