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  1. Here's the part you're missing: what you're suggesting doesn't work. There are real-world reasons why. You're plugging your ears and humming a tune to them, because you saw a likely relatively minor immediate improvement. We see it on the forum all the time: one day, a guy professes to have found the secret to his swing, and then three weeks later he's back to shooting the same scores and having the same issues, or maybe slightly new issues. Virtually no good putter plays the ball back in his stance or hits down on his putts. There are real-world reasons why, undeniable reasons. You found a "hack" or a "band-aid." Like all band-aids, it'll fall off eventually, and a band-aid may hold a gaping wound shut for a little while, but it's not the actual surgery that's required. Furthermore, it may be one guy… a guy who is a 13 handicap. Whoopty doo. I know a bunch of people who shoot about 85-90 who rarely three-putt… because they almost never hit greens and so their first putts are from 12 feet away for par. Not to get off topic, but that's highly unlikely for a putt of any real length. I'd bet a TON of money your path has an arc to it, and that the face (perhaps more importantly) isn't square/perpendicular to the target line and actually opens and closes a good bit. Your changes aren't all that significant or weird. You putt cross-handed. You feel like the ball is in the middle of your stance. You also list your handicap as a 20, and "good putting" is relative. Not really. Is he a 13 because he's a great ballstriker, or because he putts the eyes out of it, or because he was once scratch but now he's 80…? I don't know of too many people at all like that. Scores are your ability. They may not reflect your true potential, given a bunch of work, but they pretty accurately tell the tale of your ability. Then accept it for what it is and stop trying to justify it. You posted to say you found something, others posted to say "uhh, you might want to keep looking, that's not a good way to putt," and you get defiant and defend it with BS logic about "whatever works." Okay then.
  2. I'll try to remember to get back to the other stuff but… again… just swing faster. And if you can't swing faster, then maybe you just don't have it in you to hit it 250 in the air or something.
  3. No. Off topic so I’m not elaborating in this thread but… no. Driving and approach shots are far more important than putting at every level of the game. Virtually nobody good hits down with a putter. The broad techniques may vary but there are a few commonalities.
  4. What @klineka said, @Colorado14. Putting lets you shave a few strokes the fastest but also the fewest strokes, generally.
  5. Yes, that's the whole point - so that it changes the way your left arm works.
  6. No. That can be true to a certain extent (i.e. if you're putting like a 36 handicapper when you're a 15), but no - there are very real and valid reasons why putting the ball back in your stance is bad, and why virtually nobody who is GOOD at golf (or putting) does it. It might be a temporary band-aid type of "solution" so you can putt better temporarily or something, but to putt best or "well" you likely won't do that. Band-aid. I don't know of a single one. You're conning yourself. You're taking the cheap and easy way out, thinking you've "solved" something instead of putting in the work to actually improve in a long-lasting and meaningful way. That's fine if you don't really care about improving in a long-lasting and meaningful way. But it's not how many (most?) here look at their golf games.
  7. The "van driver" name comes not from the personal car, but the van the school gives them to drive the kids to golf matches. I'm sure you knew that, though. I'm a "van driver" for the college kids, even. And more, but they give me a van to drive.
  8. No…? The shaft has to go over your shoulder, to keep the left arm in, not right outside the ball or else you'll just want to toe it like you did in the one video.
  9. No. My Sam's Club card has better terms and rewards. As does my VISA. I never carry a balance over month to month, so some of the other things are irrelevant.
  10. We give official tournament wins to players who don't necessarily shoot the lowest score in a match play event. This is the format. The winner is the winner, and everyone knew the rules going in.
  11. But why? It complicates a thing they specifically simplified.
  12. It’s unchanged in like a decade. Top 30 into the Tour Championship. You’re wrong. Tiger has not hit a shot this year that ranks in the bottom 10% as measured by SG for those types of shots (not counting putts). You see more of Tiger’s shots. Good or bad. You don’t see the shots the guy shooting 77 hits.
  13. By definition you can’t really have a mediocre year and be in the top 30. And to all those who keep saying this format is confusing I have no idea what you’re talking about as this format is far less confusing than any previous year. The leaderboard is the leaderboard.
  14. Lag happens. It’s not “maintained.” And your chest points to the ground. If you had a laser perpendicular to your chest, or a camera, it should point just below horizontal.
  15. I don't have any problems using my iPhone. Even rounds where I accidentally close the GG app work the next time I try them. If I click to another part of the app accidentally, those also work and get uploaded.
  16. Swing speed isn't all about size. It's about… speed. You tilt your torso forward toward the target on the backswing, so if you didn't throw your wrists out you'd probably hit the ball 10' off the ground. You should work on turning during your backswing so your chest points downward just below horizontal, rather than up toward the sky.
  17. It takes a little time to work on changes. Read that.
  18. They should just penalize two. Then they'd actually be playing golf. Instead, they're not playing golf, nor are they preparing their golfers to play actual golf. Literally nothing would have to be different except the number of strokes written down.
  19. This? https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/golfs-new-rules-stroke-and-distance.html
  20. Match play sucks. And anyone can win this week. Not just the top five.
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