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  1. How is that a restriction? Why not make it 7pm to 9am or something?
  2. Not opposed to adding them all to the first post. Maybe after we get a few though. Today can’t be too bad.
  3. If you view new posts… doesn’t that just take you to the new posts? Do you want me to link to each day’s video in the first post every day?
  4. Truth. I disagree how much of a score, even on one hole, is out of our control.
  5. Revive? We just released 3.0.
  6. The former CEO messaged their data guy. It’s been a bungled operation for years.
  7. If you don't know what you're trying to say why would someone else? This isn't a matter of free will or a philosophical debate. Your position seems to hinge on this: I disagree. We do have more control. Much, much more control. 90-95%, just to throw out some numbers.
  8. Day 1 is up above. Let's see those videos and posts confirming you did it.
  9. I just logged in. Their database connectivity is intermittent right now.
  10. Nobody's really talking about that, and that's not "random." No. I said "just because we're not robots doesn't mean we aren't the primary controller of the outcome." Player skill determines let's say 90-95% of what they score on that hole at that point in time. And I don't mean a generalized set of parameters: I mean how they hit the ball those 2 or 7 or 4 times when they're playing the hole that time. The "randomness" about where exactly a ball bounces and rolls and whether the wind gusts a little or a lot during a ball's flight, etc. is a small contributor. It's not the primary driver of the score. Oy.
  11. iacas

    Numbers Thread

    @snapfade, c'mon now, 12 is the most recognizable number in that photo. Treading on thin ice here… 😉
  12. Day 1 - Early Backswing In the first day we examine the setup, grip, and the early backswing. Faults that we often see: Bad grips (palmy, weak) Bad setups (back flat, butt out, grip between thighs or too far away, wide) Hands go out early Hands/forearms roll the clubhead in early Clubface rolled open prematurely The drills for today include: 1:30 – Left wrist only 1:30 – Right wrist only 2:00 – Split hand grip 3:00 – Add pivot to A2 Video: Remember, we'd love to see your videos, and have everyone that signed up meet the challenge. You don't have to film your whole session, but get at least 15-30 seconds of it. And if you want to record your whole practice, go for it. Or do a time-lapse video… those can be fun. Then upload to YouTube (I recommend making it unlisted), and post here. Just like this: If you're joining after day 1, you can catch up, or jump right in and move forward.
  13. You're clinging really hard to this idea, and I've yet to see anyone else really accept what you're saying. It is not. People have argued that… and they're correct. No, because we're not robots, so we put different swings on the ball each time we play the hole. Just because we're not robots doesn't mean we aren't the primary controller of the outcome.
  14. IHME | COVID-19 Projections Explore hospital bed use, need for intensive care beds, and ventilator use due to COVID-19 based on projected deaths for all 50 US states and District of Columbia This appears to be an interesting site. It shows some fairly optimistic things, it looks like. I'd be surprised if they were true, but… fingers crossed.
  15. That's not what he was saying.
  16. Earlier yesterday I received a letter that mandated I close TST due to its status as a "non-essential" business. As many others know, Governor Tom Wolf of PA has closed golf courses state-wide, and now is closing all golf-related activity, despite courses in OH, NY, and WV remaining open so long as they follow the proper guidelines. At midnight tonight, I'm shutting TST down in order to comply with the order from Governor Wolf. This is a sad day, and I can only hope that we will be able to re-open TST at some point in June or July or whenever we finally get the all-clear. In the meantime, please consider signing this petition: Petition · LET PENNSYLVANIA GOLF · Change.org LET PENNSYLVANIA GOLF Thank you. I'll see y'all on the flip side. P.S. Please check back tomorrow, as I plan to leave at least a comment form where you can sign your name and forward a pre-written email to Governor Wolf or something in support of allowing TST to continue operating. Our server, after all, isn't in PA.
  17. Congratulations! At least you've already got a head start on the golf. Now you can take up fishing, too.
  18. Right, so I go back to my first comment: I don't need to lie to myself in order to have a good mental state. The outcomes aren't random. I'm mostly in control - what little randomness is contributed is in the small minority (even with a putt).
  19. Day 93 - March 31, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. About 30 to 40 minutes downtown. Maybe a bit longer. Really messing around to try to get some good feels. Shoulder still wants to "shrug" and the hands to go down more than out.
  20. There were. Because the public plays before and after them. DQ was the right call.
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