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  1. I’ll write up a bit more on this later Christian. Like this evening. We’ve been without power since 3:30 yesterday. Still out.
  2. The greens are 12 during the Masters. I’d shoot 68-74.
  3. I didn’t think you’re going to be able to return it.
  4. And 13.1a refers back to 2.2, as I noted. Either one gives the correct answer.
  5. iacas


    I think you missed his point.
  6. That’s asking a lot for $500. So, no, it doesn’t do that.
  7. How are you punishing him? How are you not punishing the opponent if you keep the outdated/old handicap? How is keeping the old handicap not going to encourage early-season sandbagging that allows the results to last all summer long?
  8. Hard disagree. He can stretch his back out a number of legal ways.
  9. If he made swings with them, and didn't use the donut for general stretching, I believe it's a breach of 4.3:
  10. Scrambles aren't a recognized form of golf, so… do whatever the tournament organizer says.
  11. This isn't correct, John. It's anywhere in the general area, as I said above. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=16&subrulenum=3 2019 Rules changed this.
  12. I could put on 40 pounds of straight flab in six months if I tried hard enough.
  13. Day 272 - Sept 25, 2020 Hit balls on the range (pretty darn well) and then played 3.5 holes with @NatalieB.
  14. Green, and you get relief anywhere in the general area.
  15. I'm going to be brief because this is off topic. There's more to it than that. If the path and the face are 5° off, the spin axis will be significantly less dramatic with an 8I than a driver. It would not be. The 8I is hit on a much higher launch angle with much less ball speed (forward ball speed), so that plays a big role in how the ball behaves. Even if you could match up the spin lofts, the ball will still curve less. (It would also see the spin rates drop more, too, because the ball would be in the air much longer, so spin rate decay would be much higher.) It does and it doesn't. It does: It doesn't: What you're not considering is that most people, to deliver "more spin," do so by increasing the spin loft, which reduces the amount of axis tilt (as my video explains). The initial claim is more accurate than it is not.
  16. I know the CEO of Purell. He could certainly say — and mean — this. 😛
  17. Yeah, but I bet you can do it at 20% speed. Probably 30%. Yes?
  18. I think more people can relate to the fat one.
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