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  1. That's not entirely true. The putter shaft could be full of loopty-loops and it could go SBST, but generally our bodies aren't set up to do so. To the OP, @KevinBlake, virtually nobody swings SBST for a stroke of any length. We play golf on a tilted plane, and generally our bodies work on that plane. You could make an argument that Michelle Wie, with her back almost horizontal with her table top putting stance, could have putted SBST, or very close to it. But unless you set up something like that, or manipulate your arms or wrists in some way, it's awkward to putt SBST.
  2. If you consider a 7-wood in 1995 a "gimmick" club — I carried it for about a month and once hit three shots in a row up in the air and backward, over my head — then I voted yes, for awhile. It is.
  3. Hey, it's almost a month earlier than we did this last year! Kickstarter of the Year We sometimes don't give out these awards, because often the major championship topics rank at the top (that happened this year too), sometimes long-running topics like "5 Minutes Daily" or "What'd You Shoot Today" are at the top. And sometimes they're just an easy win, like the "Tiger Catch-All Topic." But this past year we dealt with a pandemic, and are still dealing with it, and we also saw some interesting developments from within the golf world. So, without further ado, our Gold, Silver, and
  4. That's a fake video. That's not at all what a golf ball does.
  5. What do you like about it? Do you walk and carry often?
  6. I mean… The right leg is almost locked out straight before you get to A2, and… the club shaft almost hits you in the neck. I'd shift course and look at those two things.
  7. I think you can play around with the positioning and angle of the SSR. With the 7-iron often it will hit higher up on the shaft and measure the speed of that, while with the driver sometimes it can measure the toe instead of the COM like the Trackman will measure. (But that shouldn't be 10 MPH faster. A few.)
  8. Day 392 - January 25, 2021 Good 45 minutes or so today. Maybe 50 balls, maybe a bit more. Added a little wrist hinge to help the club feel like it's gone back far enough sooner. Also helps the elbow fold a bit more.
  9. iacas

    Formula 1

    Netflix Are Producing A Film Where An F1 Driver Is Forced To Become A Getaway Driver The love affair between Netflix and F1 continues, as it has been revealed that the online streaming service is to produce an original film starring John Boyega and Robert De Niro. Yep, seriously. Although the casting is...
  10. I'm pretty sure he knew it was offensive, hence the immediate apology. Why it was so readily available, I don't know, though.
  11. So what are you working on? I'd be concerned with: How quickly and how much the right knee extends. The lack of width at the top of the backswing.
  12. Day 391 - January 24, 2021 Backswing work focusing on A1-A3 and two things: the right elbow bending a bit earlier, the right knee staying slightly more flexed.
  13. Well… This topic was about JT saying “f***.” This year it hasn’t been about that word. I think you’re assuming we are talking about the original topic, not the homophobic slur.
  14. Here are some photos I took today: @Lagerman continues to improve upon these designs, too.
  15. This is not a video you'll want to watch. It's 11 minutes long because there's a LOT of slow-motion parts with multiple swings with stuff in between. I was primarily working on A1-A3 here. This was early in a long (for me) session today. I noticed in this video that I could let my right elbow bend a little bit sooner, so I spent some of the rest of the session letting that happen. I'll be on to A3-A5 here very soon. The left knee could extend just a tiny bit sooner. 🙂 (That's for later. Much later.) I'm pretty happy with the path on these, even though I'm no
  16. Funny thing is he didn't even argue with me. Not really. I told him to relax, and he called me names for changing the title of his post (and offering to change it again if someone could give me a better title than what it has now). Yeah. Often, if someone is banned, the content that got them banned isn't visible. We ban roughly one non-spammer per month. It's really uncommon. And @bones was leaving anyway. Yeah, we changed the title. Oooooooooooooh. His original title didn't make any sense. You're welcome to show yourself the door at any time. We did noth
  17. I think the LPGA would be WAY better off if Michelle Wie had accomplished on the LPGA Tour even half of what Tiger accomplished on the PGA Tour.
  18. Good. That amount of stuff sounds like it's worth $20.
  19. Day 390 - January 23, 2021 Spent about 40 minutes working on things today. Figured out that I likely will want to bend the right elbow a bit earlier, let it be softer so it can bend a bit sooner, from A1-A3. Video uploading eventually, and will post in my Member Swing topic.
  20. The point is made that the men have a 100-year head start, and thus some of the issue is the lack of exposure. I don't think it's even the majority issue, but it is an issue. Some people seem to think it's entirely an issue.
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