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  1. I can’t edit. Can you? -16 for Fed Ex
  2. Players: John Rahm (-9) Masters: Rickie Fowler (-11) PGA Championship: Tiger Woods (-10) U.S. Open: Brooks Koepka (-2) British Open: Rory Mcllroy (-8) FedExCup: Rory Mcllroy (-16)
  3. It sounds unrealistic, what prompted this?
  4. 87. Started with a 7 on a par 4. Oof!
  5. 1st round with the Rovic. Initial thoughts. solid cart, 3 wheels are the way to go. The cup holder is a bit of a pain, hopefully it expands a bit. I will say due to the size of the holder no fluids spill. I am not sure I like the bag size for the cart but will get over it. Still no cart repels geese shit on the wheels. Ha
  6. @uitar9 thanks. I would agree with you about being engaged. Very well thought out and articulated. Well done.
  7. Define your interpretation of engaged please. Do you attribute skill level to this? Frequency of play? Just curious.
  8. I see no issue with graphite shafts on wedges. If it gives you confidence over the ball go for it.
  9. jmanbooyaa


    I just bought 2 new wedges today. Vokey SM7. 54/14 and 58/10 with XP 95 shafts to match iron set. Have not used a lob wedge is a long time. Perhaps this is the year to do so.
  10. Yes. The adapter where the umbrella goes is in the middle if the cart. Once it is up it seems like it could be a bit annoying.
  11. Here it is. Honest opinions does the bag fit? The height of the cart I think is throwing me off. Umbrella holder is in an odd spot.
  12. Angel Has Fallen- Par. In fact to me all 3 of the Fallen movies are pars. Fun movies. Olympus Has Fallen London Has Fallen Angel Has Fallen.
  13. The Rovic cart arrived today. A nice small cart. Not sure I like how the c130 bag fits on it. i will have to take another look at it. The top part of the cart where the bag goes in seem too small.
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