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  1. No chance. Sorry if that appears harsh but to shoot in the 70s regularly you have to have a realistic chance of making a good percentage of greens in regulation. You can only expect to do this if you are hitting, say, 150 or less yards into the green. This might be via a 270 yd drive, a 150 yd positional shot and a 100 yd wedge into a 520 yard par 5 hole.Or a 270 yd drive plus a 150 yd approach into a par 4 and so on. That is a tough ask for a lot of guys. Your scrambling, good as it appears to be, would then take care of any misses.
  2. Courtesy of the inventor of the Tour Striker:- http://www.revolutiongolf.com/home/video/1711499423001
  3. Bet you've also got a whippet, flower.
  4. No good setting up with a closed stance if you are still trying to hit the ball straight down the fairway. The idea is to swing the club out to the right, along your closed stance line, and let the squared up (closed to the swing path) club face draw the ball back. You physically have to hit the ball out to the right to draw it back. If you persist with the closed stance, you might also like to play your ball a bit further up also. Closing your stance has the effect of bringing your ball a little further back than it would be if your stance was square.
  5. That sounds like a club head travelling straight down the target line with a club face that is slightly open to that line of travel at separation from impact. Try to ensure that your club face at address really is square to the target line before you take your grip and then see how you go. You can check the squareness of your club face (and grip) by addressing a club shaft, or some other straight object, placed perpendicular to your target line. You may, however, be surprised at the results!
  6. This sad old boy is listening to a YouTube mix of Dwight Yoakam.
  7. From Golf Magazine review - April 2011:- CONS Club weight is too light for our hardest swingers; Black Pearl finish wears fairly quickly during our test session; off-center hits don't offer much feedback.
  8. Don't discount your entire body sliding forwards on the down swing, effectively putting the ball further back in your stance and not allowing you time to square up the club face prior to impact. This is common early on in a round before you have properly loosened up and got your pivot fully functional. Bit similar to your hands falling behind you!
  9. And that is because your angle of attack into the ball is too steep also. No amount of equipment changing will cure a bad swing - BUT a small adjustment in ball position (cost = $0) to shallow out the angle of attack (NOT A SWING CHANGE!) can work wonders. If there is an equipment disparity, then it is in the shaft - namely, who is holding it.
  10. Excessive back spin is the product of coming down too steeply into impact. Lessening the angle of approach will lesson the back spin you put on the ball. Play the ball further forwards in your stance - in line with your left arm pit - and see how you get on. You may have to swing a bit more right of your target to avoid pulling the ball left, though, but you will soon get used to it. There is no set ball position (we are all different) so you will have to experiment a little until you find the ball flight you are looking for.
  11. He has your age mixed up with your I.Q; you Prat!
  12. Brandon, You have a nice, powerful motion and the only thing ruining it is your ball position at address. In the 3w video it is just too far back - about where a 6i or 7i should be played from. This alone is causing you to rise up on your left leg through impact in order to give you the room you need to get the club head down to the ball at impact. The flip of the club head into the ball is also an effect of having the ball too far back at address. Try placing the ball in line with your left arm pit when practising your driver/3w and persevere with it - it is the low point of you
  13. You are just using your arms to swing. Probably fixating on hitting the ball rather than swinging through and making contact in the process. Work on your downswing pivot. Your shoulders and hips are still closed to your target line at impact. Your hips should be open to your 'almost' open shoulders at impact.
  14. Way to go. Stick with it and you will not go far wrong. One Aspirin - not the whole bottle.
  15. Joe, The real problem is that your whole body is moving (sliding) forwards on the downswing. This has the effect of moving the ball back in your stance, causing you to flip the club head into impact or miss the ball altogether. Any power in the swing is thus 'thrown away' before impact occurs.
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