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  1. Have you looked into getting a VisionTrack Pro? I agree with Mvmac, your path is too far left. Most likely it is a path issue - and the VisionTrack will help you understand path quickly - and you can hit balls with it and get immediate feedback. So basically, get the weight forward (as pointed out by Mvmc), and then swing out - which the VisionTrack will help visualize. Good luck! I hate hitting straight pulls too!!
  2. Owlbuuhkerki? Damn spell check and auto correct can't even fix it!! :P
  3. I'm pretty sure that wasn't ABQPD at Skylar/Walts house recording the conversation between her and Walt? Marie knows damn well Hank wouldn't let Walt go.... So something terrible must of happened for Walt to escape.... She told Skylar that Walt was being booked at the station, and she needed to come clean with Junior right there at the car wash - she demanded it. Skylar proceeds to come clean with Junior, and then leaves to go home and collect their things... And runs into Walt at the house. Junior calls 911, Walt grabs Holly and plays bumper cars in the driveway. Later you h
  4. I'm guessing that as soon as Marie realized that Walt was not 'Dead to his Rights' she as a loving wife, called the authorities. That combined with the Amber Alert looking for Holly, I'd say everyone in that city knows who Walter White is... The DEA has been looking for Heisenberg for awhile - or they are at least very familiar with his product.
  5. Hahah ahhh yes, tea! My bust! I think with the Amber Alert - looking for Holly, combined with the fact that the DEA knows Hank and Gomie is missing/dead... The authorities will do all they can to ensure everyone in ABQ knows who Heisenberg is and are looking for him.
  6. I'm sorry, but I had to stop watching after the dumb shit vblog host couldn't keep Walt and Hank straight... Especially after going on and on about how hard it is to hit someone with an Assualt Rifle. Yes, because there was only one person shooting at Hank and Gomie. :facepalm:
  7. Showing why the house was abandoned should be fairly easy now based on what transpired last night. Now that Walt's cover is blown, and Hank is dead, I believe Skylar, Junior and Holly would simply move in with Marie. Marie and Hank's house is larger and nicer. Plus, they are sisters, and Marie is going to lose her shit without Hank - her rock. So she will need her sister more now than ever. And surrounding themselves with the kids would be a good way for them to heal from what as turned their world upside down. Going back to Walt and the ricin.... Hmmmm... Jamo, I thin
  8. Question, am I in the minority when I say I still ' like ' Walt, and feel sorry for him? And ultimately want to see him survive this mess, but believe the perfect ending is Walt actually taking himself out? [I don't know if like is the right word, maybe I feel sorry for him??] [[It's interesting, because my wife now hates Walt. And wishes he would die.]] Above Erik mentioned that Vince has stated that they believe they have the ' perfect ' ending of the show. I hadn't read this or tried to research/learn more about this comment from Vince... But
  9. I think this chode actually believes this. Bahhahaha.... [Sorry lets get this back on topic]
  10. LOL.... Thanks for bringing me up to speed. I haven't read that thread, but you provided an entertaining summary which I appreciate. Good day, Sir! Grabs popcorn... Enters the Golf Stereotype thread.
  11. Thanks for posting this dsc123. Color me impressed... Nice swing bud. Looks like the S4 is a great phone for capturing the golf swing, and agree that for the price, it is going to eat into a niche market that the GoPro was carving out. I used to film my golf swings using the 30fps iPhone 4 all the time (see myswing thread for examples). And was never happy with the shaft blur, and issues seeing what my hands/wrist/arms/elbows were doing at A6+++. So this past Christmas my wife got me the GoPro Black which films at 240fps at WVGA (800 x 480) resolution. And I couldn't be happier wit
  12. I don't know if you've watched Homeland... But it is pretty legit. I'd recommend watching the pilot, and if you like it (which I'd be surprised if you didn't), then buy both season 1 and 2. I can't wait for season 3 to kickoff.
  13. I think the desert scene was shot from season #1 - with Walt talking on the phone to Skylar. But I think that the scene in the home - with Skylar was shot more recently. Basically Skylar in my mind has lost weight - and looks healthier this season than in seasons past. And in the flashback... She looked like she does now. So I think they did both A and C - and came out with a new take. Which was done really, really ****ing well. Honestly, this show is pretty amazing.
  14. Here's Richard Sherman from the Seahawks at the golf range with his boyzzzzz. [URL]http://instagram.com/p/c-LVuuGdpQ/[/URL] Guess what I voted for!? Lol
  15. Tonight's episode was tough to watch. Really hard to believe that Walt and Jesse have come to the current state of affairs. Watching that flashback from season 1 really placed a pshycological weight on my heart, and made me realize how much I've invested in this show and watching these characters grow and or spoil. One last comment, I have to believe that Walt goes back to save Jesse. I just think that Jesse and Walt still have a bind that ties them together. And one can't live without the other. And now that Walt has nothing to live for... He will forgive Jesse and try and save him.
  16. I have confirmed +1. +3 may be likely. The fourth is on vaca and will not be able to make it. I'll firm it up soon.
  17. I'd love to review your 54* and 58* wedges. I've been using Vokeys, but the grooves are getting beat.
  18. Edit: I just watched the video that the Golf Channel has on their site. It moved. BUT... There comes a time when the PGA needs to tell these 'Internet Nerds' to back off. I can't believe that they are going to continue to encourage outside agencies like this to possibly influence the outcome of a round of golf. It is pathetic. Especially when it is clearly not improving his lie, or benefiting the intended stroke. And it brings the players integrity into question which is lame.
  19. Seriously that is really a lame penalty. I don't know how anyone could claim that what he did improved his lie. While it may have 'moved' did it really 'move'? Wow. Edit: this is in response to the video Mvmac posted. I haven't watched any others.
  20. I will once I see how things go on Tuesday. Some orders are pending.
  21. Yep that is Tijeras. Solid track... I may weasel my way out there next week and give the tips a go? But I also like your idea of playing one box up and trying to go low. The thing is I'm trying to get my cap back below a 5. And down to my goal of a 3 for 2013. I'm running out of time... So it's go time!! :golf clap: I played Tustin Ranch from the tips and shot a 76 with a double on #11. So I was pretty stoked with that 2 differential and it dropped my cap down to a 5.4.
  22. You Gl*******, you'd totally get DQ'd for that!
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