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  1. I would love if my wife started golfing again. She did for a brief stint, and it was really enjoyable to walk 9, and spend time together. Unfortunately, with two young ones and not a lot of family around since we moved away from home, we don't ever get the chance anymore. But there is hope... Both our daughters like golf, so far. So there's a chance we'll have a nice little foursome sometime in the future
  2. You haven't provided any legal precedent that would be applicable to the facts of one taking a ball from a range basket. Not one. You couldn't even quote a full statute with the definition of theft... Maybe tomorrow, or in a year from now, you'll go back to drawing board, figure it out, and surprise us. And then you'll realize you were wrong. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week, kid.
  3. I said find the definition in any "state". Canada does not have any states... You do know that, right? And no, that facts are not the same. And, you're still missing some other key statutes which would be applicable (which REFREAK even pointed out for you). No matter how much you try to skirt the facts, change the argument, etc.... You are just wrong. And you can't prove it otherwise.
  4. The facts are not the same: 1 - that is in Canada. Holds no weight in the US 2 - the circumstances are different. We are taking about taking a ball out of a range basket... They were taking balls from a pond, which the course had not yet retrieved. Still... you have not proven anything
  5. 1 - quote the entire statute, you missed a bit of it. 2 - you're trying to turn the argument around, because you can't win it otherwise. You still have not proven the range didn't own the ball. 3 - you're missing a few other statutes that would also be applicable. It's great that you know how to use Google, but that clearly isn't helping you establish that taking a range ball without permission, from it's owner, is not theft. You haven't proven anything yet
  6. If the ball was taken out of the range basket, the prosecution already established proof. The burden "ball" would be back in the defendants court
  7. And you will need to use your brain for this one, and throw out all of your made-up scenarios. Prove to me/us it is not theft.
  8. Puma - go find the legal definition of theft in any state (it will typically be pretty broad in context). It is theft, although petty in nature, in any state. I challenge you to prove me wrong. The only possible argument one could have, which you and others appear to be arguing, is the ownership of the ball when taken. However, the burden of proof would be on the taker to prove the ball was not owned by the range. So, to all of you who want to argue the above point of ownership... The burden is on you. I.e. Prove it
  9. Hmm, I actually live out west now. But I will say my heart is still back in NY, so I'm happy to support the east
  10. I don't think a lot of people focus any time talking about how well a ball putts, because a good putter can putt well with pretty much any ball... And so can a higher handicapper. Putting is more about having a solid stroke, speed control, and reading greens.
  11. I never noticed this until now. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Hope to participate next year!
  12. I agree with only picking up one hybrid to start with. However, I'd say start with replacing the 3 iron with a 3h... Proper gaps are less of an issue in the longer clubs (for most golfers). What I mean by that, is most amateur golfers aren't very accurate from that far out, either with direction or distance. So start with replacing the longest iron, and work your way in if necessary. Give the 5 & 6 irons an honest chance (before thinking about replacing them with a hybrid). I think you'll be happy you did once you get more consistent with them
  13. I think what we have here are people who are either delusional, or enjoy arguing for the sake of argument
  14. The big downfall for me was around the green. I'm sure I could learn to play the ball differently around the green, but I'm used to more spin, and playing for less role. I think all that really matters is that you like them, and it sounds like you do. It's also a bonus you found a ball you like at an awesome price point!
  15. My wife picked up a pack of them earlier this year (she thought they were the Hex Black Tour that I currently play). I played a round with them, and they are OK, but honestly I gave the rest to a friend. Great price point though! Just noticed Golf Galaxy has the Callaway Speed Regime line on sale for $30 a dozen... If anyone is looking for a cheaper tour ball at the moment
  16. Callaway makes great golf balls. Thats probably another fear i have about switching to the supersoft, its great, but that means callaway will probably discontinue it asap.
  17. Hmm, if they carry a Ping G30 3W, stiff... Shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out
  18. Probably a high end putter or driver would get you the most money back, and then take $25-50 off of what they sell in stores. Try CL or local online classifieds first (will save you the shipping). When you post it for sale, maybe explain your story about buying them with your pro-shop credit and Re-selling "new" at a discount... Otherwise some people might pass it over as a scam. Or even post something on CL about what you're doing, and see who wants what. Tell them to bring cash and they can come with you right to the pro shop and pick what they want out themselves
  19. Callaway Hex Black Tour... However, they're discontinued. I picked up a dozen boxes when they went on clearance... But I'm down to my last box. If I'm paying full price, I go with the NXT Tour. I either buy those, or pick up some tour quality balls when they're on sale (regardless of brand, they really are all great balls). Every year I also get 4-5 dozen boxes of ProV 1x for Christmas & bday. ProV 1x are probably my favorite that are out now, but I can't get over paying $40-50 a box
  20. I live in UT now, and it took a little while to get used to the hot temperatures, dryness, elevation, and beating sun. I do a lot of the same things others have suggested... I try to hydrate the day prior, bring 32 oz of water and refill at the turn, I bring two trail mix bars and 2 small gatorades for energy. And to stay out if the sun, I have an umbrella attached to my push cart. I think the suggestion of a water reservoir (camlebak) is a great. I use one for hiking & skiing all the time, kind of silly I never thought to bring it out to the course. Appreciate the suggestion!
  21. That... And someone quoted the definition of "steal"... Twice. Well... And thirdly, common sense
  22. Nike PD Soft was my ball of choice at one point. It really is a solid ball, especially at it's price point. I played a box of the Callaway Supersoft earlier this year (I'll try anything if it's free). It was a solid ball as well. I'd probably go with Nike because they're similar, but cheaper... I'm all about value
  23. The only times I really see a loner female golfer out on the course is if she's a college or high school player. I think most golfers enjoy the social aspect, and would typically find someone to play with preferable... But a smaller percentage are OK going out by themselves. And being male golfers outnumber females by quite a bit, it does make sense it would be much more of a rarity. It's nice to see anyone out there being able to enjoy what they like like to do
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