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  1. Dropped back down to 12.4 because of my recent round of 80. I shot 85 today which has me trending down to 12.3.
  2. [quote name="Gator Hazard" url="/t/84340/what-is-the-purpose-of-life/240#post_1200029"]You post some of the most asinine comments, whether tongue in cheek or intentional. [/quote] He's a basic internet troll. Nothing more.
  3. I also predicted the closest score possible without a tie. I never once even considered a tie. Usually in sports, I DESPISE ties. Why compete just to have the end result be the exact same as it was before it began. However, in this situation, it was very cool that a bunch of guys were able to get together, play some awesome golf all weekend, and no one goes home as a 'loser'. It certainly looked like a great event and an awesome weekend.
  4. I shot 68 from the tips at Muirfield Village GC today. Not horrible, but ok. If I shot 84 at Oakland Hills, I'd shoot myself.
  5. Given the decor of that room, I may question the age of the 'model' in that photo.
  6. Because I have a family and a job, like most of us do. But I love golf. I would rather play golf and have it only take up 4 hours of my busy day than for it to take up 6-7 hours of my day. Some days I need to go to work after golf.
  7. It's hit or miss. You may get 65 degree weather, or there may be 6" of snow. Hard to guess.
  8. I'm still looking pretty good with my prediction of an East win and SavvySwede as the MVP. I just need the West to gain a few points on the East to make it a closer match. Good luck to all players tomorrow.
  9. I had this exact situation a couple years ago. We had a horribly slow round, almost 6 hours and after we finished I found the email on the comment card and sent a lengthy well detailed email with my complaints and concerns. I received an email reply with an offer to try the course again for free. I did. And I have played there after that as well.
  10. Thanks to the guys who are updating the scoreboard for us at home. @RandallT and @nevets88 Also, keep up the good play East and bring home the mvp @SavvySwede
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