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  1. If in @RustUK's opinion part of the ball was in the hole, then it is a hole-in-one in my book. Photos are not 3 dimensional and often are misleading. He was there and it is his and his playing companion's call. The fact that he bought drinks just further confirms my opinion. 😉 Congratulations.
  2. Thanks for the tip on GroupGolfer and Leslie. For some reason, no matter what I do, they do not send me emails. And I forget to check a couple times a week to see the latest offerings.
  3. Barring a change in the weather picture, I plan to start the "real season" on March 21, 2019. I played a few times in January and once in February but I self-define the golf season as the time I begin playing and don't have to put the clubs away for a month because of snow.
  4. They had a deal for Washtenaw Golf Club which I used often in 2018. Something like $48 for two with cart when the normal rack rate for senior citizens was over $40. I went to the site recently and they are "sold out" of the Washtenaw Golf Club deals for 2019. Someone found the site!!!! I blame you, @dennyjones 😉
  5. I started playing golf in 1961 at age 9. I never really quit golf but there were stretches where I played very little. It wasn't until my mid to late 20's where I actually began playing with a goal to score lower and play better on a regular basis. 100: I do not remember 90: I do not remember 80: At age 38 in 1990 I "broke 80" twice on "normal" length courses of par 71 or 72. 70: Has not happened yet. The closest I have come was a -1 round of 70.
  6. Just received an email from a local Muni, Green Oaks. They are open with carts available (although I suspect it could be cart path only). Our corner of the Mitten is still very muddy and damp. High temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. Small snow piles remain where it was piled high or is sheltered from direct sun. I am excited. Thursday will be the day! I do not know where but I will be on a course, walking 18.
  7. I received the Cup a couple days ago and was very excited. I figured the best way to spend a day with the Newport Cup was on the course! I immediately decided the University of Michigan's course would be a great place to play. The course is located right across the street from The Big House. There was no warming up on the practice green Ultimately, the clubhouse staff told me to go home, take the Cup with me, and come back in May. Undeterred, I made the cross town trip to my "Home Course", Leslie Park Golf Course. Things looked promising. But then the reason for the empty parking lot became clear. No golf at Leslie for a few more weeks. Still, I was optimistic. Fox Hills remains open year round. Surely I could play a quick nine there with the Cup. Foiled again!! So I settled down in the nearest snowbank and enjoyed a cold one. Truthfully, it was a great day and The Newport Cup was a nice companion. Yes, we got a few odd looks during our adventures. I imagine everyone probably wanted to know how I acquired such a cool looking companion but were too embarrassed to ask. Everyone should try to make one of the 2019 Newport Cup teams because having this little pewter trophy in your hands is worth the effort.
  8. Late In 1960 a business colleague of my father talked about how my father should join a small country club in Appleton, WI (9 hole, Riverview Country Club). My father had no intention of joining but he was too polite to just say, "No". A week later he was told that he had an appointment with the membership committee and an application arrived in the mail. He was too embarrassed to back out and with my mother's urging, signed up our family. March, 1961, my mother enrolled herself, me and my sister in a beginner golf class at the YMCA. We hit whiffle balls off rubber mats in the gym once a week for a month or so. A kids set of H & B clubs was purchased and away we went!
  9. Wait a minute ... where are the corn fields? 😉
  10. At least one member of the press feels ranting about the Rules is not a good look for the Tour players. Column: Complaining about rules not doing golf any favors The memo PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan sent to players on the new Rules of Golf can be interpreted different ways based as much on the timing as the message.
  11. Attributed to Walter Hagen. All the quotes seem in character but I did not check on the source. No one remembers who came in second. I would rather be of clear mind and decision with the wrong club than with an unclear mind and the right club. I never wanted to be a millionaire. I just wanted to live like one. He (his opponent) may have gone to bed three hours ago but he knows who he is playing. You can rest assured that he hasn't slept a wink. Why waste good shots in practice when you might need them in a match? Miss a putt for $2000? Not likely!
  12. Yes, I hadn't really thought about the time change but you are right. Since I have been partially retired for quite some time, the need to play "after work" is not a very pressing issue with me.
  13. We probably all have personal markers that tell us the golf season is approaching. Our anticipation grows as we tick off the events at foreshadow our return to the course. Even those lucky players who reside in more temperate climes likely have a seasonal timeline (e.g. if the course is being over-seeded with rye it must be November; if the tourists are arriving, it must be January; if the rye is dying, it must be April). The pre-season’s kick-off in our little corner of the Mitten is the annual Michigan Golf Show. For the past several decades the show has been held in early March. The arrival of the golf show signals to me that the golf season’s start can’t be far behind. This year, we are only 4 days away from the show and yet we remain in the icy grip of Winter. Four weeks ago, Punxsutawney Phil promised us that Spring was just around the corner. WTF, Phil??? That fat rodent is a liar!! We have had non-stop snow, ice, rain, wind and cold since he publicly declared Spring was just around the corner. In addition to Punxsutawney Phil and the golf show, the are several other signs of golf season approaching. The first is the blooming of our crocuses. In our front flowerbed we have several of these perennial flowers. Because of the southern exposure, those little suckers sometimes pop out in early February. This year, there is not even a hint of these harbingers of Spring. They are still under several inches of snow and ice. Next comes the “clearing of the snow.” As the days get longer and the sun is higher in the sky, the snow on our front lawn has no chance. Patches of olive green and tan start to appear and then one morning, the snow is gone. Once the snow and ice clears, the thawing process for the ground can commence. This year, a look out the window reveals a sea of white, with more being added I as write this. Not an inch of bare ground is visible. Finally, as I drive around the area, I keep an eagle eye out for the surest sign that a course is about to open, flag sticks in the holes. Like golf’s equivalent to daffodils, suddenly a course will be in bloom with brightly colored flags. Of course, in the electronic age there is no need to search for flags; all the courses will email us when they plan to open. It is not as fun as cruising around but certainly more efficient. Sadly, there appears to be no let-up for our weather. The extended forecast is for more of the same: cold & snow. Sooner or later, however, Mother Nature will give us a break from shoveling snow and driving on icy roads. The magical transformation from Winter to Spring will occur. We will once again be on the course, a full season will lie ahead, and great things will happen. I can’t wait.
  14. It is unfortunate that Justin and Rickie did not first seek out why the Rule(s) that they have run afoul with or dislike were actually enacted. After digging into the why, they likely would have just moved on or possibly defended the change(s). Instead, they immediately go public with their ire, which underlines the image for much of the public that golf is a stuffy, out-of-touch game with overly complex and intrusive Rules. Talk about "growing the game." Their public carping about the Rules changes has put the great game of golf in a bad light.
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