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  1. bkuehn1952

    USGA Looking Into Lucy Li Apple Watch Ad

    The Rules are clear. Ms. Li broke the Rules. Perhaps the USGA will apply a variation of "failure to include an unknown penalty" exception? I can see the USGA giving her a pass if Apple agrees to remove her from their ad campaign and, in fact, no one was given any money or promise of future compensation for her participation. I would not agree with that solution. If the USGA is determined to find a solution short of yanking her amateur status, I can see them trying to find some middle ground.
  2. bkuehn1952

    Golf Ball in the Ocean

    I believe long ago, passenger ships would allow passengers to hit balls into the ocean. That doesn't occur anymore.
  3. bkuehn1952

    Retirement Plans and Dreams

    My wife and I are Michiganders. We are just in the talking stage. We are considering living in Texas, between San Antonio and Austin. Probably a condo since we would be gone quite a bit and the condo management could take care of everything in our absence. My brother lives in Austin and one son and his family live in San Antonio so that works out well. We would want a location that has reasonable access to a state of the art hospital facility, just in case. As a plus, Texas has no state income tax. We would visit Michigan and have a "vacation" condo in the Ann Arbor area. As residents of Texas, we would hope to avoid paying Michigan's 4.25% income tax. Currently Michigan taxes pensions and they would also take their 4.25% of required withdrawals from 401k/IRA plans (I think). My wife and I have done well saving and investing and it is painful to think we might have to give Michigan a chunk of our nest egg. All of my wife's family lives within an hour of Ann Arbor. Our other son and his family live about 10 minutes away. So we do not plan on abandoning Michigan. Besides, it is a perfect golf area from mid-May to mid-October.
  4. bkuehn1952


    47! I actually played 3 full 18 hole rounds by the 8th of January. Not a record as we tend to have mild starts to January. February will be the tough nut. We are getting snow and very cold temps this weekend. But, there are a lot of days until 2/28!!!
  5. bkuehn1952

    Why Golf Shoes Don't Last

    A 6,500 yard course is 3.7 miles just walking tee to green up the middle of the fairway. Unless one is playing a particularly stretched out course with a lot of distance from green to next tee, maybe one walks 5 to 6 miles. At 6 miles a round, one needs to walk 167 rounds, certainly achievable. Walking 150+ rounds in a year is impressive.
  6. bkuehn1952

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    It might be a wash. We no longer will be tending the flag while someone putts a 45 footer. I imagine a lot of time after leaving the 45 footer a foot to the right, we will tap it in without removing the stick. Then, if the next guy has a 35 footer and wants it out, the player that just holed it out will yank it out.
  7. bkuehn1952

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    Do you think anyone did more repair work on damage to the green along their putting line than what they would have done in the past? Or was the golf casual enough that no one was overly concerned? As we golfers become more aware/used to the Rules changes, I wonder if some will take this change to the extreme.
  8. bkuehn1952

    Unusual Putting Technique

    A video or a series of photos showing this technique would be a lot better than all of us trying to imagine the process.
  9. I get up early and try to arrive early so I am not stressing out about missing my scheduled tee time. Since I am getting up early I go to bed early, too. I do not beat a lot of balls, just enough to get an idea of how I am hitting them and to get a bit loose. Typically the menu is a bowl of cereal, glass of juice and a piece of fruit. Toss into the bag an apple and/or a granola bar for during the round if I want something to eat during the round. Drink lots of water while playing I doubt many of your competitors are thinking about nutrition and you probably should not over think it. Eat what you normally do when you are going to be getting some light exercise.
  10. bkuehn1952

    What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    7 iron but if needed, I use 5 iron to be sure the shot stays under very low hanging limbs.
  11. bkuehn1952

    Are you a mudder?

    Well? Anything you want to tell us?😉
  12. bkuehn1952

    Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    If one goes to the USGA site and looks at what is offered on the worldwide handicap system, due to debut in less than a year, the information is a bit vague. This leads me to believe there continues to be negotiations and tweeks to the formula being proposed. The article shared by @Rulesman from the Australian golf association had the most details, as far as I could see. What we know (or think we know) - Changes from the current USA system 1. Currently the formula takes the 10 best differentials of the most recent 20. The new formula will be the best 8 of 20. That will tend to lower handicap indices initially. 2. Currently a player needs at least five 18 hole differentials (or the equivalent combination of 9 hole differentials) in order to have a USGA index. This will change to three (54 holes). 3. The current maximum indices are 36.4 (M) and 40.4 (F). The new maximum will be a course handicap (not index) of 54. 4. Currently there is no adjustment for varying playing conditions. In 2020, there will be an adjustment made to differentials scored on days when the conditions are considered to be abnormally difficult. The details are missing but it is thought the adjustments will be relatively small. 5. Currently, the ESC is based on a player's course handicap. There is a table that displays the ESC for each range of course handicaps. The new ESC maximums will be based on what a player's "net double bogey" would be. In the past a player with an 8 course handicap just took double on whatever hole they experienced a disaster. Now one needs to consider the hole's handicap rating. As an "8" course handicapper, when the easiest hole on the course is a par 4, take a 6 (no strokes so net double is 6). Hardest hole is a par 4, take a 7 (1 stroke given so a net double is 7). This is a bit more complex so entering scores into the computer "hole by hole" might allow the computer program to figure out where you get strokes and what the ESC should be. If one calculates ESC manually, knowing the hole's handicap ranking will be mandatory. 5. The article from Australia talked about a "soft cap" of "3". The USGA talks about a "memory". Essentially, there will be a system that compares one's lowest 12 month index against your current index. If your current index is more than 3.0 higher than the 12 month low, you will be adjusted down. The adjustment will be 50% of the difference between your 12 month low +3 and the computed index (clear as mud?). An example is best. Bob's 12 month low index is 12.5. The latest index computation shows him to be 17.3. That is more than 3.0 higher than his 12 month low so his index is adjusted down. 17.3 - 12.5 = 4.8 4.8 - 3.0 = 1.8 1.8 x .50 = .9 Bob's adjusted index is 16.4 (12.5 + 3.0 + .9). I think I have this right but absolutely check me on this item. 6. The article from Australia talked about a "hard cap" of 5. I take that to mean that a player's current index can never be more than 5.0 higher than his/her 12 month low. 7. Again, the Australian article states that the ".93" factor will remain unchanged. In the USA the formula uses a .96 "bonus for excellence". If the Australian article is correct AND the formula is the same worldwide, we will have a .93 "bonus for excellence". As our club's handicap chairman I have a keen interest in all this. No doubt there will be some changes and new wrinkles before 2020. If anyone comes across new information, be sure to share it here. Thanks!
  13. bkuehn1952

    Are you a mudder?

    I play in all kinds of weather but wet, rainy conditions are tough for me. I don't have the length or precise ball strike to overcome the conditions. It is a struggle for me to score better than the field.
  14. bkuehn1952

    I Am Not a Mudder, Are You?

    mudder noun mud·der | \ˈmədə(r)\ plural -s Definition of mudder 1 : a race horse that runs well on a wet or muddy track 2 : a player or a team (as in football) that performs well on a wet field After my final round of 2018, I was thinking about the course conditions the past month or so. While we have had relatively mild weather, it has been wet. I don’t do particularly well in wet and muddy conditions. I play in all sorts of weather: hot, windy, cold, rainy. Of all the conditions, a wet course presents the greatest challenge for me. I am not a mudder. For me, four factors create a mudder: distance, ball striking, patience and equipment Distance: Wet & soggy courses result in no roll out. Unless one hits the ball for good distance off the tee, the course becomes too long to consistently score. If on average one loses 20 yards a tee shot (and 2nd shots on par 5’s), a 6,700 yard course becomes effectively 7,000+ yards. A 6,300 yarder plays to 6,660 yards. Further, that is figuring only 20 yards per shot are lost; often it is 30+ yards. Of course, moving up one or two tees is an option for casual play but tournament play typically offers no relief. Ball Striking: Wet turf leaves one little margin for error. The slightest fat shot will be a disaster. And the effects of a wet club face and ball compromise distance and spin. One study on the subject supports the idea [ http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/wet-versus-dry-golf/ ] Patience: Wet conditions often results in slower play. Cleaning clubs, fiddling with umbrellas, getting rulings for casual water all slow things down. If carts are being used, cart path only is a real time killer. Even the best players are going to find scoring difficult, so patience and a good attitude are crucial. As Bill Belichick recently said when the forecast was for cold and snow: “We aren’t playing against the weather.” Equipment: A quality rain suit, waterproof shoes, rain gloves and dry towels go a long way toward making soggy conditions more playable. When one is wet and cold or spending extra time trying to avoid being wet and cold, one game often suffers. When one is equipped properly, one’s attention can go toward playing golf and not merely surviving. I have the patience and equipment. My problems are distance and ball striking. On a good day I might carry a drive 200 yards. On a wet day, any hole 400 yards and over becomes a “par 5” for me. And even the shorter holes find me hitting hybrids and fairway woods for approaches. Hitting off wet turf is an issue too. My less than pure strikes result in an increased number of fat shots. Also, as the “TourSpecGolf” study shows, wet clubs and balls result in shorter carries. Of course, I have never been one to give up when conditions get tough. Sometimes patience can overcome the other factors. My wife and I used to play in a mixed two-person scramble at a local course. We typically ended up in the middle of the pack. One year, on our 2nd hole, the skies opened up, sending a lot of couples back to the clubhouse. My wife asked whether we should go in. “Hell no”, I said, “over half the field is going to quit. That just improved the odds of our winning.” As it turned out, I was correct. We played on and won. Maybe my wife is a mudder!
  15. bkuehn1952

    Walking Golfers?

    There is a "The Walking Golfer Society." The original "society" and the main website are moribund. I traded emails with the "owner" who started the site and society. He just lost interest and did not have the time to invest. Some of the regional chapters (i.e. Midwest, Northeast and Southeast) are still active and hold 1-2 golf outings annually at very nice courses. I am nominally a member (no cost) and receive their emails. When I started playing in 1961, most walked. I got in the habit early. Later, it became a money thing; I did not have much and wanted to keep it. I walked almost exclusively. Now, as my friends and I have aged, it is hard to convince them to walk. Probably 50% of the time I ride because it is required or my group demands it.

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