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  1. Don't take my word for it as I am not a big fan of Callaway. There are better wedges out there, namely Mizuno MP T-10, Titleist Vokey 2009 and 2010 and Clevelands CG15.
  2. The same thing happened with me when I was buying my stuff this summer. They had a 4th of July 15% offer, so everything's price was jacked up, which was OK considering that the 15% off will make them even cheaper than how they were originally, but when I checked out and tried using the code, it did not work. I ended up buying things with the jacked up price!! I could've saved $80. It was really stupid of me, I admit I was too hasty.
  3. No, just 18 holes. The 54 holes competition is the BMW final, which is to take place in South Africa. The top players from each category from each country participate.
  4. I think I'll be put in the 18+ category. It won't be easy though, the course is tough and I've never played it before.
  5. There is difference as much as there is difference between the Callaway X-18, X-20 and X-22: none.
  6. Here is the final qualification list. Nobody managed to score 36 or more, so I remain at 6th place. http://www.ascgolf.com/result.htm Can't wait!!! I will be bringing back photos and sharing them here.
  7. I have the same shaft. This usually happens to me when my swing plane gets less flat. When I turn it back flat the trajectory is the penetrating mid-air I like again.
  8. You should've taken the ball as well.
  9. Never been hit but I came very close to being hit a couple of times. I have hit others a couple of times though. One time it was the caddy collecting balls on the driving range, another time it was a caddy again, but this time the poor guy was just standing to the left of the fairway near the caddy shack minding his own business with his back to me, I hit it a very bad drive that went like a bullet on the ground to the left and hit him in the back of the thigh.
  10. Unlimited golf on 3 courses for only $107 a month?? Are you even asking????? That's a no-brainer. Go for it right now!! Man I wish we had more courses here. The one and only golf course in my city is the one I play at, which is a members only course (though visitors are welcomed, but very expensive fees are required). It's a part of a whole sporting club, and memberships are no longer available as the number of members have reached or even exceeded the limit the club can hold. Only a few portion of these members use the club for golf though, most of them use it either socially, or for tenni
  11. I think pros have to walk. It's part of the tradition. In this year's Irish Open final round there was a playoff between Sean Lowry and another guy (Sean won in the end) and they had to replay the par 5 18th 3 or 4 times. They would hit their tee shots, proceed to play the hole, then when they tied, they rode carts back to the tee to play again.
  12. Would you post the link to the ebay auction? I'd like to their condition and try to help notice any signs of counterfit if there are any. Other than that, these are very good irons, congrats. (Off topic: how is the XLS treating you? I just adore mine. It's damn straight. I hit 13 out of 14 fairways last Friday on the BMW event qualification round, and it's damn long as well!)
  13. Yes, I did it!! After a qualifying round of 36 yesterday (Stableford, could have easily been a 40 or even a 42 if not for my mentally retarded putting skills) I qualified to play in the BMW Amateurs Championship next month in the Katameya Golf and Tennis resort in Cairo, one of the most prestigious courses in Egypt. There will be 15 qualifiers, right now I'm at 6th position (the leader scoring 40) but there are still 6 more players playing a qualifying round tomorrow, so my rank might go down to 8th or something, but most probably I'll still be in. I'm really excited as this would be the
  14. Hit them again today. Definitely not suitable for me. I could hit the 8 iron through PW good enough, but the yardages were much shorter than my usual. I tried hitting the 3 iron.... let's say that all my tries to hit it consistently went with the winds. It's hard as ****. The club pro was hitting them beautifully though, and he was appreciating the feedback he was getting from them. He could easily work them the way he wanted and he found them much easier to control than his past Callaways.
  15. I got the chance to hit these irons today. My club pro just got himself a set (after years of using Callaway X series irons with graphite shafts, and after playing at the Egyptian Open and seeing how he was the one and only pro using graphite shafts, he finally decided to switch to something more serious and hence the new Fi5). The irons are blades from PW till 8, and cavity back in the rest. I didn't get the chance to hit them a lot (I will do that later) but I hit about 10 balls with the 8 iron (MB blade) and the 5 iron (cavity back). Now that's the first time I hit a blade iron and I was
  16. Mizuno MX-950s have shaved 30-35 strokes off my score, and there's more yet. (yes, I was THAT bad, I used to score in the 120's). They're amazingly forgiving, beautifuly feeling and guess what, I can still work them left to right and right to left.
  17. I wouldn't recommend the MX-100. While they're still a very good set of irons from Mizuno, they have two big disadvantages, at least for me; 1-They're not forged, and since you're looking at Mizuno you're probably looking for something forged. 2-The lack of 3 iron is just annoying, at least for me. A buddy of mine has them, and he is really annoyed by the lack of longer irons, and a 5 hybrid? I mean, I'm a 28 and I still don't want to hit a 5 hybrid, a 5 iron is much more satisfying. Check the MX-950. I have them, and they're BEAUTIFUL! Also cheaper than the 100's. They're forged and they ha
  18. Miuras are much more expensive, but they're much more satisfying to have in your bag. I mean, any Mizuno iron is satisfying and looks awesome in your bag, let alone a Miura!! Of course that's amongst golfers who actually have an idea about golf clubs and manufacturers. The average Joe might think Miura is some knock-off brand.
  19. Tried them, they're awesome. I've always used Callaway gloves, and I never knew they were actually crap compared to these. They're very thin and light like you're wearing nothing, yet very durable and effective.
  20. A caddy today offered to sell me 3 TM R9 gloves for 100 EGPs (less than $20). They are not new, but they're almost new. He was caddying for a pro from the European Tour last week at the Egyptian Open (we had some players from the European Tour, including Colin Montgomery playing at this year's Egyptian Open) and the guy played each round with a new glove then gave them to him before he left. So they're almost new, only one round in each glove, even the smell of new leather is still in them. So anyway, I took them. Haven't got to try them yet, but they seem much thinner than the Callaway War
  21. I might be a 28 handicapper, but I can certainly recommend irons for different players categories. Specially when it comes to Mizuno.
  22. If you're a 3 handicap, you're good with any of these. The 62's are beautiful, but if you can blade, then blade: MP 68 baby!!
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