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  1. I have been to a mens and womens US open at Oakmont ... the women's open i would go to again , but the mens open .. no as even on the first day all the big names have crowds at times with lines of 5 or more people deep to see if you try to follow a specific player or group , it's a little better if you walk the whole course but not much ......i went to the last 2 senior majors at Fox Chapel and those were ok , i would go to lpga events again as they were not so crowded that it was difficult to move or follow a group ... the only way i would go to events now is with a chair at a specific hole
  2. I dont believe Titleist has to throw boatloads of money to touring pros to promote their clubs ... the quality of the clubs Titleist sells to the public at large is top notch , first rate & there are little to no gimmicks to convince anyone to buy and when the clubs do the talking the high dollar equipment contracts to pro's are not needed
  3. Well .. i am firmly for the long putter and imho the USGA gave some amateurs the big screw job , just like forcing golfers hand with the groove rule change that honestly changed the game very little ... as for Langer i would be shocked if he did not use the same putter and mechanics just not anchoring his left arm and hand on his chest
  4. Goal for 2016 .. being able to play more than once a week and not have the same at times severe knee / hip pain that prevented me from mostly not playing the last 3 prior seaasons
  5. Is it truly able to be determined ?? both had their prime in different era's of golf with different equipment , courses ...compitition ..to me Jack was the best in some but Tiger was the best at some events also ... i like to remember both Jack and Tiger as playing tournament golf better than any other players in the last 50 years
  6. I wholehearteedly agree ... the early 60's Wilson what i thought was called Designed by Arnold Palmer is the first truly star putter and still today is one the most collectable putters available
  7. If had to choose .. to me it is the late 60's Ping scottsdale anser , i would bet until the Cameron copies came along there were more tour event won with a Ping anser than any other by far , and look now of how many club manufacturers have made sucessful copies , the only one close would be the 8802 or one similar imo
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