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  1. When a swing is well sequenced, the effort happens by the proper muscles at the proper time, which makes it look like what we call effortless in some golfers. Some, like Tiger, often look like they're swinging hard, others not so much. As said above, it takes a ton of effort to swing that fast. And beauty is overrated. Results are what matters.
  2. WARNING: Completely OT I've always loved this graph. I was a psych/comp-sci major, and it rang true. Unfortunately, I was heartbroken to learn that the studies of the Dunning-Kruger effect are likely wrong. I don't understand much of the math behind this, but many measurement scales that limit results to 0-100 are subject to an effect that creates statistical "noise" that in this case, may have not been properly accounted for. Feel free to dig in more: The Dunning-Kruger Effect May Be a Statistical Illusion Sophisticated research suggests that self-assessment accuracy is more stable over time than believed. The DK effect may be exaggerated.
  3. Crazy. As these guys approach long-drive champion distances (winners are ~400 yds), what happens next? How long before 400 yd. holes are considered drive-able?
  4. I too am optimistic that a workable vaccine will be developed sooner rather than later. Even if that happens, we face a global challenge of producing and distributing the vaccine to those who need it most in order to slow down the pandemic. In the political climate we're in, that will be an even bigger challenge. This is from an HBR article: "At least for the first eight to 12 months after the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available, it is likely that there will be only a limited supply to meet global demand. Consequently, there needs to be a global agreement on allocating stocks to countries around the world. If that doesn’t happen, the result will be political tensions like those we are currently experiencing over the allocation of personal protective equipment, ventilators, and test kits." A Covid-19 Vaccine Will Need Equitable, Global Distribution Policymakers need to start planning now.
  5. Yeah, these preliminary reports are really depressing. If they are really reinfections, I hope they turn out to be relatively rare.
  6. One of the things I like best about trained professionals, whether MD, PhD, Engineer, computer expert, etc. is that they they're educated enough to know what they don't know and what is and isn't their specialty. Bingo. Unfortunately, It's not just kids or young adults that are ignoring health officials. The reality of it is that this country's putative independent streak, which can be a positive force, can also be a big negative.
  7. Please take any advice with grain of hacker salt. But looks like you're rotating too much with shoulders vs with chest? Chest looks good, but shoulders should be more closed here? Maybe just camera angle?
  8. It's not a useless stat. It's a powerful way of measuring if enough testing is being conducted. Daily State-by-State Testing Trends - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center See daily changes in tests performed and positivity rates
  9. Your swing looks better than some tour pros (I played with one last weekend). Why are you a 12? Are you working on the wrong thing?
  10. I remember Tiger saying something very similar years ago when he tooled with his swing, gained muscle mass, etc. I also remember a similar backlash from some fans and commentators. Obviously, BDC does not have the talent, charisma, fan base, or winning record of Tiger, and never will. Even if he drives it 400 yards. But I will say he's doing a decent job of making the news and increasing his value to certain brands. If nothing else, it's at least a good short-term marketing strategy.
  11. It's unclear, at least from the article, if they tested positive for the disease or for the antibodies (serum test).
  12. "Manic bigot and his one Black Friend". Hahahah
  13. Thanks for looking those up. I think you hit the nail on the head. I think it would be ideal to separate what are essentially "harmless" and/or correctable mistakes from ones that are more likely to be taken intentionally to gain an advantage* or are not correctable. I do think there should be a less severe penalty for accidentally playing the wrong ball then for Intentionally stopping or deflecting a ball in motion. There is precedent for these types of changes. For example, accidentally moving your ball is now no longer a penalty. I agree, however, that this would complicate the rules further and add more confusion. Given that, and the fact that this is a relatively rare and avoidable violation, probably not worth the pain of the rule change. *One could argue that I hit the wrong ball intentionally, to see how strong the wind is for instance. But that type of reasoning can be used for virtually every rule violation. For instance one can argue that I intentionally bumped my ball on the green to see how it would roll. But this reasoning didn't stop the rules committees from removing the penalty for an accidentally moved ball. I do see a few more issues with my argument. Hitting the wrong ball may not be an easily correctable mistake. In the first place, if I hit your ball with a 3 wood, someone would have to go get your ball and bring it back, thus slowing down play. Second if I hit your ball out of bounds you would not be able to recover it and would have to play a new ball. Not really a disadvantage, but messy nonetheless.
  14. I’m not defending the mistake, it was dumb. And yes, a clear mark would have avoided the issue. I’m just wondering why rule makers would consider this only somewhat egregious (2 stroke penalty) in stroke play while at least IMO, worthy of an arguably harsher penalty during match play. It’s an avoidable mistake no doubt, but in my mind, the loss-of-hole penalty doesn’t seem to fit the crime.
  15. Played a friendly four-ball the other day. Me and my partner were 3 up after 6 holes. On the next hole, I hit a good drive, as did my opponent. This is the same foursome we play every week, and I'm almost always the only one who plays a Taylor Made. Lost story short, I checked my ball, saw Taylor Made, didn't check closely enough, and hit his ball, which he switched to on this hole. My partner was in trouble, so we essentially lost the hole right there. This got me thinking about this rule. Why the loss of hole in match play? Why not just a 2-stroke penalty for the hole, at least giving me the chance to recover from my mistake?
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