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  1. I thought the premise here is that this was available and would work as expected. If this is a technical feasibility thread, that's something else. If it's a discussion about rights (or liberty, or whatever term we chose) of an individual vs. society, then the comparison of seat belts to this technology is apt. Both are considered inconvenient (were more so when they first came out), both "invade" your privacy, both are sometimes considered by critics as harbingers of totalitarian regimes. (all were talking points against seatbelts). Sure, if you use safer as an absolute term. We all know that everyone cherry-picks the statistics they care about. I can tell you that 61% of motor vehicle deaths involve alcohol (real number). People fight for stuff they care about. I'm not sure what headlines you're reading, but I haven't seen an article about drunk driving in national news in many years.
  2. IMO, that's not an argument against this or any law. Laws can be grandfathered in, you can have buy-backs (guns), etc. These are problems that can be solved. You define the right to start your car without some kind of alcohol monitor as an essential liberty (by which I assume you mean some constitutionally protected right). Fine - but please realize that this is just your opinion. Getting a driver's license, registering your car, putting on a seatbelt, are all inconvenient. Do you reject those too? I personally don't think driving a car is a constitutional right, but a privilege that can be legislated. Originalists/textualists point to the second amendment as written to decry gun control laws, yet switch positions (non-originalists) when defending the constitutionality of driving a car without regulation, which is, from an originalists point-of-view, is not covered in the constitution. They point to right to privacy laws, but reject those same arguments from abortion rights advocates. People interpret their "liberties" however they say fit, mostly in ways that align with their preexisting cultural, religious, and ethical positions . That's why these discussions inevitably fail to convince anyone to change anyone's mind.
  3. This is from today. I like Tommy Fleetwood (funny commercials, cool hair), but giving him the same odds as Adam Scott, and better odds than Molinari and Finau seems off. 2019 U.S. Open Betting Odds Brooks Koepka 8-1 Dustin Johnson 8-1 Tiger Woods 10-1 Rory McIlroy 10-1 Jordan Spieth 14-1 Patrick Cantlay 16-1 Justin Rose 20-1 Rickie Fowler 20-1 Jason Day 25-1 Justin Thomas 25-1 Jon Rahm 25-1 Xander Schauffele 25-1 Adam Scott 30-1 Phil Mickelson 30-1 Tommy Fleetwood 30-1 Francesco Molinari 35-1 Tony Finau 35-1 Hideki Matsuyama 40-1 Matt Kuchar 40-1 Bryson DeChambeau 50-1 Paul Casey 50-1 Brandt Snedeker 50-1 Webb Simpson 50-1 Henrik Stenson 60-1 Marc Leishman 60-1 Gary Woodland 80-1 Patrick Reed 80-1 Louis Oosthuizen 100-1 Sergio Garcia 100-1 Matt Wallace 100-1 Kevin Kisner 100-1 Graeme McDowell 100-1
  4. Why are you washing your hands a lot? Anyway, good "waterproof" lotions won't wear off as quickly if you give them time to absorb in. Still, if you reapplied once or twice on your hands, you'll probably be fine.
  5. Just to be fair, in that picture, you're right knee cannot extend, because it's almost completely straight by the end of the backswing. In other words, it would be impossible for you to push off with any significant force. 🤔
  6. I know this is an old thread, but I never understood the purpose of having to say "provisional". Why isn't it just assumed? In other words, what advantage would I get by not saying it, and then finding my original ball?
  7. I did. Getting his pressure forward caused a reaction in the opposite direction. He didn't push it. Please stop trying to use common sense to explain this. It doesn't work. Common sense is wrong in this case. See the data.
  8. Because just like in running and pitching, gravity is the same force that JT uses to get his pressure forward.
  9. Read that article. They explain it. You can rest assured that what you're thinking isn't crazy. Everyone thought that people pushed off. But it's been disproved.
  10. @hoselpalooza, if you need more proof, even though you have it from the biggest experts in the golf swing. Here's more. Runners do not push off the ground but fall forwards via a gravitational torque. - PubMed - NCBI Sports Biomech. 2007 Sep;6(3):434-52.
  11. He's shifting pressure to the back foot. That's what you're seeing. Then in transition, he shifts it over to his front foot while bending his right leg and getting it off the ground. That's not pushing. After getting it to 100% on the left leg at impact, then he falls back a bit to his right. That's because he is changing direction, not because he's "pushing off". Remember physics, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. moving pressure to your left side will cause an equal force in the other direction, which would cause him to slip.
  12. I'm not sure what you're referring too about fabric. But if you look at seconds 25 & 26 in video, that's transition. All his weight goes forward, but the right leg gains flex and the right foot comes off the ground. That's not pushing. The only time I see extending the right leg is through impact, but that's all pushing on the left leg not the right one. He's just doing this so fast and spinning that the right leg extends too. As you can see from the force plates right then, there is very little measurable pressure in the right leg then at all.
  13. I did. JT gets almost all his pressure to the front leg very early by sliding forward, not by pushing off. Look at this pic, this is right at transition. His knee has GAINED flex and his foot is off the ground. He hasn't pushed off the right leg at all. View second 25-26 in the video. You'll see that when he gets his pressure forward, his right leg is bending and foot is coming off the ground. That's not how you push. By the time extends the right leg, it only has a bit of his body pressure on it.
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