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  1. I have Nike Driver but I think Taylormade is the best brand out there. Since they keep coming out with the new innovations which are different from the rest of the brands.
  2. For those here who have been custom fitted using a launch monitor, did you get the same result on the course with what you see on the Launch monitor? Do you gain the same yardage on the course with what you see on the launch monitor? And how much did you pay to get custom fitted using a launch monitor?
  3. Is shooting balls at driving range a good workout to lose some fat? How many balls do you need to make it a great workout?
  4. You might want to check out www.hirekogolf.com, they got cheap Ladies set.
  5. I choose Nike Golf. Because I will be in the same Testing facility as Tiger and Anthony Kim. Also I really like Nike SQ line....
  6. Even Latest Golf Digest magazine ranked Martin Kaymer as the World Player of the Year. Make sense cause Tiger didn't win anything last year. I just hope he can be back in shape this year and putting a good show on the course. It's just excting to see Tiger plays....
  7. I just don't trust Golf Store to do fitting for me. I would rather find a Custom clubmaker in my area to do fitting for me. Then he can go building a set of iron for me. Just make sure you are fitted for: 1. Golf shaft Flex and model 2. Iron length 3. Lie Angle Those 3 are the most important for iron fitting.
  8. Jumping from a graphite shaft to a Dynamic Gold x100 is a 50 gram of shaft weight difference. Graphite shaft is only around 70 gram. Of course the Dynamic Gold shaft will feel way heavier than the stock graphite shaft. I don't have your fitting data. But your fitter must be thinking you have a really fast tempo to offer you a Dynamic Gold shaft. BTW you might want to try True Temper GS95, it's in the 100 gram weight range.
  9. I just talked with a Sales Rep who works at a Mizuno Authorized Retailer. It came to the point where we talked if the clubs are imported from Japan. He said Mizuno clubs in the states are imported from a China manufacture. He went on saying the only original clubs from Japan is Miura and PRGR (I never heard this brand before). Then I mentioned Honma. He said even Honma is not really manufactured in Japan. This suprised me since Mizuno clubs aint that low cost and they are Forged. And Japanese are well known for forging their metal products. Can anybody confirm this un
  10. What is the driver loft used for gathering these numbers?
  11. If you grip down on a Pitching Wedge, would you get the same distance as Sand wedge? Has Anybody done this before? What distance did you get?
  12. I still wondering if the Tournament offficials really check every bag for non conforming irons.
  13. Have you ever measured the loft of your driver? Is it different from the stated loft? How much weaker or stronger?
  14. Longer means when you see 330 meter average distance for par 4 against the average 330 yard par 4 on most courses. Maybe you should play Golf in East Asia once to see my point.
  15. Does it mean that golf course with meter yardage is longer than golf course using yards?
  16. Is it true that the sweetspot of modern driver is above the center?
  17. Check out the Golf Digest Hot List for Grips: http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/hot-list/2010-11/hotlist-grips For myself, I kinda like the new Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G. Not too harsh on my hands.
  18. Which yardage do you prefer on your golf course, Yard or Meter? And why? Which one is more accurate?
  19. They are made by Hireko. Also they are in the Golf Digest Hot list 2009: http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/hot-list/hotlist_bestvalues
  20. The 2 meter ruler, of course, for measuring the desired CLub length. Don't EVER use a hacksaw to cut graphite shafts cause they will damage the shaft. 2 Hours to build a golf club??? that's bit too long....... should be just 20 minutes max and then you leave the epoxy to dry.
  21. You are gonna need some Tools that aint cheap. If you want to save money, just bring it to Clubmakers in your area. Some basic tools are Heat Gun, Circular Saw (7 inch), Some epoxy, a long Ruler about 2 meters and lastly a shaft Puller (pretty expensive tool). IF you don't have all of those, you are not ready to do some Re-shafting by yourself.
  22. Do you improve consistency and distance with this driver? What's your previous driver?
  23. Does anyone have previous experience with Acer XK irons? How do you feel about them? I have a 5-PW set but only used it only once. Got to hear what the others say about these irons.
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