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  1. LOL - says the guy telling people their swings have issues if they can't break 100, 90 or 80. Not a fan of that myself. Dunning-Kruger. The Open 2013: Sir Nick Faldo has no regrets about 'heart of my bottom' speech as he heads back to Muirfield Regrets? Sir Nick Faldo has a few, but none at the course where he sang My Way. And, with that in mind, when he returns to play in next week’s Open at Muirfield he will be determined to make it rather more than an emotional...
  2. Feedback was so-so. I thank you all from the heart of my bottom.
  3. Will reply later today. Have been very busy but have kept an eye on the thread. Today is the first day off I have had since posting but need to get some shut eye
  4. Hello guys, I made a video and would like any and all feedback. I was thinking about how we all try break 80. We go out there looking for the age-old recommendation of 11 pars and 7 bogeys. How many times have you stood on the damn 15th tee +7 and thinking, I'm gonna blow this round? Or make a couple doubles early on and then throw the breaking 80 idea out the window? I have blown up so many rounds by keeping count of my score relative to par, in pursuit of a SCORE on every hole. I thought about how we can simplify the process and focus less on outcomes and more on the baby steps to build that sub 80 score. So I figured, all we really need is 6 greens in reg, 6 up and down scrambles and then 6 holes to do what you like almost, but still focusing on getting the ball in the hole in the least strokes. No counting score as you play, just writing the number into the card and putting it away at the end of each hole. No thinking about the double bogey we made, or how we need par here and there. Anyway, let me know what you think. I'm going to try get more into the mental side of the game as I have been working on that more recently and had some significant breakthroughs I hope to share with you players.
  5. What is it that goes wrong exactly? I understand a bad shot, but what is the bad shot? Whats going on in your head? Are you becoming negative easily? Are you placing too much importance on the outcome? I doubt you dont haveth skills, it must be in the head bro! Open up
  6. LOL sounds like someone is triggered. Check out the channel, there is another video of him breaking 80. He plays off an 8 handicap at the moment - hasn't been able to practice as much and still constantly wins stableford competitions. So much anger in you sir. Would you like to talk about it?
  7. Good discussion, friends. It's not a cookie cutter system. Just out there for some food for thought and for anyone to identify what they can improve or remove. But using a lot of the information there, I have had around 400 emails from guys thanking me that they broke 90 using parts of the system. Of course, some golfers don't have a club they can hit 160 yards but those guys are not shooting in the 90s - those are 100 shooters. I have played golf with mostly mid and high handicappers in my life and most guys off an 18-23 handicap have a club that can go 145 meters/160 yards pretty straight and consistently. They lose most of their shots off the tee with wayward shots, taking drops at the water or reloads from Oscar Bravos. They lose shots by taking on silly shots they have no business attempting instead of laying up to a decent dsiatcne they are happy with. They lose shots by chipping and putting poorly. In the video and others on the channel are all the ideas you need to chip better, make better decisions on the course and remove the problem clubs that lose you strokes. While it has been said on here that you should be able to hit a driver to break 90, that's all well and good but most guys in the 90's are either learning to hit it on the course (which results in bad scores and negative associations with the club and frustration) or they're bashing them all day at the range without any idea of what they are trying to achieve there. A guy in the 90s can get GREAT at a 5 iron off the tee quicker than a driver just because of the physics of the length of shaft, loft, angle of attack all of it is easier with a mid/long iron. Even a 21° fairway wood is going to be easier to get good at than a 15° or lower lofted club. Remove the driver and learn it away from the course and introduce it later. This is the main difference I have seen in the emails I have received. The guys are just giving the driver a breather and getting over this "shame" guys put on others how don't hit their drivers. Also a big one people have mailed me about is not getting get cute with chips and just getting it on the greens. As well as breaking shots up into smaller shots. A 3 wood and a half sand wedge is going to be less successful than a lay up to a wedge or SW distance as long as the person practices those 5 favorite clubs of his. There is no way someone who cannot hit a golf ball can break 90 but if they practice hitting the high percentage clubs, they'll break 90 by a massive amount. Practice these a hybrid/5 iron 7 iron PW SW Putter And you'll break 90. No doubt. It will take you much less time to do than banging your head against a wall from the macho driver driver driver crowd. Once you're done with the round, assess where the weakness is and then improve that area. It's a process not a quick fix. But anyone can do it if they can shoot inside 100. Breaking 80 videos are up too. All sorts of videos. It's all honest golf rounds of regular guys. Any triggering of viewers is unintentional but fun. Good luck players!
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