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  1. Hey! Not really. We use the main forum for any events or local group outings. This one is used to know who is in the same area.
  2. I can recommend Richard McDonald in Carrollton. Our Instructors | The Highlands Golf Performance Center
  3. Recently I started taking lessons at the Highlands Performance GC. Yesterday was my first lesson of the year and it snowed. For that one occasion, the beauty of the snow covered range made the lesson even more enjoyable (although on a mat and under the radiator). After I complete my lessons in February, I will be looking to either join a country club or use the Golf Now app to find last minute deals and after I familiarize myself with a few CC then choose one that I like (can afford) later in the year. Happy 2020!
  4. Welcome to TST. Enjoy!
  5. Thank you for sharing. I just looked up the courses online and they look great.
  6. Thank you and I will check it out after I finish using my driving-range coupon at the Highlands Performance Golf Center, which is in Carrolton. I switched to that one because it was on my way to the office.
  7. Nope. I am not reading posts on this topic until I watch the movie this weekend. I even convinced my wife to watch it with me for the first time - the force was with me on this one.
  8. Welcome to the club house, welcome to TST.
  9. ...and what a fine game it is. Welcome to TST.
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