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  1. It's no big deal. You'll be right. Just out of curiosity, how would you describe someone who downplays the virus because he hasn't met anyone who's had it?
  2. Yep. It's also the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  3. You have to remember that these are the sorts of people who say that smoking can't be harmful because they know someone who is 90 who smokes. I don't know anyone who has died of the flu. I don't know anyone who has been killed by a Takata airbag. This is the "logic" they use. You just have toi hope that they atren't in positions where they have and responsibility for anyone but themselves. It's actually quite frightening that they so willingly expose their ignorance. Especially when you assume that they are adults.
  4. Your niece is the exact profile that fits a massive proportion of the people that will be affected. There are going to be millions of young people who work in restaurants, retail, bars and cafes who suddenly will have zero income from work for many months. They won't be able to pay rent or live their lives as they have know them. Many of these businesses will not exist in 2 months time. Virtually NONE of these kids have jobs with sick leave entitlements or holidays. Generation Z ot M or whatever they are have no idea what is about to hit them. At the end of this week they will. It's really tragic.
  5. Well, there you go. Another genius willing to put his scientific logic on display. I particularly love the part in bold. It's compelling, thought provoking and, ultimately, smashes the theory that we are in the midst of a major health crisis. Just in case you haven't got it yet, when 4000 people descend upon a hospital that has facilities for 300, and this happens in every city in the world, amazingly, this might cause a few "issues".
  6. I am certainly trying to. But when confronted with stupidity that is also dangerous I get a little frustrated. I am giving myself a break from the site for 24 hours.
  7. You read about really stupid people and their attitudes about things and how they are responsible for all types of things and you just wonder who these people are and how they came to be. Why they believe charlatans and other idiots who know nothing. You have demonstrated yourself to be an absolute fool. And a dangerous one. How the f*ck can you compare this to the flu? You are going to have millions losing their jobs and thousands of businesses closing and arguments where landlords want to throw non-paying renters onto the street - yes. You are also going to have a public health system that might end up looking like 1918.
  8. It is something you have to try to maintain. And you might have to do it for a few months. It's been about three days and people like yourself can't cope with reality because you find it inconvenient. Of course it isn't always possible. Every one of those people in that pool room is an irresponsible moron.
  9. Some high IQ individuals there. F*&*ing unbelievable.
  10. Young healthy people going to a bar or restaurant and catching the disease and then passing it on to the elderly/weak is not a thing? I mean...are you effing serious? Being coughed on and then coughing on or touching someone later on. Are you for real? Seriously? Yeah - to potentially save lives and stop infection during a pandemic does seem pretty extreme How the *&%^ do you know that you are "safe and healthy"? Your posts are like a copybook of how to be irresponsible and how to ensure that as many people as possible are infected. You should be ashamed.
  11. The reason is that you can't. I know you were just killing time, but there is no "data" that means anything. You were basically playing a dodgy video game.
  12. Perhaps you should state what you want to know. Forget about LM numbers. Go and play golf.
  13. It is not his fault. But his shameful response to it has contributed to it massively. Your are 6 weeks behind where you should be. I'm trying to keep politics out of this but the need to deal with this crisis should be seen by EVERYONE as being more important than maintaining popularity amongst an apparently brain dead 30% of a nation's population. That was my last post in this thread.
  14. An uneducated person can't have an "opinion" on something like this and expect it to be accepted without comment. How the hell can you say "I thought they could have gotten the Players in and done by Saturday". That's the sort of thing your President would say. If I said "I think the Masters should go ahead" That is not an opinion that I would expect to be accepted and left uncriticised. Where is the overreaction by the way. Extreme times for extreme measures. Just because life is about to become very inconvenient you (no you personally) can't just say"I think we should just do what would be more convenient for me.
  15. Thank goodness that people like yourself aren't in a position to exert any authority in circumstances like this. On what possible basis can you "just disagree"? Your kind of thinking is what causes this disease to spread unabated.
  16. Thanks for the detailed report. So often these threads disappear because the OP never follows up.
  17. Is TheSandtrap your source of information about the virus? You can find out if it's "True or False" by researching the subject. You don't need to ask people on a golf forum. It seems to me that, like some other people here, you are suggesting that governmental responses to this crisis are overblown, hyperbolic and of the knee-jerk variety. Fact is, the world is grinding to a halt because of it. How much more information do you need to answer your "question"?
  18. I don't see why bricklayers and plumbers and truck drivers and gardeners can't simply ask their bosses to let them work from home. Just get some collaborative workgroup software and work with your "team" from home. Easy. I don't see why waiters and bar staff can't also simply work from home to stop the spread of the disease. I am having some trees lopped next week and I'm going to see if the arborist can do it remotely. It's a very simple solution to a complex problem.
  19. 1000 dead in Italy 11000 tests so far in the U.S. Wow. Talk about being ahead of the game. But of course, last week you had only 10 cases and they were all recovering very quickly and anyway, summer is coming. And the stock market is "looking good to me" D. Trump. February 25.
  20. My God. Unbelievable. Are you seriously suggesting that Covid-19 is not a major health issue? You'll have 20,000 people in your state alone dying each week without a vaccine if strong measures aren't taken
  21. Correct. He's going to say "But most of them are old and were sick anyway." 🙄
  22. That pretty much sums it up very succinctly. But obviously 55% of people know better.
  23. Of course it is!!!!! And there is a fluvax every year. It's the percentage of people who contract the illness and THEN die that is the important number. 90 people die in car accidents every day in the U.S. You can't just look at total numbers and say that that is the extent of the issue. You aren't comparing apples with apples.
  24. These people have minimised the potential impact of something that could wipe out hundreds of millions of people. Up to 30% of people in the U.S. Think the moon landings were fake. Just because there are millions of morons* out there doesn't make it OK to be skeptical about something they know nothing about. * I am not including you here.
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