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  1. Never did my anylasis of our last match, so I guess I’ll do it now. 😃 The first 18-hole match was Thursday, and I’ll just say this: it wasn’t near the level of success we had on Tuesday. Not terrible by any means, but definitely not great. The course we played, Kerr Lake Country Club, wasn’t in fantastic shape, but it was a fun layout that kinda made up for the condition. We played the white tees (just under 6200 yards), so all yardages I note are from there. I’ll do another hole by hole anylasis, and because the second hole was my starting hole, I’ll start there! No. 2; Par 4, 291 y
  2. Haven’t read LSW yet, but I’m definitely looking to in the near future!
  3. There are four slots in my golf bag. I’ll call them North, South, East and West, since they are arranged sort of like a compass. North Slot: Driver, 3W, 5W East Slot: Driving Iron, 4H, 5H South Slot: 6I-PW West Slot: GW (50), SW (54), Putter Once upon a time, I had the North and South slots swapped, so my woods are in the front. That made it more difficult to get to the irons when we rode in a cart, so I switched them. I also used to just put them wherever I felt like putting them, but last summer I decided it would be better if I just had a system so I wouldn’t
  4. On the first hole, I can’t really hit more club because from where we were hitting, it was probably around 210 to the far treeline, meaning about 190 to run through the fairway. On the second hole, I didn’t hit driver because I didn’t really hit it well on the range, so I wanted to wait for a hole that was a little more wide open. As for the eighth hole, I was trying to hit it a little left of the 150 marker to set up a 140-yard second shot, but it just happened to draw and leave me in better position. This is one hole where you cannot hit driver because it’s about 190 to the treelin
  5. 1, 5 and 6 for me. I could pick and choose what clubs I want without fear of cost, and I’ve always wanted to go to Augusta and meet John Daly.
  6. Easy. 400ish par 4. •First I’ll hit a drive in the fairway, leaving somewhere in the neighborhood of 175 yards. I’ve never been a super long hitter, but I’m pretty good at putting it in the fairway. In fact, in my past 36 holes, I’ve only missed three fairways. •Using a 5- or 6-iron, I’ll probably miss the green, but not by much. When I miss the green, it’s usually not by a whole lot. I’ll typically have around 15 GIRs/nGIRs a round. I’ll usually double or triple the other three holes, and I’ll probably throw in a double or two with the nGIRs. Of course, if I’m having an above or bel
  7. There is honestly a lot to say about our match today. As you’ll see later, we made a really good run today! Now to the round. I hit range balls beforehand, and from my very first shot (a striped 8I), I could tell today was going to be a good day. Good shot after good shot on the range, and I was building confidence with each one. After putting for about 20 minutes, and hitting some really good putts, I was ready. I’ll do a hole by hole analysis. Yardages from the tees we played, but the fourth hole, a 478-yard par 5, was played from the red tees, and we made it a 345-yard par 4. Here we g
  8. My brother and I played nine holes before practice yesterday. I played pretty well except for one hole: seven bogeys, a par on the sixth hole, and a triple on the fourth hole after I pulled my second shot OB. That means a 46. Not really that bad, especially with a triple. I didn’t keep my brother’s score, but he did par a hole where I bogeyed: we had identical chip shots on the seventh hole, he hit it to about ten feet and I was probably half that away. He made it, I missed. I hit it pretty well too, and I’m really looking forward to our match this afternoon!
  9. We’ve got a big week ahead of us. I believe there are only three matchesT left this season (two 18-hole matches), and two of them are this week. We’ve got a home match on Tuesday, and an 18-hole away match at Kerr Lake on Thursday. As I said in my last entry, the top two teams go to regionals. We are now 4th in the standings (by how much, no idea), so we’ve got some work to do. Our plan for this week until Thursday: Weekend: Hit some balls into my net at home. Haven’t been able to get to the course at all this past week because unfortunately, my youngest brother tested positive and
  10. I’ve decided to do another one. This course was the first course I could consider my “home” course. Lake Winds Golf Course is an extremely short course, as you’ll see from the scorecard. (please ignore the scores 😂) When I play this course now, I’ll alternate between the blues and whites. Don’t be fooled by the course’s yardage! It’s kind of a tough layout with smallish greens and thick rough, and a slight mishit can cost you dearly on some holes. On to the hole by hole! No. 1: A nice start to the round. With the hole playing downhill, a solid tee shot will leave you with
  11. I’m going to start this topic up again by describing my backyard course, which I believe I’ve mentioned before. We have a decent amount of land (~10 acres), But we have to use foam practice balls on the course. Working together, my dad and I have been able to build three greens: one ‘central’ green and two others. I’ve got an 18 hole course, 13 of which go to the central green. My second green has three of the other holes, and my third green, which is in a secluded corner of the property, has the final two holes. The greens are just AstroTurf that we bought at a hardware store, and they’r
  12. The first match was yesterday, and we all felt good about our games. So we pulled up to The Preserve at Jordan Lake with high hopes. After a good range session and a solid 15 minutes of putting, we began. It was shotgun start, and the seed you played determined the hole you started on. Because I played No. 4 on our team, I’d start on the fourth hole. We played the white tees, scorecard below: Actually a pretty solid start, although I did three-putt the fourth green. After a par on the next, I missed a short par putt on the sixth after a good chip. The seventh was a fun hole. An ultr
  13. I’d much rather be hot than cold. I’ll take the 100 degree weather. If I’m cold, I’ll lose all feeling in my hands, making it difficult to comfortably hold the club.
  14. Alright y’all! The 2021 golf season has already begun, but the first match is on Tuesday. Here’s how it works this year: •There are six teams in our conference, and either one or two teams will advance to regionals. That much is still unclear. •Last year, six players from each team played in matches. This year, only five are playing. I’m playing the 4th seed in our team. My brother unfortunately did not make the starting lineup. It was close, but he missed. •I still don’t know how many conference matches there are, but I’m seeing only four on the schedule as of today. Three nine
  15. I played the back nine earlier this week and ran into a threesome on the 12th tee that was part of a Monday afternoon scramble league at my home club. Teeing off on number 10 a little before 5:15, I reached the 12th tee about 5:30. They were ultra slow on the greens, and I didn’t finish until about 7:30, taking about two hours to play the last seven holes. I think a large part of it was that after holing out, one of the guys would hit several extra putts while the other two guys got in their carts and drove to the next tee. He did that on a lot of the holes (I counted five out of the last
  16. I played nine holes, and I had an unbelievable start: 4-4-4-4-4. One bogey, one birdie. Even through five, and I lipped out a 15-footer for birdie on the fifth. But my momentum was halted after I took two to get out of a bunker on the sixth and then three-putted. I had about a one-footer to save bogey on the seventh, and it caught the edge and spun out. Up and down for par on the eighth hole, and a three-putt for bogey on the last hole gave me a 42 total, which is a pretty good day’s work for me. I did have three three-putts, and they all came on the last four holes. So I should’ve shot
  17. I played 12 holes yesterday. The first three holes were in practice: we played holes 10, 11 and 18 (they’re aerating the front nine this week), and I went bogey-par-bogey, the par after a chunked approach and a beautiful 50-yard pitch and run that died about three feet out. Then I went back and played the back nine again and shot a sloppy 48. Despite a triple on 13 (three putt from below the hole 😑), I was +5 thru 15, having made a nice up-and-down par on 15, but I choked the last three holes. I also ran into a slow threesome on the 12th tee, and it took me just under two hours to pl
  18. I looked up Pinehurst, wanting to find No. 2. Didn’t find No. 2, but I did find one called Pinehurst No. 10. I think it was something like 8,000 yards from the back tees, par 70, with several 500-yard-plus par 4s. That was really tough, because the greens are crowned, just like the ones on No. 2, but I really enjoyed it. I definitely recommend it.
  19. Played a new course today that I’ve wanted to play for a while! It’s called Challenge Golf Club, and that pretty much summed up the course. Scorecard below, we played the green tees. I shot 48 on the front, going +6 on a four-hole stretch where water was in play on every shot. For some reason, ramming putts six to eight feet past was a theme for this side. The back was better: I shot 43, including a strong finish, even par on the last four holes. I shot 91 total, which I was pretty darn happy with. This is mainly a position golf course, so it played longer. Awesome course if you’re i
  20. Second scrimmage was today, and it was a lot better than Tuesday. Like Tuesday, I started with a triple on the first hole. I bogeyed the second hole, but only after I hit a perfect approach and nailed the bottom of the stick on the fly, my ball spinning off the front of the green. As good as I hit it, it probably would’ve been within five feet had it not hit the stick. Being four over at this point, I went two over on the last seven holes and shot 41, a much more satisfying number than my round from Tuesday. Two more highlights from the round: •I was sitting three short of the green
  21. I was kind of in between the two options. As in, I’m not one to immediately forget bad shots/holes, but I’m also not one to let it linger for the rest of the round. For example, if I miss a short, easy putt on the 5th hole, I’ll typically have it pushed out of my mind by the time I hit my approach on the 6th. Or, if I hit an awful drive, I’ll have that memory gone before I finish that hole. In other words, it takes me about half a hole to flush out the botched shots from my brain.
  22. We had our first scrimmage today, and it wasn’t exactly my best effort. We played the white tees except for the fourth hole, which we played from the reds. The tee shot is hit over a lake, and the red tees are on the other side, turning the 478-yard par-5 into a 345-yard par-4, making the front a par 35. I started triple-triple-par-triple, I’ll spare the details there. Then for the next four holes I was a beast, going +1 in that stretch, the lone bogey coming after I caught a horrible bounce into a fairway bunker and I had an awkward stance. Then I doubled the last hole to shoot 47 overa
  23. I’ve played with several different types of people, most of whom have been great to play with. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance level (it was a lot lower in the incident I’ll describe below) and most people I’ve played with haven’t come anywhere close to crossing the line. But one person did. In my freshman year, I was paired with someone from another school, who I’d heard beforehand had a sour reputation. He was known to get very short-tempered on the golf course: cursing, throwing clubs, the whole package. But the main thing was that he was a cheat. He was known to fudge his scores, whi
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