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Week 3: Inconsistency



Week three is in the books. And I’ll say this: it wasn’t a great week for my golf game. To be honest, I haven’t gotten to the course much. Only went two days, and here’s what happened:

Wednesday: I decided to hit some balls after the first Player Development class of the semester. I worked on the stuff I was given in my lesson, but I only stayed on the range for about half an hour, and here’s the main reason why:

Despite just coming out of the PAT and what I dubbed a really bad cold, I was still super inconsistent. I was still thinning, topping, and chunking shots more than I was hitting them solid. Wedges were actually fine but everything else was mediocre at best. I honestly should’ve stayed up there longer and worked more.

Today: I’m home for Labor Day weekend, and today we had a trip to DriveShack as a late birthday present for my brother. I took it as another opportunity to work on my setup.

Surprisingly, I did a lot better than I did on Wednesday. Contact was a lot more solid than Wednesday, which was encouraging. I was picking targets and, for the most part, was sticking to them. My brother and I also had a competitive match on St Andrews, and I shot a 77. Not that that number means a whole lot but I hit the ball really well today. It was a good day.

I’d love to get to the course more than I did last week, and hoping to get a club fitting as well in the next two weeks. My brother and I are going out for a quick nine tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned for that. 



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