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Week 2: PAT



Time for my second post! This one will be solely focusing on my PAT from this weekend, because I was sick all week (wasn’t completely cleared until Friday) and wasn’t able to get to the course. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna have the energy to walk 18 on back to back days, but I couldn’t get a doctors note because they said “we’ve already cleared you”, so I didn’t have much of a choice. And I knew going in it wasn’t going to be easy.

Sat.: Not much to say about this round. Front nine was consistent but not great: four doubles and five bogeys for a 49. On the back I had a chip in for birdie on 14 that was in the middle of disaster: I made a quad on 13 and a triple on 16, shot a 46 on the back for a 95.

I almost ran out of gas on the course, having to sit down multiple times to keep it up. I was happy that I battled, but a tougher challenge was to come.

Sun.: Front nine today was a duplicate of yesterday’s. A very consistent but poor 49. Then I doubled 10 and 11 but parred 12 and 13, and I thought despite my very low energy level I could actually put together a decent round.

I bogeyed 14 and then played the last four holes at +9. I could go into detail on the last four holes but there’s no need. I shot a 50 on the back for 99. Honestly, given how I was feeling both days I’m happy to just have finished. There was a lot of battling, a bit of pain but I made it. And despite the seemingly poor performance I’m proud I made it through.

TOTAL: 95-99—194

This was a shorter post mainly because there wasn’t much to say about this week or the PAT itself. However, one of the guys I played with (we played with the same people both days) shot 80-75 and passed. It was fun to watch!

I’m planning to take tomorrow off and get back into the grind Tuesday!

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