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A documentation of my journey both as a golfer and through the PGA PGM Program.

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Catch Up

FINALLY! I’m finally posting this entry to catch up on what has happened since my last post (November 7 I believe it was). And honestly, not a lot has happened. The rest of the semester was a blur as far as golf goes, and I haven’t played or practiced a ton this winter either. Here are a few highlights: 11/12: My second lowest round on Downback. Wasn’t the greatest start: +6 through five holes. I parred six through eight then bogeyed the ninth to make the turn in 43. My only bad hole on the

Week 12: Monarch Cup

Four weeks left. It’s hard to believe that my first semester of college is only a month away from being over. Anyway, here’s what happened this week: Tuesday and Sunday: Stayed at the range for about an hour both days and focused primarily on strengthening my grip as recommended by @iacas. Thursday: After seeing me play last weekend and talking a bit, my dad suggested I hit more 4- and 5-irons on the range so I could become more comfortable with them. And on this day, that’s exactly wh

Week 11: Starting Again

I’m proud of how much work I was able to put in this week. I went for at least an hour every day Tuesday through Saturday. I won’t go day-by-day this week because all of my range days I worked on solidifying the grip @iacas talked about in the video, but I will go through some highlights. Wednesday: I went to the course after my 1:00 class and warmed up for my 3:20 Monarch Tour tee time. The format was a Tombstone, where we all got 33 shots and we put a flag where our 33rd shot ended up. 

Week 10: Titleist

Another week down, and we’re nearing the end of the semester. Here’s what happened this week: Wed. (10/19): Wednesday afternoon I had a putting lesson, specifically lag putts, in response to poor putting at The Cardinal. Here are two key points that I took away: •Match the follow through with the backswing. I never realized that my backswing and follow through on my putts didn’t match, so this one was big. •Look at the hole during the practice strokes. This, he said, was to train

Weeks 8 & 9: Catchup

Hey guys! I unfortunately forgot to post here for week 8 but I’m back to report on my last two weeks to catch up!   WEEK 8 (Oct 3-9) Tues. (10/4): I turned Tuesday of this week into a practice session. I decided to hone my short game, and I essentially did everything I did in the previous week’s short game session, except I hit shots from multiple spots around the green. I came away from the practice session very confident about the Monarch Tour event that I was playing in th

Week 7: The Lull

Another week in the books, and almost halfway through the semester! Unfortunately I was only able to get out to the course once this week due to weather and just a load of schoolwork I had to catch up on, so this is going to be one of the shortest posts I’ve made so far. The one day I was able to get to the course was Wednesday, but I made the most of it. I spent over two hours at the course Wednesday afternoon. The first hour and a half or so was spent watching guest and MU PGM gradua

Week 6: Lots Of Golf!!

Hey guys! Week six is in the books, and this week was action-packed in terms of golf. Tuesday and Friday I didn’t do anything but here’s what happened the other days: Mon. 9/19: Finally, I was fit for new irons! I was fit for Titleist T200s with stiff S300 shafts. The iron set will include 4-PW, with the PW at 43 degrees. I still have the 46/50/54/60 setup, so I have two options as to how I want to handle that: 1. Take out a slot in the top end of the bag. This would be the most compli

Week 5: The Struggle Continues

Hey guys! Here’s what happened in week 5 of the semester: Tuesday: I decided to head to the course after lunch so I’d be done in time for my 3:30 class. I pretty much just worked on what I’ve been working on the past few weeks, and I’m looking to get another lesson in the next couple of weeks as well. Wednesday: Two things happened Wednesday: •We worked on chipping in player development, and it went really well. We were given a couple of tips on chipping and pitching, and those al

Week 4: Getting Back Into It

A lot happened this week, as y’all will see! Monday (9/5): My brother and I actually had an afternoon tee time and were planning on playing a quick 9 before I had to leave again, but we unfortunately were rained out. Tuesday (9/6): Didn’t get to the course Tuesday, but I did have my first interview!  We had a few pros from the Country Club of Virginia come down and talk to us during class about their facilities and internship opportunities, and everything about them and the opport

Week 3: Inconsistency

Week three is in the books. And I’ll say this: it wasn’t a great week for my golf game. To be honest, I haven’t gotten to the course much. Only went two days, and here’s what happened: Wednesday: I decided to hit some balls after the first Player Development class of the semester. I worked on the stuff I was given in my lesson, but I only stayed on the range for about half an hour, and here’s the main reason why: Despite just coming out of the PAT and what I dubbed a really bad cold, I

Week 1: The Beginning

Hey guys! As promised, here is my first post documenting my journey to becoming a member of the PGA of America! In this blog I will focus primarily on my golf game, but I will also go a little bit of what we went over in class when I feel it’s appropriate. For example, the Qualifying Level test is scheduled for October 6, and when I get my results I will post here. For this first week and a half or so (Aug 12-21) I will only go through highlights on the golf course. In class it was mainly j

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    • Quick update. Foot felt better than in forever today.  Came home and did a full treadmill workout,  ok, it was beginner level, slow and virtually no incline, but I did it. For the first time in ages I hit all of my FitBit goals. Only time I felt any discomfort was while on a decline. I feel like I turned a corner, all thanks to my PT guy and some Kinesiology Tape. 😀 let’s hope I do not pay for it tomorrow.
    • Well, I got insanely busy and fell behind on my Evolvr & 5 minute daily practice in less that 2 weeks. I even skipped my 1st week of league, that has never happened.   I need to be more disciplined! Therapist this morning decided to try something new.  He added some kinesiology tape on the foot & ankle.  That was about 8 am.  By 10am I was feeling a whole lot less pain. 😀  
    • Met with the surgeon earlier today and he is happy and does not want to see me again unless I think something is wrong.  He said the pain is normal and will go away in time but cautioned it could be another 6 months or so.  He said he still sees inflammation and that may take another 6 months to go away as well.   He did give me some things to share with PT which should help. Now that I know to expect the inflation to last a while I need to figure out the golf shoes.  Maybe by a duplicate o
    • Short update, still working on getting back into the full swing of golf (pun intended).  I'm now posting to My Swing page and 5-minute daily practice and will post more on the Stack Speed Training thread as that gets going so this thread my not include a lot of "Golf" but I am getting back into it. I have my 1st two golf trips in just over a month, First is Garland Resort then the TST Outing in Ohio and I really hoping my foot is up to a lot of golf.  I have 5 rounds in 7 days and I'm looki
    • I feel I'm moving in the correct direction.  Did a range session a couple days ago and had no pain after that.  I started my Evolvr but will hold off on The Stack until I am more confident I can do "Maximum Effort" swings.  Right now I feel I am swinging somewhat normally but I'm just not confident enough to push it yet. On The Stack, I really wish I had held off ordering a little and gotten the newer blue-tooth enabled measuring device instead of the PRGR Monitor but oh well.  I'll live.
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