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Week 11: Starting Again



I’m proud of how much work I was able to put in this week. I went for at least an hour every day Tuesday through Saturday. I won’t go day-by-day this week because all of my range days I worked on solidifying the grip @iacas talked about in the video, but I will go through some highlights.

Wednesday: I went to the course after my 1:00 class and warmed up for my 3:20 Monarch Tour tee time. The format was a Tombstone, where we all got 33 shots and we put a flag where our 33rd shot ended up. 

For me, that was on the 7th hole. I was +5 going in and needed a birdie to finish the seventh hole at 33 shots even. Unfortunately I made double instead, and finished the nine bogey-double for 46. I was holding my ground until the seventh but three-putted for the double then made a mess of the last two holes.

The highlight of the nine was almost driving the second hole, which was playing 260 uphill. I put it on the fringe and turned that into an easy two-putt for the birdie.

Thursday: Thursday afternoon was my lesson. Alex looked at my swing and noticed two things:

1. I was starting to lose my posture in the backswing.

2. I was standing too close to the ball with the longer irons. 

He told me to move my chin up slightly right before I hit each shot, which took some adjustment but it definitely helped.

Both problems noted above will take a good number of reps to clean up but neither should present much of a challenge for me.

I won’t be able to get a lesson this week because it’s super busy for everyone but in my next lesson I’d love to start touching on my swing.

Saturday: Yesterday my dad and brother came down and we played King’s Grant. I was stiff as a board on the first tee because we didn’t hit any balls and it was 55 and misting so that meant it took a couple of holes to warm up.

I won’t get into detail with this round, but I’ll sum it up by saying this: The front nine wasn’t great but I was optimistic and thought I could at least keep it in the 80s with a good back nine. But then I started spraying it off the tee, which resulted in a lot of reteeing.

Needless to say, the final number was horrible. It would be embarrassing to put it here but if y’all want me to I can.

I wasn’t able to get out there today because I had a bunch of laundry I needed to do and some schoolwork to finish up but I will be back out there tomorrow.

Some upcoming things to note:

•On Wednesday I’m planning on posting a video my swing again in my Member Swing topic, with the new grip change.

•This weekend is the second Major of the year, the Monarch Cup. It’s a Ryder Cup format with 10 players per team. I’m still trying to find a team to play with, hopefully I get that sorted out tomorrow or Tuesday.

As always, if you have any questions let me know!

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  • Administrator

For your videos, remember:

  • Proper camera angles (hand height).
  • Fill the frame more (film from closer to you).
  • Slow motion.


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