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Week 6: Lots Of Golf!!



Hey guys! Week six is in the books, and this week was action-packed in terms of golf. Tuesday and Friday I didn’t do anything but here’s what happened the other days:

Mon. 9/19: Finally, I was fit for new irons! I was fit for Titleist T200s with stiff S300 shafts. The iron set will include 4-PW, with the PW at 43 degrees. I still have the 46/50/54/60 setup, so I have two options as to how I want to handle that:

1. Take out a slot in the top end of the bag. This would be the most complicated of the two options because I would have to figure out what the club below driver would be. It could be a stronger 18 degree hybrid or a weaker 3 wood but I would make sure the gap between whatever that is and the 4 iron isn’t excessive.

In this scenario I would probably bend the 46 degree to 47 so that I’d have 43/47/50/54/60. Not sure how I feel about that.

2. Take out a wedge. What I’d probably do is take out the 50 degree and bend the 46 to 48 so that I would have a 43/48/54/60 setup. This would free up space for a hybrid between my 3 wood and 4 iron.

I most likely won’t decide this until I find out how far I hit my irons. I’ll probably go ahead and get the driver and 3 wood now and then decide on one of the two options after I see how far I hit the 4 iron.

If y’all have any suggestions feel free to let me know!

Wed. 9/21: This week in Player Development we worked on bunker game, both greenside and fairway bunkers. Still a little rusty, but I’m hoping to improve that soon!

Thurs. 9/22: Two things happened Thursday.

1. The first round of the club championship. My opponent was a 0.9 handicap and since no strokes were given I knew it was gonna be a tough day.

I lost the first hole but halved the next two with pars, the latter being after a botched tee shot. That one upped my confidence significantly. So one down through three.

I lost four and five but six was gift-wrapped for me after my opponent blocked his tee shot right (he wouldn’t find it and would make double. Two down, three to play.

On seven we both struggled but at the end of it I faced a five-footer for bogey to tie the hole and extend the match. Knowing what was at stake, I knocked it home for the save. Now I had to win the last two holes, but I was still alive.

Not for long though. I blocked my tee shot on eight and he threw a dart to ten feet, and I knew it was over. I hit a decent chip and almost made the par putt, and he two putted easily to win 3&1. I was a little disappointed about the loss for sure, but I’m happy that I kept fighting. We finished up the nine and I parred to shoot 46. 

2. Seminar week three. We had one of the representatives of Augusta National come and talk to us about the retail opportunities there. We would apparently be working during 
Masters week in either sales or operations, and it would be a 12- to 14-hour workday (with breaks of course) nine straight days.

I’m sure I would be exhausted after all this, but I’m definitely giving it serious thought. He told us about how awesome it is to see the golf shops full of people and how all the cash registers (64 of em) have super long lines. To sum up everything he talked about, it sounds like an awesome opportunity that I’m for sure considering!

Sat. 9/24: Yesterday was supposed to be 18 at Baywood in the morning, but as I neared the end of the round I was playing well, and it was such a nice day so I decided to play 36.

In the first round I played super consistent golf, and shot 42-44 from the tips (73.1/131). I wasn’t making many putts so it definitely could’ve been lower.

The second round could’ve been better. I caught all sorts of breaks on the front nine, which led to a lot of doubles and few pars. A 48 on the front there hurt a lot, as I had already figured out the front nine is where a lot of the scoring is done.

On the back I got some of my game back. The trend of nothing dropping continued though, and it led to me making eight bogeys and a lone par for a 44 on the back and 92 for the round.

So 86-92 from the tips on an unfamiliar course. At just over 6700 yards it was a bit longer than I’m used to as well, so I’m happy to have played well for the most part. I really enjoyed the course as well. As I would put it, there are no ‘boring’ holes on that course. I’ll definitely be playing there again!

Sun. 9/25: Today I played King’s Grant. Struggle City. I started +2 through four but after a quad on the 5th it went downhill. I finished with a 46 on the front and had a really rough four hole stretch on the back that turned what should’ve been mid-40s into a 49. So 46-49 for a 95. That will balloon my index up to a 10.6 apparently, which sucks. But I’ll definitely be getting to the range this week!


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