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  1. Should the left/front heel lift during the backswing in a Stack & Tilt swing? Any comments, suggestions, etc. are appreciated. My previous swing included lifting the left heel, but it doesn't seem necessary during my experiments with the S&T; swing. Have you had success either way?
  2. Lowered my handicap from 34.5 to 25.
  3. I'm assuming you're not using them with irons? Or can they really take that much of a beating?
  4. I've started using a Japanese glove called Fit 39. It seems to be holding up much better than the FJ, Nike and Mizuno golves I've used before. It's also washable, though I haven't tried that yet. It definitely fits better than any other glove I've tried and has a great grip. I've played or practiced every day for the last 4 weeks and it seems to be holding up well -- there's a little wear in the heel of the palm. With a normal glove I would have a hole there by now.
  5. ...but it doesn't count! Took my wife, our six-year-old son, and one of his friends out to our club's par-3 course to just play around and introduce my son's friend to the game. After four holes the kids lost interest and were chasing butterflies. We headed back to the clubhouse and on the way came to the seventh hole which is 85 meters (93 yards) to an uphill green. I decided to play the hole as the others were moving quite slowly. Took an easy swing without thinking about it too much, the ball hit the green, took one bounce and rolled in the hole as my wife was watching. A nice feeling
  6. Can anyone point me to some good instruction as to how to set up a camcorder/tripod to properly record a golf swing? Both positioning of the camera and shutter speed as well as other camera settings would be appreciated. Googling for this information is a bit frustrating as all of the results tend to be golf instruction accompanied by videos rather than instructions on how to record the video properly. The best I've been able to find is this http://www.pennypulzgolf.com/golfvid...lf_swings.html Thanks in advance. Edit: Here's a better one: http://thesandtrap.com
  7. Hi Erik, I hope I can shed some light on the Stableford issue as we use it here in Denmark as well for almost all rounds/tournaments/handicap calculation. All member countries of the European Golf Association do so as well and I think you might substantially increase the audience for your app by including the feature -- not bad for three hours of work. You can find more info here: http://www.ega-golf.ch/030000/030100.asp From what I can tell there are 3 main systems for calculating handicaps - CONGU (UK & Ireland), USGA, and EGA. I've just downloaded Scorecard 2.0 + the iPhone app (was a
  8. Doing the exact same thing has _increased_ my distance and accuracy. Before I had a tendancy to come too far inside on the backswing and combined with the dreaded slide kept hitting it weak and to the right.
  9. Can anyone recommend a few golf books (fiction or essays, not sports tips) to keep me company through the winter that's beginning?
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