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  1. Control, i think you miss read. I ment that please don;'t sat that im a 8 hanicaper, don;t play blades. No offence intended to other people, I ment dont say IM (crazyxgolfer) is a 8, don't play em.... I now actully play a combo set, P-8 Blades, 7 - 4 Small cavities. I actully got to try a blade 3 Iron yesterday and loved it (in the old nike forged blades) I think im going to try the Vr's and if there good, im going to buy them Thanks all for the help!
  2. Driver Dymo Proto type 8.5 3 Wood Dymo 13 5 Wood Dymo 17 3 - P Vr TW Blades Wedges 54, 59: Vokey Spin Milled Putter Bettinardi C series 01 Ball Pro V1
  3. Oh I never herd they seem'd small, im rlly looking forward to trying them now! As for the MB and the 68's, 68's not a fan oh the look. And the MB were comming out a little low for my liking, but they also did not feel that soft when hitting them.
  4. So when i started golf, i brought a second hand iron set to start with, now i have progressed very quickly from when i started golf. 6months ago when i started, i was playing off a 26 handicap, now im down to 8.3 and shoting a avg round of 72-73. I now what to get a iron set fitted for me since i am now going in to start playing some Junior golf tornys. So ive narrowed it down to 3 Iron sets, Nike Forged Blades vs TW Blades Vs Taylormade R9 TP. I still think i prefer blades for feel and for the slight amount of extra workability you get with blades so I can knock it in close on those tig
  5. Well i paid full retail for mine, but i did get a 2nd hand Iron set from the golf shop. By the way, im for australia so the dollar is going to be different. Driver - 400 3 Wood - 300 5 Wood - 300 3 Iron - 160 4-P Irons - 400 56 Wedge - 200 60 Wedge - 200 Putter - 400 Total 2360 Aussie Dollar.
  6. It should be fine, no loss in proformence.....
  7. I would try Pro V1's is you don't care about cost. (Not Pro V1x unless YOU swing the club 115MPH +.... That just opinion) I would also the the Nike tour. (I think thats what they are called)
  8. It depends, do you hit your 3i, how consistent???, how high do you hit it??? I would say, add a hybird/ 5 wood. Depends what you like. I would suggest a 19 not a 20, thats just me. ( if you get a 19, you would not need to take the 3i out since there should be getting a little bit more dist with the 19) Add a 3 wood for sure, and sand and maybe a lob. Depending on how you like your bag set up.
  9. Well i actully took a Square driver out for a test the other day, (not that im looking to buy a new one, just to see) So here is what i found: Bit weird and new at setup, not bad though. Horrible sound! I could still work the ball quite well. Launched to high. So thats just what i think of square drivers, it's not that i don't like them, but im a real traditionalist, so i like stick with what i like the look of + Im quite a good driver of the ball, so ill stick with the norm pear shaped club.
  10. Hey all, first topic here.... I have a little problem at the moment, I used to play 4 wedges (P, 52, 56, 60) But i was finding a quite a desent gap of distance between my 3 wood and 3 Iron. So i went in and got fitted for a 5 wood. (Im not a big fan of Hybrids) I LOVE the 5 wood, probs my 2nd fav club in the bag. But now since i took my 52 wedge out of the bag, im having some probs with club selection around the greens, i used to love the 52 wedge, it was always a nice little club to use around green side, not to high, not to much spin just perfect for almost any situation. I have been us
  11. I was in need of some new golf balls, so i went and brought some Pro V1's
  12. Played today, shot 74. Hit a few bad tee shots unfortunalty, but you get that i guess.
  13. Well yesterday was playing a a nice course with my brother, holed a really nice bunker shot green side.
  14. Umm im going to say tiger, for 1 simple reason, i seen him play in his prime.....
  15. Well at the moment, im doing nothing, as i stoped school due to sickness. But I am now working on getting my golf hanicap down to 3 is my new goal. But soon should be working as a lifeguard or swim teacher =)
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