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  1. Give me a few days and I could find out. But I would say they go for highest bidder :P
  2. Ouch thats no good! I always get right wrist inury's :( Im ment to have it all wraped up at the moment, but I have a big comp next week so that aint gonna happen, going to practise all this week play on saturday and then have time off and hope I don't do any more damage to it!
  3. I actully thought they dug a little bit more then my old wedges to. Just took some time to get used, I just hit 100 sand shots out of a practise bunker and I was fine again.
  4. Might want to get your facts stright. People like you (wrx_junkie) really make me laugh, trying to be a big man over the internet :P 185-200 So why don;t you stop trolling everything I say and get a life?
  5. You are by far the biggiest idoit on this forum. Ive on ever played demo vokey wedges for a week or so. witch was months and months ago, turns out I don;t like them. After playing forged wedges for awhile now, I do believe they have different feeling, I think they are better then the clevelands. I never new clevelands were not forged, but they feeling amazing anyways. What is it with you are trying to be a big person on the internet??
  6. I honestly don't see a difference, it fits in my distence gap. But I ballon my hybrid a tad, thats probs why haha
  7. I went from X to S. I also ment 185*** Honestly did not help golf today though! If I can hit the green whats the point in hitting in long haha
  8. These Wedges are the Real DEAL! Sadly my golf balls were lasting like 7 holes untill the golf ball was mangled because of these new grooves :P haha Im loving them, not as soft as feel as my old Cg'12s or my MP 10's but I think I prefer them more, they give a little more feed back. Anybody considering new wedges NIKE VR you won't look back!! Funny thing was after my first nike driver I said I would never play a nike product again because it found they were not up the the standered other clubs were. I take this back!
  9. I highly recomend the Mizzy shaft fittings. Ive been having some trouble with my Irons and I went in last night Put in on the launch mointer with the shaft opitmizer aswell and work out I was not loading the club enough for the X in the KBS. And I went from hitting my 6 iron 175 yards, to 200 yards. Just looking at some luanch stats in increased my club head speed by 7 MPH
  10. I tend to agree mizzys are heavier then Vokeys. And wow Cg12's feeling amazing considering they are not forged :P
  11. Cg12's were a forged wedge I believe. Try out the Nike Vr's brought some last night! Worked wonders on the course today!
  12. VooDoo is only good if you have a very smooth tempo, but is a extremly good shaft. I have the real Voodoo in my hybird, not much different between the taylormade pull out. Fubuki is also a nice shaft, but it was balloning for me.
  13. Hey thanks for fast reply Umm Forged is always eaiser to bend. Only difference it makes to me is they forged feels 1000000000x Better :P I would say it could be true since they have more bounce, but Im not sure
  14. Title says it all, I always thought they were forged up untill a few months ago, when I was told they were not forged anymore? Share some light for me please!
  15. How short are you talking? My putter is 34* 1* under std. I love it! It's what ever suits very, putters are very personal!
  16. Ive hit my dads, they are the orignal burners and I don't really like taylormade, but they not to bed. Lofts are VERY strong, I can hit his 5 iron 225yards :P If they work get them, you wont regret it!
  17. Sombody wanted to buy my CC grooves off me, so I sold them to him and went and brought some old grooves before manafactures are not aloud to make them anymore. I brought some Nike Vr wedges, 56 10 and 60 06. Will let you no how they play tomorrow, they felt very good in my net outside! And manafactures are NOT aloud to make old groove wedges in 2011. Golf shops can still havw what stock they have, but no more will be made. This has been confermed by the guys in my local golf shop.
  18. I highly doubt 4* difference. Just saying :P Maybe your golf swing still is not as good. There are lots of reasons why this would happen. You could have a reverse pivit or somthig. Post a vid of your golf swing. You also may not be compressing the ball correctly. I would go a "good" golf coach and ask them. Nobody can really tell you without seeing your golf swing back then and now. Maybe you have just lost alot of STR in thoese 20 years.
  19. 240yards always plays into the wind, worst par 3, ive ever played in my life
  20. I was just saying I would consider the I15 and aswell. You have just controdicted yourself about what pros play. And yes I do believe they play different then what we play. Ill use tiger as a example becuase everyvody noes who he is. Do you really think he played the normal TW blades ect. I would bet money they his clubs do not get forged in china like stock nike clubs. I would say they are done in japen were alot of pros told me the best forging places are. But back on topic if you can get them a hit. The shafts seem to make alot of difference. Yes the G 15 is forgiving, but I could not
  21. Same as me, drove the 18th par 5 at my old home course. was blowing downlwind and to fly the lake you had to have around 300M carry on the ball. Was like a 3 club wind, I only made eagle, considering I was 10 foot away was kind of sad.
  22. I would say Yamada would be bigger in the asian country's. Im guessing, not sure on that. I would love a swoosh also :D
  23. The stuff we play aint what the pro play, I don't think. Who cares what the pro's play also, it needs to be what you like.
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