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  1. I don't much for some new side characters being boring.
  2. So far, I am impressed with the AirPods Pro. I found the sound to be much better than the normal AirPods.
  3. Not in the traditional sense. No more talking on this one for a while..
  4. Abrams Directed and was Co-Writer of Episode 7. He is also credited in the screenplay of Episode 9. He has some hand in writing both of those movies. I am not sure what % it is. There are some regulations on who gets credit or not. Like, if a director takes over for another director, they have to prove they contributed to a certain percentage of the movie to be listed as the sole director instead of co-director.
  5. Well, since it's the middle of a trilogy there wouldn't be much payoff. I don't need things set up for me to the point that when I see the 9th movie I can go, "Oh, I already know how this is going to go."
  6. I disagree. A lot of it falls on Abrams when he made episode 7. How Abrams just decided to copy every plot point from the previous trilogy. It was honestly lazy. I will still claim that Episode 8 is not a horrible movie. It's pacing was bad, and they could have cut out 30 minutes and the movie would be much better, but it added depth to the two most important characters, Kylo and Rey. Which was lacking greatly from Episode 7 because Abrams was too concerned with making a fan service movie instead of fleshing out the characters. Episode 8 isn't that hard to understand. It never got that that complicated. The only major thing that changes was Snoke getting killed off. Which I was 100% happy about. I liked that they focused on the characters. Really, it wasn't hard to realize not everything being told to the characters might be correct. Like, why should I ever trust Kylo when all he wanted in Episode 8 was for Rey to turn to the dark side. I think 8 gets a bad rap because people just want to be forced fed a fan service plot.
  7. Solo was good. Just finished watching Episode IX, and I give it a 15-ft putt for birdie. The first half of the movie felt rushed, but the back end was really good.
  8. Even though they say in a Galaxy far far away, they never claim that it's in our universe. It could be an entire different universe just in that universes galaxy far far away 😛
  9. I wonder how many of the reviews are just because the market is saturated with Star Wars and Disney? I also wonder if negative reviews are more prevalent due to social media. the loudest voices always seems to be the most negative. really, there was only one exceptional Star Wars movie. 4 good ones, 1 OK one, 1 meh one, and 1 to never be watched again. I feel like the love for Star Wars rose out of this nostalgia that wasn’t really backed by an overly consistent product. maybe people have their nitpicking meters tuned up to 11 for everything. Star Wars are fantasy movies. They are not overly complex. If the characters are good, the acting is good, and the plot isn’t garbage, then it’s a good movie. Simple plots, which every Star Wars plot has been, is not garbage. I don’t feel like the last two Star Wars movies has transgressed so far away from what is Star Wars that it deserves this level of hate.
  10. 69 for 18 at Firestone West 31 for 9 holes, but it was only from 2500 yards. ive shot -2 a few times for 9 holes on more typical yardages.
  11. I believe it was either Aldila and UST Mamiya. I am trying to remember what Ping sad like 5-6 years ago :p
  12. Faster for the following, 1. They tend to be less bump and roll true 2. You required less of a putting stroke.
  13. The problem with hitting wedges their full distance is that any slight change in dynamic loft has a bigger effect on the flight than a lower lofted club. There are times when I try to hit a full SW and it just has higher variance in the distance outcomes. I can club up two twice and just hit a 70% shot way more consistent. The more you do it, the more you get good at it.
  14. If I put on my golf shoes at home, it takes me like 1 minute to leave my car and start heading to the clubhouse 😉
  15. I would say if you got to the level of a professional body builder or Olympic weightlifter. Even athletes from other sports do well at golf. I would say just being in athletic shape is good for golf. I would add in compound movements to help develop the muscles around the joints. I think those are the areas that take the most stress in golf.
  16. I recommend doing full body workouts. Maybe some extra emphasis on lower back, glutes, hips, abdominal, and thighs. If you don't work out often, then just doing an entry level program would be good.
  17. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Comparing OSU versus Clemson Roster (247 Recruit Ratings) Biggest Matchups 1. Clemson's WR versus OSU's DB/S 2. OSU's DE versus Clemson's OL Maybe an unrecognized advantage, OSU's backups are really really good. There looks to be a step down in talent in Clemson's backups.
  18. I haven't read any of them past the first one. I love the first Dune novel. So good.
  19. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Fivethirtyeight did an article on when the Dolphins sent 8 man pressure. The Dolphins Threw Eight Players Into A Blitz. Were They Trying To Lose? | FiveThirtyEight Some commentators immediately accused the Dolphins coaches of being complicit in the tank. It looks like 5 man pressure is the optimal amount. I think that makes sense. You can disguise 5 man pressure, and run a lot of different blitz packages. Also, most teams protect with 5 or 6 man fronts. So, its the best chance to get a couple one v one matchups at against the O-line.
  20. If they are talking about NSA type crap (no warrants), then the government can piss off. I would have to research more about regulations that required warrants.
  21. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Time to nerd out, Offensive Efficiency for 3rd and 4th down for different types of base defenses. Man, that strange 2-4-5 defense does pretty well. Maybe when it comes to 3rd and long that you should switch out for pure speed. Two down lineman, 4 linebackers and 5 DB's. Looks like the base 4-3-4 isn't the best of the more tradition base defenses (4-3-4, 4-2-5, or the 3-4-4).
  22. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Also, I just heard that no #1 team has won the NC in the playoff era... Hmm.. Maybe bad luck for LSU 😉
  23. saevel25

    NCAA Football 2019

    Looking at the LSU versus OU game. Looking at this a bit more, I think I would put it this way. OU has a much more potent Offense. They run the ball better than LSU and Pass the ball equally as well. I think LSU uses the short passing game a bit more in their offense, but OU's rating is just behind LSU and they push the ball more downfield (higher yards per attempt). LSU does have the better defense by a good margin. LSU Ranked 27th in Rush per Attempt versus OU at 56th. LSU Ranked 10th in passer rating defense versus OU at 48th. The biggest issue would be LSU's game against Mississippi. OU likes to run the ball at 60% of the time. LSU gave up 402 yards rushing to Ole Miss. Ole Miss. QB ran for over 200 yards. Jalen Hurts leads OU in rushing at 1255 yards. You throw in a bit of that running game plan and that OU passes the ball really well. I think the stats say something like 37-31 LSU... I'll go with the upset, OU 42 LSU 38
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