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  1. DTL View - Feeling right elbow in the backswing, and squishing rights side and keeping getting the rights side through. DTL view - finally got the swing shorter. Same feels as above. I think keeping the swing shorter will help. I noticed on the video when I swing to long, my hands start to pivot over my elbow, opposite how the elbow moves in the backswing. This swing felt like I could turn better. my Main focus will be on swing length.
  2. Played 9 https://bnc.lt/yzOb/Scrf8YDZJ8 Kinda better with the golf swing. Short game and putting are on point.
  3. @iacas, When it comes to turning. Is there something I could be doing that could make it easier to turn? Right now, I am stuck between two feels. Wanting to get my right side more forward through impact so I don't tilt back. The other is trying to gain extension in my left side. These seem to fight each other.
  4. I prefer the hybrid over another wood. I think it's a more flexible club to use, and more consistent.
  5. It bothers me more when people hang out around the green. Like marking down their score or putting one club away. You can hop in the cart and move along to the next tee. I definitely start to walk towards the cart or my pushcart as people are finishing up putting. I try to be aware of my position and when someone is putting, but I think it helps with pace. The faster you can head to the next tee the sooner the other group behind you can hit while you are on your way.
  6. Comparing the first video to the screen shots above. 1. Can still be a bit more elbow out at A3.5. The swings today were kinda in-between Saturday and my previous swing. 2. I can do better in how I turn through impact. 3. I can shorten the swing up.
  7. Current swing with just focusing on right elbow piece. Some thoughts on the swings while practicing. 1. Contact usually slightly thin. 2. It feels like I can’t get my right side through the shot most of the time. 3. Shots range from good slight draws to pull draws to pushes. The good contact shots either are pull draws or good draws. The thin-ish shots are straight shots or pushes right. Here is me trying to hit a cut with the backswing right elbow feel. Just trying it out to see if I could.
  8. I found the hybrid/3-wood play to be only for one shot. When you are on an extremely tight lie, and you need to cover a lot of space on the green. So you need a bit more pop than a putter. Basically, The Open championship with their gigantic greens. Maybe if you are up against the edge of the rough, though I would rather putt with a wedge versus use a hybrid. Besides that, 99.9% of shots can be handled by a putt, chip, pitch, or flop shot. If a PW chip shot is easier than a hybrid/3-wood then there is no need to practice this type of shot. The issue is that there is little margin of error because of the more speed you will get from the hybrid. They have a higher smash factor potential due to the lower loft and hotter clubface. That is were you judge which shot you want to take. 1. Flop shot 2. Pitch shot 3. Chip Shot I still think if you have this thick of rough you are more likely to have alot of grass get between the ball the hybrid. Verse being able to adjust the steepness of the shot with a wedge.
  9. I disagree with this. If the ball is sitting up in the grass, then probably a PW chip shot may work out better. I think it would be extremely hard to judge the speed and trajectory of the ball off the clubface when you use a hybrid or 3-wood. Also, both of those are flatter than wedges, and more likely to get caught up in the rough.
  10. For a bunker shot, I tend to open the clubface up slightly and lower the handle slightly, then do a normal pitch motion. The finish is much more around waist high for a bunker shot, but that might be I am not hitting a massive amount of grass.
  11. Ok, it's just you quoted me, so I thought you were talking to me. No problem!
  12. That is probably because the ball is forward in your stance so that will promote a more of a fade/slice since the arc of the path goes left.
  13. For me it feels like the hands stop around outside the left hip (for righty) as the club thumps down and below the ball to pop it out of the thick rough.
  14. Just my first glance at it. It looks like your hands don't get down fast enough to allow the club head to swing out at the ball. With your amount of turn at impact, you are pulling the club path left. There is a finite distance between the club head and the left shoulder. If you are way open at impact then it will pull the club left.
  15. I didn't know anything closer was illegal? Oh well.. How I would play this shot. I would take my lob wedge, open it up. Set it down behind the ball and then line up to the club so it's forward in my stance. Get the center of my chest to be just in front of the ball with a lot of weight on my front foot. I want to pick the club up vertical and hit down a bit steeper than I would normally do to combat the grass gripping the golf shaft. I will just let gravity and my pivot generate a ton of speed. There will be very little follow through since the club is coming in steeper and I want gravity to do most of the work. The ball should just pop out.
  16. Really? How does that help the 97% of football players who don't get drafted?
  17. Not if the other 4 power conferences just don’t play football with them.
  18. By marketing, you mean making money based off their likeness, not till 2023 and only in California. Nope, it would be based solely on a players ability to market themselves. The rub on that, they can't be wearing any of their college football gear since that is trademarked by the college. Will the QB really make money if they can't wear the jersey? I agree with Erik on this. There can be a lot of quality of life decisions made to the system already that could address a lot of the issues.
  19. There is an putt putt game were the ball can take on random different shapes, one is a cube.
  20. The amount of times I tried to place the ball down and it would roll slightly and I had to re-adjust it. When I see people line it up once and get up to putt and I just think, "No way that is how you want it." I think its more of a mental thing then anything.
  21. It drove me insane that I could not get the damn line to be lined up with the precision that I wanted, LOL!
  22. Good practice drill, hit pitch shots with your right hand only. Not sure I can get the speed for the head height flop shot, but I think it could be possible to do a shorter flop shot one handed and catch it. Now, I am thinking of going to buy some bagels 😉
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