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  1. Dimples improve aerodynamics of the golf ball in flight and keep the ball in the air. The cover is a uniform material and really wouldn’t increase or decrease compression that much. When it comes to strikes with the driver, the cover is the least influential layer compared to the core and the intermediate layers.
  2. Since the putter doesn't hang straight down, it will always have an arc in it unless you do some strange adjustments with the putting stroke.
  3. saevel25

    Rip Hank Aaron

    Nobody — And We Mean Nobody — Was Consistently Great Like Hank Aaron | FiveThirtyEight He reached international renown in 1974 by breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time home run mark, which had stood unchallenged for four decades, but that was just the crowning achievement of a career that spanned 23 years...
  4. I voted 20 years. I am just thinking in terms of social shift, if ESPN gives way more screen time to women's sports. I can see it happening at some point if the conditions are right.
  5. the "N" word is not a cuss word. The word JT used is not a cuss word. They are words that are specifically used towards specific groups of society in a derogatory way. I think most people understand social situation in that there are words you should not say and situations were certain other words you should not say at all depending on who you are or what your background is. Example, I cut down my cursing by 95% when I am in front of family, or when I am at my job, or when I am around my coworkers. There are words that do not exists in my vocabulary because I didn't grow up hearing
  6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) A strange movie. Kind of hard to follow along too. Overall, a good dark thriller. I give it a tap in par.
  7. I would vote no. Maybe they would go up a bit more. How were Women's ratings when Sorenstam was crushing it on the LPGA tour. I felt like it was more popular back then, especially on sporting news. I never really paid attention, but when they do sportscaster recaps, does the LPGA get much attention? Also, do the women's events get nearly the buildup as the men's golf events? The Masters gets a huge buildup. I hardly hear anything about LPGA majors. Maybe its a marketing thing as well. People can say if only they had better ratings. What would the ratings be like if all other things were
  8. Easy Excel Function =DEGREES(ASIN(SLOPE[%]/100))
  9. I'm offended that you are offended! Intent matters a lot. Certain words have a much smaller window of intent. In this case he said a word that has very few instances that it would be deemed acceptable. This was not one of those cases.
  10. When I hear increased playability my mind goes to work ability. The club lets you shape the ball more than others.
  11. Well this is happening, Tiger Woods' 2021 season on hold after announcing he's undergone back surgery | Golf World | GolfDigest.com Experiencing discomfort after last month's PNC Championship, Woods had a microdiscectomy procedure to remove a disc fragent and address a pinched nerve in his back
  12. I agree what Saban is doing is much more impressive than what anybody did pre-1992 (when they imposed the 85 scholarship limit). Before 1973 it was 150 scholarships allowed. From 1973 till 1992 it was 105 scholarships. Also, when you consider that pre-1998 teams won national championships by having different entities vote on them. When you consider all that, Saban is the best head coach in NCAA FBS history. If you want to go down to Division III. You got Larry Kehres, who went 332-24-3 at Mount Union. He has more seasons as a head coach than he does losses.
  13. It’s been like that forever. Alabama is skewing this a bit. Imagine if we still had the rules in the 70’s . 100+ scholarships. these schools are good at branding. They are good at getting elite talent to commit. Can’t complain really.
  14. The biggest issue is that upwards of 20-25% of Americans will refuse to take the vaccine. I hope this changes going forward.
  15. Good quote. I’ve been trying to be aware of the context of the quote. MLK has had his quotes used out of their original context many times. In some instances in direct opposition of the context of the speech it was used in.
  16. To me, the way you post is you want all or nothing. Basically, you want a word that is unrealistic. You can't donate to charity unless you are Mother Teresa because it is demeaning to the people you are donating to if you are not. Here is the rub. What if RL goes to another country that has better LGBT policy for their manufacturing. What if that causes them to lose a ton of market share because their cloths prices go up. What if that causes them to cut funding to LGBT charities and fire employees who may be LGBT because they can't compete as well. I can easily see a scenario where you a
  17. At the grocery store.
  18. Pork Chop with Garlic Mushroom Rice
  19. I’ll second his statement. So, your wrong here again. Move on.
  20. Yes it does. Who says it and the context in which they say the word matters.
  21. You can hold the position that he has circumstances in his life that should be considered when forming a judgement of them and also hold the position that he should no the allowed to cheat. One does not excuse the other. Most people just do stuff in the moment. They are not sitting there thinking the positives and negatives of the action. As such, there is a lot of subconscious programming that influence everything we do. Also, we don't just magically wipe all that subconscious programming from our brains as soon as we becomes adult. Again, this does excuse the cheating, but it
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