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  1. You got to consider that there can be up to a 14 day delay before someone see symptoms. So, it makes sense that the numbers started to spike a few weeks after opening things back up. It also could be more testing. You can see this in the daily cases going up, but the hospitalizations not staying consistent with values and the deaths still decreasing. Lots more people not having symptoms and more testing showing less severe symptoms. There is also a take that if this was man made or modified in a lab, then the severity of the virus tends to decrease over time versus a virus that was actually transmitted from animal to human. I remember hearing this from evolutionary biologist who talk to some virologists about how strange this virus has been.
  2. No, the police knew George and probably did this premeditated. This case is unique in that regard. There are videos of police using that choke hold / maneuver on white people as well, with deadly consequences. By all regards, the policeman who used this choke hold did so with violation of written regulation on when it should be used. If they were even properly trained on when to use it. I feel like cops are given a patchwork of techniques that they hardly practice when to and how to use it. Two of the cops were brand new to the force and were with a person who has been a policeman for over 10 years. Sorry to say, it probably would be career suicide to stand up to a cop with that many more years of service. It's not the right thing to do, but it's a very human thing that happens. Especially when you hear stories about how police department culture can be. They would be branded snitches. Their lives would be hell for their career. Don't get me wrong, I wish they had the courage to stand up to policeman using the choke hold on George. I can understand their position and they're apprehension to not stepping in. Now, the third cop, who stood by and actually try to stop people from filming, should be hit with higher chargers than the two new police officers. It should be training. It should be training that new police should know they can stand up and report on incidents like these. I get you want people to magically have this thought, "Just treat them like family." But, that is a pipe dream that will never come true. Humans will forever treat people they don't know not as family. Still, you can treat someone with dignity and respect and still care for you family more.
  3. Still reeks of lack of training. You can't be comfortable with a situation unless you train for it. Someone who pulls their gun in this situation clearly lacks the experience to make the correct decision. I agree.
  4. I agree. There are a lot of black people who have not been given their due credit. Heck, they should be praised more for the hurdles they had to jump that most white people do not have to.
  5. Another driving range session. Just worked on keeping the swing shorter and flattened off more in this video. This swing I added the arms coming down sooner in the swing. I was seeing if that helped shorten the swing. *On a side note, I am standing a bit too close to the ball. Tried working on the driver, but couldn't replicate the shorter swing feel when trying to work on the flatter feel. I feel like the timing is off and I need the extra swing length to feel the club shallower. I like the practice backswings. This swing I added a bit of trying to keep my back foot on the ground longer. Just kinda wanted to see if it would help me feel like I had more room to swing down with the hands. Just took a flier at this feel. The feels for most of these swings were let the turn carry the club up to A3 with some left wrist hinge. Maybe feel like the left hand stays facing the ground a bit from A1 to A2. Then at A3, feel like I start the downswing by bringing the hands down and out towards the ball. I think I need to be mindful of my alignment (distance from the ball). If I could stop by backswing here.. I really like this spot at impact... I really like this position with the 6 iron... If it was just a smidge flatter. This impact position is pretty good.. It's the most my hips and shoulders have been open at impact.
  6. This exactly. It looks like the strain of the virus matters as well. Also, it seems that Vitamin D plays a big roll in severity of the illness. I would think hospitalizations are what matters the most.
  7. They can get pretty nasty, lol. I was hoping my league would switch bowling alleys last year, but no dice.
  8. Interesting idea. I may play around with that next time.
  9. So, going forward here is the short list of priority stuff. 1. Keep working on the shorter swing feel to get more accustomed to it. 2. Keep working on getting the club more laid off at the top of the swing. Try to figure out how to make it work with the shorter swing feel.
  10. I am kinda split on this. For big moments, underrated. For non-big moments overrated. Watching Tiger get his first win back after so many years, and watching the crowd follow him and surround the green was amazing to watch on TV. There is something about being part of a crowd or feeling the energy of crowd. That being said, I love watching the Masters on their internet broadcasting and for the most part you see very little of the crowd and I enjoy it a lot.
  11. I like my eyes to be between my feet and the ball. If you drop a ball from my nose, it should fall just inside the ball. I don't think every great putter has their eyes over the ball. I find it more comfortable to not be bent over that much or have my head bent over that much such that I am looking at the ball directly.
  12. Yea, for me it's feeling like I am hitting a A2 position 7 iron shot. Though, it makes me wonder if I am over swinging that shot (taking it to A3-ish). The biggest thing will be if I can get use to the shorter swing that it allows me to manipulate the club position in the swing. When I was hitting drivers the swing felt way too compact to do it. I am really use to the overswinging giving me time to implement feels that allow me to manipulate the club position.
  13. Yea. I just go aggravated with the swing not being able to shorten up. I decided to just chip one out there and video tape the swing. I think it was just me saying, "Ok lets look at the other extreme". Then the swing was like A3.5-ish in swing length. So, I just focused on that feel for the next few to see what I can do with it. I think over time I was adjusting to the timing a bit more.
  14. This is what happens when I have two calendars and you don't sync them up. I am in for Sunday's golf. My cousin has a wedding on the 1st that was not on my work calendar. 🤦‍♂️
  15. Went to the range and worked on some swing feels. This one was me feeling the momentum of the club. Trying to see where the club goes naturally. This feeling is more starting the club back with the left hand, and having the left hand got up more than around. This is a swing that has a much shorter backswing. I figured out a shorter backswing feel with the driver. This is the driver swing that took me a good time to figure out how to shorten it. The feel I needed was almost like I was chipping the driver. The issue with the shorter swing is the timing. The swing feels very short in timing. So, I don't have the timing down yet to send the hands more out towards the ball.
  16. Again they need to measure his actual accuracy at hitting the sweet spot. Maybe there needs to be a discussion on what should be the sweet spot. We are just giving him credit with out any evidence that maybe some of this is from technology. I would like this looked at more.
  17. I get that. I am not for or against rolling back distance or decreasing MOI or what not. If the equipment is at the point were golfers can successfully hit it that far with very little risk then is it truly a skill? Maybe they need to look at Bryson's impact consistency when he swings that fast. Is it truly his skill at swinging that fast with a lot of precision or is he getting away with missing the sweet spot? There needs to be more investigation on it.
  18. I think the debate is going to be on there being a risk-reward for these the long distance drives. If there isn't a sufficient risk, then there probably needs to be some sort of pulling back on the forgiveness of a driver or the distance. We have to define what is sufficient risk.
  19. Tried out getting the swing flatter and pushing the club out more on the downswing so it comes less from the inside. it’s hard to figure out what feeling I want in the backswing. I don’t like to feel the club being laid off because I just flip the club way to shallow at A2-A3. The swings above, it’s hard to say what feel produces the swing. It’s more like hands stay in and then raise up more from A2 to A3. Its maybe feeling like the left wrist is flatter at A3. Also, the left arm feels straighter. Maybe I don’t know what controls how the club flattens our in the golf swing. I don’t think it’s doing something like bowing the left wrist. I am finding it easier to send the club out from A4.
  20. https://bnc.lt/yzOb/UUpUt2ynP7 Played 18. Overall, a mix bag for the swing. Some really good shots and really bad. Short game was kind of a mess for 5 holes. I like the direction things are going. I’ll hit the range tomorrow with some more video.
  21. Book ended a decent round with two bad holes. https://bnc.lt/yzOb/AL0t9aV0N7 I am struggling with missing left with my driver. I looks like a straight hook.
  22. Current Swing - Not much in the way of swing feels here. Swing After Drills -This swing had the following feels. 1. Slow backswing with the focus on taking the turn taking the hands a bit deeper from A1 to A3. 2. Trying to keep the swing shorter and feeling the left wrist being flatter at A3-A4. 3. Downswing is arms come down sooner in the backswing. Just for kicks, I took a normal speed video of my swing with the very slow backswing feel. It feels like 50% slower, but it doesn't look like much on video, lol. Face On View -Same sorts feels as above. Slower backswing, hands a bit deeper. I didn't add in getting the hands down sooner/faster yet. Remarks - I like A1 to A2 with feeling more depth with the hands. I am trying to get the club a bit more shallow at A4. I can't get my hands and arms to do it well. I I like the swing length. A5 looks good. At A7, I could get my shoulders a bit more open. Swing feels are don't let the hands kick out away from the body at A1 to A2 as I turn. Feel like the left wrist is flatter at A3-A4. The backswing will feel slow. Keep the swing shorter and start the downswing sooner with the arms/hands.
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