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  1. Same, I bought two pairs of the eco knit.
  2. It was more of a basic exercise to give sort of a baseline of where to start from.
  3. Yep. You see this play out in the olympics as well. Countries with huge populations dominate across the entire competition. While smaller countries need to be hyper focused on a few events. Volume matters. If you take out Jack and Tiger, two outliers. Lets focus on just America. There was 205 million people in the USA in 1970. There was 295 million people in 2005. Lets say the probability curve is identical for golf skill level (which disregards things like advancement in sports medicine, training, golf instruction, etc..) In 1970, 0.000000075 of people were in the top 15. If you take that rate and multiply it by 295 million you get 22-23 golfers of of top 15 quality. That is at minimum 47% increase in the number of top 15 quality of players. Its easy to say that this 47% should be much more when considering other variables.
  4. Keep a tripod on hand and record your swing at the range the next time you get the shanks. Then record your swing when you are doing well. Most likely it's a path issue. Either way the path is getting sent out towards the ball so much that you are hitting the hosel. It could be you already heel the ball a bit, and then the change in swing path wouldn't need to be that much to cause a shank.
  5. The grip looks a bit off. Almost like a 10 finger grip. Maybe slightly too much in the palm of the left hand. I would say, too much hinging in the arms and wrist from the start of the backswing. The body turn should carry the club back.
  6. This is something I am trying to work on, especially for my driver. Right now its more of a tee it low and try to hit low-ish cuts. There are also times when you hit the ball really well and never make a putt. You might actually shoot a better round with some bad swings versus having your swing on the entire round and feel like you got away with murder. For me, what I consider bad. Probably two to three times a year.
  7. Knowing this is spread through the air has been known for months. That is why there has been a big push to use masks.
  8. I don't know where you eat at, but I can not remember the last time I had to eat at a dirty table. If they were slow in cleaning it, it is really easy to get someone to wipe it down.
  9. I look at yardage in conjunction with course rating. On most courses, if possible, I tend to play 6600-7200 yards.
  10. Not that big of a deal. The virus primary spreads through the air. I don't even wash my hands as often as I did and I don't wipe down stuff anymore. You might get that at Giant Eagle or a Kroger, but you might not get that at a restaurant or some other small businesses. He has to make it universal because it deters lawsuits. Ohio lost a lawsuit to gym owners who said it was unfair to close gyms and not other businesses. I don't see this at all. I maybe see 5-10% of people have their nose uncovered. Most people wear there masks correctly.
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    I believe HRV is measured by a few different methods and algorithms. Does Whoop have any information on good HRV for their system, and what is a good number? It's crazy how good HRV is at telling us when we need to recover. There is a higher rate of injuries in athletes during times of low HRV. How to Increase HRV | Improve Heart Rate Variability | WHOOP Heart rate variability (HRV) is a valuable metric for determining physical fitness and your body’s readiness to perform. Here are 10 ways to increase... I agree with that list from what I have heard. Maybe days of low HRV it would be advisable to do low intensity training and stretching. Work on some breath work and meditation. Make sure you eat well. I think sleeping at a consistent time frame is good. Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Make sleeping a process and routine. There are studies with people who work the overnight shifts and they have higher mortality indicators. This is just due to being up during that time of day even if they get 8-9 hours of sleep a day. I believe at one of the daylight savings time shifts, the one where you lose an hour of sleep, there is a 20%-25% higher rate of cardiac arrest.
  12. I think so. In Ohio it looks like the cases are finally ramping up in the rural areas. 16 out of the top 20 counties ranked by COVID rates, have lower than 50K population.
  13. Ohio’s Governor said it was from large gatherings like weddings. My cousin got it from a youth church group and then gave it to her immediate family while she didn’t show symptoms at the time. I think it’s restaurants being lax, and people just gathering more often.
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    I wake up with the sunrise most of the time. Winters are really tough for me to wake up before 8:00 am. Its easy to do. 😉
  15. saevel25

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    For me, it always when I fall asleep. I am programmed to wake up from 7:00-8:30 depending on the time of year. As we get into winter, it will get closer to 8:30. When spring hits, I will be up around 7:00 every day.
  16. saevel25

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    True, I have to take off my Oura ring when I golf. It is a bit thick for a ring, not that it bothers me normally, but it is annoying when playing golf.
  17. saevel25

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    I should try it out to see how it compares to my Oura Ring. My Oura Ring says I get a stupid amount of deep sleep, and not that much REM sleep where you actually dream a lot. Which I think is true. I do not remember any dreams, and I always have been a deep sleeper. I slept through a the first minute or two of a fire alarm in college once. My roommate had to wake me up, and he was already getting cloths on to leave the building. I am not a big fan of subscriptions.
  18. I hope he is personable. At some point I thought he was somewhat of an asshole, but might as well give him a shot.
  19. Being an avid watcher of the show for over 20 years, I will miss Alex Trebek. It is going to be strange turning on the TV at 7:30 and not seeing Jeopardy (if they stop the show) or Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy.
  20. I was talking with my dad about the two courses I played. Bedford Springs and Royal Kent. I told him I enjoyed Bedford Springs much more. I agree with everything you mentioned. I had a hole were I hit a PW over a hill and ended up back left. It was impossible to get a solid line with out climbing a steep slope. I did enjoy Royal Kent, but to many blind shots. On hole #2, I thought I pulled my driver left and ended up in the right rough. I would like to play the course when it’s dry out. I would give Royal Kent a 6.5-7.0 out of 10.
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