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  1. this wwas the first thing that jumped out to me. You appear to be swinging 100% speed right from the top, instead of building up speed to impact.
  2. i play stock 47 degree pw, 52, 56, 60. I also have a 64 degree for a few local courses. When I use the 64, I remove the 3 wood from my bag. getting to the green isnt much of a problem, i like to have a lot of options once I'm there. I do have a small green in my backyard, that I practice all of my wedges with extensively.
  3. Just putting out a feeler for my set of bridgestone j33 forged cb irons. 3 - pw. +1" ever so slightly upright. mid size grips - except the 3 iron has a standard grip. DGS300 shafts - some have the stickers, most have the sticker residue. Faces arent damaged, its picture compression, and a few of them are dirty from hitting off an old range mat yesterday. Reason for selling is I'm looking to get a slightly more forgiving set of forged irons (adams cb3) since I cant practice 4 days a week anymore. Can get pictures tomorrow for anyone interested. $150 shipped.
  4. not sure about any of the others, but my local wal mart has the tp5 on sale for $27 and the tp3 for $21.
  5. I think it would be decent to watch an alternate shot format. Pga player teams with a lpga player and they compete against another man/woman pro team. Alternate shot.
  6. this is actually a pretty good comparison as to how my club looks, mine maybe just the smallest big more outside than this.
  7. i've been looking at my swing quite a bit on video lately. My ball flight has been really good lately, so I'm hesitant to change, but if its for my benefit, i'm willing. From the behind view, I find that when the club is parallel to the ground, the club head is slightly outside of the grip and shaft. Some of it is the weight of the clubhead slightly flexing the shaft, but it still appears to be 1 - 2" outside of the grip. Is this a concern? Should it be perfectly in line when you practice a hands in, club out take away?
  8. im not a pro by any means, but it looks like your weight at address is on your heals and your a little too far from the ball, causing you to lunge at the ball on the downswing, and your weight stays back instead of shifting to your front leg.
  9. lets see if these will load... behind - full swing 3/4 swing knockdown shot
  10. Hey guys. Havent watched my swing on video in over a year. I have lyme disease, so I found that my flexibility has been greatly reduced. Been on antibiotics 2 weeks now, and the constant aches and pains are starting to lessen. Biggest thing I see is that my left knee flexes in a little too much, but I think it may be the extremely baggy jeans. Left wrist may be slightly bowed, but not sure if thats a huge deal or not. Thoughts, opinions?
  11. meanwhile, in WV, it was 65, and cost me a whopping $5.15 to walk 18 on an extremely nice course since its winter rates.
  12. Greetings and happy new year. I've taken a month off from golf (beer and wine sales spike tremendously during the holidays). My big swing fault currently is getting sloppy at the end of my backswing, and my arms continuing to swing after my shoulders stop turning. Its not a huge amount of a swing continuance, and likely also includes a little left elbow folding, but its definitly enough to make me rely on timing, more than just turning, which obviously is never a good thing to rely on when you dont play everyday. Im currently hitting only 3/4 shots until I groove the feel again,
  13. picked up my bridgestone j33 cb's for $125 from a friend who needed money. Best thing ive done for my game.
  14. sorry guys, i should have clarified, this is strictly a driver problem. I got my bridgestones last spring, just never updated my signature.
  15. I've made a few swing changes over the past year to make my swing more up and down, instead of too shallow and around the body. I can immediately tell when I get lazy and drop my right arm to the inside at the last third of my backswing, resulting in an over the top hook. I've nearly eliminated that problem (mostly by repetition and being aware that taking the club back inside never results in good things for me). My "problem" now is that I nearly always hit a slight push to the right - between 5 and 10 yards right. I set up on the left side of the tee boxes. I havent yet encountered a scenari
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