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  1. 😆 You are correct sir. I forgot to account for the pure bravado that goes along with golfing. I know I can hit a 56 degree wedge 135 yards...on a half swing...with the TopFliteXL but only 129 with the ProV1 because of the 6 yards of backspin I get. /s
  2. Just pick a ball and learn what it will do. If you're constantly switching balls, you have no idea what distance it might fly if/when you do hit one well or how much spin around the greens it has. Once you get more consistent, then figure out what you want the ball to do.
  3. 45-ish and sunny over the weekend so I got out with my usual golf buddies. Played a city course which was in decent shape for being off-season. We've done indoor a few times and I've been working on a few swing changes in the simulator and I was hitting the ball very well with my irons. Couldn't hit my driver and couldn't buy a putt, but overall it was a good day. Shot an 82 and easily could have been in the 70's.
  4. Gorgeous day for golf in the Dayton, Ohio area on Saturday. Shot an 83 on at Kittyhawk - Eagle. Forgot how to golf on the front side and shot a 46, including a double and two triples. Had a snickers at the turn, and then proceeded to shoot a 37 on the back. Didn't feel like I was playing all that well on the back, just made a couple of good chips and made some putts. Had 12 pars, which I think is a personal best. Sad the season is beginning to come to an end. Just starting to get into a groove...for 9 holes at least.
  5. A few of the courses I play pretty regularly have some "bunkers" that are entirely dirt. No sand anywhere in sight. In those instances where it looks like the course has abandoned any upkeep on them, my group will usually just drop in the grass behind the bunker. I imagine if courses wanted to save money, filling in bunkers they aren't going to maintain would be a good start? I get it's supposed to be a greenside hazard, but thick rough would probably give the same penalty without nearly the cost of upkeep.
  6. Forgot to post about my last two rounds. Shot an 81 a few weeks ago and shot a 79 yesterday. Brought my handicap down from 11.5 to a 10.3. Recently bought almost all new clubs, so finally getting used to them. Have been doing well with driving the ball and putting. My (new) iron and wedge game has been a little off. Haven't quite dialed in distances yet so I'm missing greens I think I would otherwise be hitting.
  7. My loyalty is usually whatever happens to be on a huge discount around the time I'm looking for something specific. Taylormade driver and 3wood, titleist 3i-aw (48 deg), Cleveland 52 and 56, and nike putter.
  8. Played in my first tournament in a very long time this past weekend. One round saturday and one round sunday. Shot an 86 on Saturday. Shot a 96 on Sunday. Felt like I was hitting the ball decently. Still getting used to my new irons so that probably didn't help as much. Turned lots of center of the fairway with 140 in into chips and long putts for par. Also had a couple of blowup holes each day. Had some great shots sprinkled here an there so not all bad.
  9. Ended up going to Miles of Golf yesterday and doing one of the fitting sessions. I live on the south side of downtown, so it is about the same time for me to get down there as it is to get over to beavercreek. They had a great selection of clubs and options, especially for a lefty. Ended up getting AP3's. Should be receiving them in two weeks. Cant wait!
  10. Good things for Miles of Golf? I have no brand loyalty and very little thoughts on which clubs I'd want, so I'm open to anything. Would that be worth the drive down? I saw the Mizuno demo day, but I was out of town. :-( Do you know if Beavercreek only has ping irons, or do they have a selection of brands? I have a group that usually try to get out every weekend. Ends up being around every other weekend. Always looking for a 4th. Let me know when you're heading out. We probably get to kittyhawk once a month or so.
  11. Anyone in the Cincinnati, OH area or the Ann Arbor, MI area have any experience with Miles of Golf? I'm looking to get fit for new clubs, but the golf galaxies and dicks sporting goods near me are basically worthless because I'm left handed. I'm not a member of a country club, and the public courses don't seem to have a good left handed club selection for testing. I think I missed all the demo days near me as well for the season. Looks like Miles of Golf has quite the selection, so maybe they have some more lefty stuff available. I was hoping to get down there this weekend, but I can't fi
  12. It was hot (90+?) and humid here on Saturday, so why not play 18? Shot an 87. Couldn't get anything going. Was blasting my driver and 3 wood off the tee. My iron game struggled some. I was making solid contact but pulling the ball a little, and since the weather was hot, the ball was flying a good 5-10 yards further than I feel it usually goes. My putting was easily the worst it's been all year. Still didn't have a good rhythm and was missing my line by a lot. I'll have to work on that before I go out again. Easily could've shot several few strokes lower, but I ran out of gas on the la
  13. Got a quick 9 holes in yesterday at a course a mile from my house named Yankee Trace. Was originally just going to hit some balls at the range since I hadn't touched a club in a few weeks, but the weather was nice and there were very few people on the course, so I figured what the heck. Started out with a nice double bogey at the first by driving straight into a tree and then three putting. Was 3 over after two holes. Turned it around finished the last 7 holes 1-over with two bogeys and a birdie on the par 5 9th. Outside of the terrible tee shots on 1 and 2, I couldn't get a good rhythm p
  14. Not looking good any time soon sadly. I live down by Yankee and it's usually in pretty good shape thankfully. I think I've seen you're a member at Kittyhawk? We played the Hawk on Friday. We played Eagle and Community Hills a few weeks ago. All have seemed to be in pretty good shape, probably because of all the rain. Long rough because of all the rain. Almost had to step on the ball to find it. Both of the long par 3's on the back were straight into the wind. Hit my 175 club about 150 yards on 13, and my 220 club about 195 on 17.
  15. Gorgeous day here in Ohio last Friday, so I left work early to get in a round. Ended up shooting an 85. The good: Hit my driver really well on 8 of the 9 times I used it. That was a huge change from my last round where I was slicing everything. Despite having three putts on two of the first three holes, I putted really well after that. Good distance control and even made a few long ones. The not so good: It was pretty windy again, and I had some issues with iron distance control. Also had a couple of poor shot selections that cost me quite a bit. Overall felt like I was hitti
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